Cool Ass Spider-Man Photomosaic


May 24, 2004
Hey all, check this out. I made it with the 1st 100 Amazing Spider-Man covers and all the USM covers. If you want a big 2-Meg file PM me an e-mail account that can handle 2 Megs...

If you don't think you have one, create a yahoo, they have like 100 Megs these days. Enjoy, and send me ideas for more Master Images to create from the covers!

That is AWESOME, great job jojo. At first I thought it was a transformers head but then realizued that has nothing to do with spidey.
Jojo - that's awesome. Great job!
Re: Cool *** Spider-Man Photomosaic

Going through older threads and found this. Thought I'd bump it so new members could take a peak.
Re: Cool *** Spider-Man Photomosaic

that is cool dude good job. I love these types of pictures
Re: Cool *** Spider-Man Photomosaic

Extraordinary job, sirs. You really should send that off to Marvel and see if they pay you anything.
Re: Cool *** Spider-Man Photomosaic

that is hella rad
Forget that: That is really good stuff you have there.

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