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Jul 24, 2004
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Over at WizardWorld, Grant Morrison is quoted as saying, "We're going to kick their *** so hard. [Laughs] Marvel had its big year last year with 'Civil War,' which was an amazing event and really changed the Marvel landscape. With 'Secret Invasion,' we've seen the Skrull thing before. We've seen it in the Kree-Skrull War, again in series like the Fantastic Four. They re kind of resting this year. [Laughs] So if you re a Marvel fan, come over here. There s only one book to read this summer. It's simple."

Standard PR bravado. But Brian Bendis wasn't having it, in a thread now deleted, replying "knowing what everyone in the industry knows about what's going on with 'his' book behind the scenes, even jokingly, he really should keep his yap el shutto."

Read to be as an implication that Morrison isn't writing the book, or certainly not on the level being credited.

Bendis later edited the post to add "guys calm down. he **** talked. so what? i thought it was a little beneath him too, but, hey, its comics. he's having a row, as they say.

"same **** gail does all the time. they must teach a class in it over there."

And referring to the old Grant Morrison underwear modelling photos posted on the thread, "and although i pulled a hammy holding in the jokes goofing on that picture, i say let it ride.

"in 2012 when final crisis is done, we'll see what's what."

So, is Final Crisis late as well? Or is that a reference to the end of the Mayan calendar, signaling the end of the world, often used by Morrison in his work?

Cue Gail.

"Yes, you're right, Brian, no one from Marvel ever bashes DC, well stated, sir! Well, except for all the times they do.

"Why did I have to be dragged into this? I defend Marvel and Joey CONSTANTLY. I think I've actually had a total of two serious complaints about Marvel; one, that the early MU females were terrible characters (which has long since been made up by the X-females and others), and the stuff about the 'crazy *****es.' I defy you to find a DC creator who has said more positive things about Marvel recently.

"Other than that, I just gave an interview praising a bunch of Marvel books, I start threads about new Marvel books I'm loving, I mention my love of you, Bru, Beland, Reed, Fraction, and Millar all the time.

"Are you guys REALLY that sensitive? I tease here because everyone teases everyone here. Does anyone here ACTUALLY think Spider-man is gay? Spider-man is one of my all-time favorites. He is at MOST promiscuously bi with a hamster fetish.

"For the record, everyone knows you're not a top professional by accident and that you're not going to turn in some retread story. And I'm pretty sure Final Crisis is going to kick a ton of *** no matter what you're implying is going on behind the scenes.

"I'm looking forward to both.

"They must teach it over there, sheesh, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard DC bashing here or at a con from Marvel guys, I'd have a lot of nickels. Maybe a bushel. Or a peck.

"What happened to our senses of humor, seriously?"

Followed by:

"The weird thing here is, I'm actually looking forward to both of these crossovers and I've had very little interest in any of the big crossovers for a while at either company. They just didn't spark my interest, somehow.

"But I'm all up for Secret Invasion. I love the b-movie promo stuff. I am not a fan of the Skrulls, but done right, which Brian will do because he's great at that stuff, I think the paranoia and infiltration stuff will be big fun. It sounds right up my alley and it's the first Marvel crossover in a while I'm going to be following very closely.

"And Final Crisis is Grant, whom I think is simply a genius. I've kept away from spoilers as much as possible, but I've heard him talk about it at length and it really does seem like an epic in the sense that the scope is just massive. He sold me with the idea that it starts with Anthro (the first boy on Earth) and ends with Kamandi (the last boy on Earth). I think it's gonna be steaming hot.

"I'm willing to bet that these are the most entertaining crossover books in a long while.

"The readers win."

After pages of commentary, Bendis kicked off again

"holy ****!! this is the dumbest thread full of stupid on the entire internet!!! and that is saying something.

"you see the ****ing smiley faces on my original posts?? it means i'm goofing around!!! like grant seemingly was!!

"see how i have no smiley faces here?? means i'm not!!

"who gives a ****ing **** about any of this!! what does it have to do with comics or storytelling or art or fun!!

"gail, go outside, you're losing your mind!! you're on here 24/7 taking shots. i mention you once and we get a lecture. you ARE dave sim. so get some air!!!

"comics are fun!! they are art!! none of this thread is.

"go read the killer. its ****ing fantastic.

"and if you were el douchy enough to cut and paste my other posts, minus smileys, on other boards, to see if you can start **** or something.... time to do some soul searching, i would think."

LITG is proud to preserve all text... Gail concluded with

"Yikes. The Bendis over-reaction train keeps a'rollin' on!

""Taking shots 24/7?"

"Have you gone nuts?


And on that suggestion of mental illness, the thread was gone, to be remembered only in clipped smiley-less comments on Newsarama and CBR boards.

And it all started with something that Morrison said-- something in which there's absolutely nothing wrong with. Sometimes it's not the fans that take it too far...

This is just a funny story now, though. :p
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well morrison's whole "they've seen the skrulls before" thing is a tad ironic

what is this the 3rd crisis in the last five years?

just saying
I never thought I'd see the day where comic writers act like bigger nerds than the fans.

This is an historic day.

And for the record, Alex Maleev is a total douchebag.
It's the 2nd Crisis.

And they are probably completely different.


same with Kree Skrull War and Secret Invasion, beside Mar-Vell and maybe Noh-Varr there aren't any Kree involved in this one (okay maybe teddy)

and Kree/Skrull War was like 40 years ago, the last crisis was 3

I'm not trying to be a fanboy, but Morrison's statement was pretty douchey, but he only said it to gain hype so it's all good.
It's the 2nd Crisis.

And they are probably completely different.


Well, technically, it's the fourth if you count Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour.

Which you should since the Kree-Skrull War is older then both.

All parties acted like douches. Morrison for being smug, Bendis for over-reacting and Gail for trying to justify herself.
I never thought I'd see the day where comic writers act like bigger nerds than the fans.

This is an historic day.

It will live on in infamy.

From now on, whenever Bendis complains about the internet fanbase in one of his "all-meta" issues, the fan community can say, "You're just as bad."
what is this the 3rd crisis in the last five years?

That's right - identity, infinite and final -course they had loads before that, but the stories are generally distincy enough.

But I also think the secret invasion thing is something new - there was no Skrull hunt or anything in the kree-skrull war. I think both writers have something vaguely original and are having a joke.

By the way Ice, way to quote Bendis on another board without his I can't infer the jokey tone, he so obviously wanted me to.

EDIT: ;)
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I wish Bendis could type properly so I could understand his argument.

I also hope Secret Invasion or whatever it's called is late, just because it would be hilarious.
I wish Bendis could type properly so I could understand his argument.
srsly u guyz stawp teh fiitings n act lik adlts . sumtims i feel lik teh only intellgent pursun on dis bord.
:D :D :D :D

:roll: It's Grant Morrison vs. Brian Michael Bendis.

Christ, who do you THINK is gonna win that?

Hard to say...Seven Soldiers of Victory or Ultimate MJGoblin.....?

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