Don't get e started on conan, or i might begin to drool.

Conan is a personal fave of mine, and i reguraly read the robert E. Howard novels. What Busiek and co are doing with conan is truly awesome in every sense of the word. I really think that Conan is one of the best books on the market, everypage is worth tearong out and hanging on a wall. Why haven't you grabed an issue yet
It's very interesting to take the approach that Conan has already come and gone, but we're being told through old chronicles of his adventures and upbringing. The best fantasy comic I've ever read.
Not really sure but I'm glad that Dark Horse got a hold of it and decided to start from his earliest adventures. It really feels like Ultimate Conan! And Cary Nord's pencils are amazing. Greg Ruth fills in as back-up artist whenever Nord needs a break. His art is unique as well.
plain and simple ice, marvel screwed up and lost the rights to make Conan comics.
I just wish I had a detailed outline of Conan's history. From #0, I understand that Conan has already come and gone. He's fought his share of wars, wizards, giant creatures, and has encountered many people during his professions as a pirate, thief, reaver, slayer, and eventually king. I wonder how long the series is planned for? 400 issues, 500, more?
well, right now, the history is pretty simple...

Conan # 8
Conan # 1-7,9-11
Conan and The DAughters of Midora # 1
Conan # 0,

But that is just DH, the marvel history I'm not messing with
Are there any other fantasy comics that someone has read prior to Conan? My only one was Spawn: Dark Ages, but that's hardly fantasy.

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