Commission Bryan Hitch to Draw Anything!


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I spotted this on Newsarama. Bryan Hitch is willing to draw anything if you win this auction. The price is a little steep, but if we all chip in I think we can do it.

Personally, I'd like to see him draw Mark Millar and himself hunched over a desk feverishing writing drawing Ultimates while Joe Quesada stands behind them threatening them with a whip should they even think about stopping...

My second choice would be a unicorn running through of meadow of flower. I mean a naked chick. Yeah, naked chicks are awesome.
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I'd rather have one where they are laughing at a computer

On the computer is Ultimate Central website, and they are pointing at the delay thread, chuckling.

Then have Spidey, squinting in the background.


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Yeah, I say we band together and commission him to draw Ultimates 2.


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I was high bidder on that auction for about 30 minutes, back when it was still in the mid 3 figures...
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Want to see Hitchy draw your favourite character? Dream of seeing him tackle a hero or team he's never drawn before? Bid high enough to win this auction and Bryan will create a piece, pencilled AND inked by him and delivered to you approximately three to four weeks after this auction ends.
Yeah right!


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It better not be anything too big....or we might never see it....I think a smiley face is about right. that should take about 3-4 weeks going by Hitch's records...


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