Coraline (spoilers)

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Aug 24, 2006
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So this just came out today.

It was very good, though I cannot stress enough how profoundly creepy it is.

I've never read the book, but the whole film felt very Gaiman-ish. So I'm assuming it was a fairly close adaptation.

And while a good film overall, the scene where she confronts the evil actress ladies was disapointing to me. It was scary, but you spend the rest of the film giving us delightfully creepy paralells between the real world and Other Mother's world, and they get
in a giant candy wrapper?

But a very good film overall.
Just got home from seeing it. I absolutely adored it. I WILL be getting this the day it comes out on Blu-Ray. Sadly no local theater does 3D, so I'm hoping the Blu-Ray will have the 3D version.
Man, I completely forgot that you don't have to put use spoiler tags if "spoiler" is in the thread title.

Also, I want a mask like Wybie wears.
It was such a wonderful movie. Gaiman movies are 3 for 3 (Beowulf doesn't count).

It was great hearing Ian McShane doing that strange accent.

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