Comics to help improve English and Writing

Sep 12, 2020
There's an idea that's drilled into a lot of people's heads about how to get better at writing: read more. And it's true, reading more makes you more familiar with sentence structure, can expand your vocabulary, and teach storytelling techniques (even if you don't exactly know the names of the techniques). So, I figure, if reading can do all of that, surely reading comic books can do the same thing! Sure, they're not written like traditional prose, but all of the elements from a regular book are there, they just tell part of their story through images.

Which comics would be best suited to do this though? Because not all comics are created equally, and some of them probably don't have as much to teach. I've put together a list of the ones that I think do this best, which you can find here, but let me know your thoughts as well!

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