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Jun 16, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
I don't have a comic shop near but I like to know what's happens in different comics, so where's a good site to see a full summary of different comic books?

PS I know about and
Well, why don't we start one here?

Make a thread, in it, each person can post whenever they want a simple summary of a comic. A full synopsis of the issue, all with spoilers.

Plus, the title of the comic is clear so people can avoid reading summaries of comics that they're looking forward to getting.

Not reviewing, no commenting on previous summaries, just each post is a summary of a new comic.

Sound good?
I think it would be better if there was a simple database. Idon't want to always have to ask what happened here. It would be a lot better with a site.
icemastertron said:
That Samruby site gives out spoiler summaries. But I think that's just for Spider-Man comics.... :netrual:

Is there a way to turn off the music on that site?
I thought you were here to bake cookies?

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