Comic Series Idea: Beckoning Of Aetherius Chapter 2 & Chapter 3


Feb 4, 2021
Last year I posted my new comic series, Beckoning Of Aetherius, here. I only had Chapter 1 completed and posted some art from it here.

Since then I now have Chapter 2 completed. You can read it for free here, or buy a hard copy:

I also have a Kickstarter for the making of Chapter 3, here:

And here's a link to my first post about this here, where you can see some art from Chapter 1:

As mentioned before, this is a sci-fi fantasy, with superheroes, that focuses on questioning the meaning of who and what we are as authentic individuals. The idea is that you can't be a hero without first embracing your true self.

My hope is that this series helps readers who feel a little negative about humanity, to remember that we're all human, and should work together to help build a bright future.

For instance, the first hapter is about two women debating about what it means to be an authentic person. It is later revealed that they are both Feminists with opposing views, but with shared goals. This series isn't about Feminism. It instead has moments that bring up hot topics that make the characters feel more believable and relatable. So that when the sci-fi fantasy aspect happens, their experiences not only feel more real, but it's from their very specific, personal experiences.

The first two Chapters are done. I'm currently building an audience and would love to get your thoughts on what I have so far.

If you like these chapters, and the idea of chapter 3, and you'd like me to finish the rest of the series, you can support me by:
- Giving a positive review of this chapter, here.
- Tell your friends about the book.
- Share the links to the book.
- Support the Kickstarter for Chapter 3
- Buy the physical books or ebooks.

Below are some images from Chapter 2, pages and some artwork.
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