Contest for the fried hahaha

Ultimate Fried

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Mar 19, 2005
gateway to hell, Utah
I need A new PIC, anyone can send me pics that best describe, TOG and ICE have been randomly chosen to select the winner(they may not know this yet). It will become permentally put for my sig pic. this could possibly be the stupidest thing I've eveer done on this site. we'll see.
Are you dense? Are you retarded or something?

That is of course a picture of a deep fried Mars bar. Why? Your name = Ultimate Fried and deep fried Mars bar = the Ultimate in deep fried food. What's not to love, You got Chocolate, nougat and caramel all covered in batter and then fried. It's both cream and crunchy. Warm and soft. Rich in flavour smooth in texture.

So that is why deep fried Mars bar is the only logical choice for a Ultimate Fried picture.
Deep fried Mars Bars have fascinated me for years but I am too scared to try one.

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