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Sep 15, 2004
ComicsAlliance TV Presents: Calvin


As a boy, Calvin made it through the difficult times with a little help from his four powerful alter-egos: Stupendous Man, the superhero; Tracer Bullet, the hard-boiled detective; Spaceman Spiff, the space-faring adventurer, and Invisible Calvin, the boy who wasn't there. But when Calvin grew up, he told himself that really needed only one person -- himself.

Until now. One month away from her physics degree, Calvin's girlfriend Susie Derkins has gone missing. Police are baffled. Interpol has given up. Before her mysterious disappearance, Susie was working on a radical new form of energy, an experiment that could change the world.

After weeks of searching turn into months, and the police give her up for dead, only Calvin remains determined to find the one and only woman he ever allowed into the secret clubhouse of his heart. But soon, even he begins to doubt that he will ever see Susie again, until a very old (and furry) friend returns to change his life forever.

Thanks to a strange visit from a mysterious tiger, Calvin finds himself transforming from an everyday everyman into the four alter-egos of his childhood when faced with a life or death situation. But this time, their special powers aren't just a child's fantasy; they're real, and Susie's life depends on his ability to use them wisely while unraveling an international web of intrigue as he combs the globe looking for the girl he loves. Keeping one superhero identity a secret is hard enough, but with four alter-egos to juggle Calvin will have four times the power... and four times the trouble.

Calvin, Wednesdays, 9 E.T., CATV.
Re: Calvin

I'm bracing myself for an internet-wide onslaught of "This would be the best show EVER", despite the fact that it's deliberately supposed to be mocking all the pointless,, murky, now-clichéd serial dramas that fail every year. Anyway, good stuff. I hope they do a cast list soon that has Željko Ivanek as Mr. Spittle.

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