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Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
In here we post some of our favourite quotes or ones that we like. I got this one out of MKSM...

Four hours ago, this lunatic friend of the family was holding eighteen people hostage in a church and promising to GAS them unless his demands were met.

But he didn’t want MONEY. Cash would be too OBVIOUS for a crowd pleaser like the GREEN GOBLIN.


What he WANTED was me on live television, sticking a STEAK-KNIFE in my stomach forfeiting my guts for the benefit of the GREAT AMERICAN PUBLIC.

Naturally, I didn’t COMPLY and, well…

We’ve been breaking each other’s bones ever since.


Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
Me and Cad were discussing it wouldn't be long until that one came up...

Fredrik Martinsson

Formerly known as Ultimate Warrior
Wolverine: "Deadpool ain't it? Sorta rhymes with Dead Fool?"
Deadpool: "Yeah-- like Wolverine rhymes with... Louver Screen? ... Hoover Spleen? Hey what the heck does it rhyme with?"
Wolverine #88

Nurse Annie: [about how nothing is a secret at the mansion] "Everyone knows that I don't like mutants. Everyone knows I have a thing for Alex. Everyone knows you used to date Lorna. Everyone thinks Northstar and I are dating, even though he's openly homosexual..."
Bobby: "Northstar's gay!?"
Uncanny X-Men 425

Cyclops: "I believe you people have something that belongs to us?"
Gambit: "Short li'l fella."
Jubilee: "All adamantium and attitude. He's one of a kind. We'd like him back."
X-Men #7

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