Commission Bryan Hitch to Draw Anything!


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Dec 21, 2004
I spotted this on Newsarama. Bryan Hitch is willing to draw anything if you win this auction. The price is a little steep, but if we all chip in I think we can do it.

Personally, I'd like to see him draw Mark Millar and himself hunched over a desk feverishing writing drawing Ultimates while Joe Quesada stands behind them threatening them with a whip should they even think about stopping...

My second choice would be a unicorn running through of meadow of flower. I mean a naked chick. Yeah, naked chicks are awesome.
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I'd rather have one where they are laughing at a computer

On the computer is Ultimate Central website, and they are pointing at the delay thread, chuckling.

Then have Spidey, squinting in the background.
Yeah, I say we band together and commission him to draw Ultimates 2.
I was high bidder on that auction for about 30 minutes, back when it was still in the mid 3 figures...
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Want to see Hitchy draw your favourite character? Dream of seeing him tackle a hero or team he's never drawn before? Bid high enough to win this auction and Bryan will create a piece, pencilled AND inked by him and delivered to you approximately three to four weeks after this auction ends.
Yeah right!
The Ultimates vs. The Authority vs. Justice League.
It better not be anything too big....or we might never see it....I think a smiley face is about right. that should take about 3-4 weeks going by Hitch's records...
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