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Dec 15, 2021
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You're Invited to our Launch Party. Watch Us Launch Our Podcast Live on January 29, 2022. We Are Streaming Live on YouTube and Twitch.

YouTube Viewers Watch Us Live Using the Link Below

Twitch Viewers Watch Us Live Using the Link Below

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About Comix Heads

Comic book junkies Mel, Mike, Lou, and Shane are hosts of a new podcast geared toward the world of comics identified as Comix Heads. Their love for hip-hop, gaming, and comic books creates an entertaining and appealing podcast for their viewers.

These four don't even come close to fitting the description of the comic book fans you would normally see and meet at a Comic-Con Convention. Never judge a (comic) book by its cover.

Their podcast will interview everyone from celebrities to movie and television show producers, to comic book writers, to your average Joe's (comic book fans) and will cover such topics as the latest in the world of comic books, tv, movies, reviews, discussions on comic industry trends, hip-hop (as it relates to comics), etc.

Comix Heads will stream live on YouTube and Twitch on 1/29/2022. Sign up for our mailing list so we can notify you when we're going live (15 minutes before the start of our show). First 20 people to sign up will receive a free mug or tee.


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