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Dec 24, 2004
I need help! :)

I am trying to compile a chronological list of comics in which the Ultimates have appeared... There is an AMAZING timeline on this site, but I don't know which issues I'm missing for this much smaller piece - I just want issues which include members of the Ultimates


Ultimate Iron Man 1-5
UMTU 2-3 (Hulk)
UMTU 4-5 (IM and Nick Fury)
UMTU 14 (Black Widow)
Ultimates 1-7 (?)
Ultimate War 1-4
Ultimates 8-13
USM 24, 27-28
USM 31
USM 35
USM 39
USM 59
Ultimate 6 1-7
USM 70
UXM 32
USM 73, 77
Ultimate Nightmare 1-5
Ultimate Secret 1-4
Ultimate Extinction 1-5
UXM 61-15
USM 89, 90
Ultimate Vision 0, 1
Ultimates 2 1-6 (?)
Ultimates Annual 1
Ultimates 2 7-13
Ultimates Annual 2
Ultimate Power 1-5 (??)

I know I'm missing LOTS - like some USM and UXM issues..anyone have anything to add in the right place, and/or fix anything I put? (i.e. Ultimate War - where does it fit? Its just when Quicksilver and Witch join) (Where does Ultimates Annual 1 fit?)

Thanks so much for your help!
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You're too diplomatic! It was MY similar question! :)

I figured with more appearances, a second try might get someone to help chronologically fill in the holes with/for me

(Thanks for replying to both, though! :) )

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