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Are the writers trying to introduce cosmic elements into the UXM title (ex: Phoenix, Apocalypse) or are they just messing with our heads?


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I don't think it's either. I like this version of the Phoenix better than the cosmic entity space monster it is in 616. But I don't really think it's messing with our heads. Just a new take on it.

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If she really is the Phoenix. I have a feeling she isn't as all powerful as they are making her. She's proabbly just a strong mutant, and this phoenix is just some cooky legend.


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Whatever the phoenix, Apocalypse, Thor and the rest really are, writers have to be careful,or they'll ruin the Ultimate Universe. That phoenix legend from date nite is kinda far fetched. I hope that what the phoenix really is is a more down to earth answer.


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millar handled this the best way. that being he never explicitly said what's going on, simply implied it. we're still not sure what Thor is in the Ultimates, and he didn't give us all too much insight into the Phoenix either. The ambiguity keeps the Ultimate Universe interesting. Taking away the veil makes it lame.


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The Ultimate Universe was supposed to be more grounded than the 616 universe... The fact that they're pulling in loads of aliens (Ultimates, vol. 1) and Galactus is sickening to me because the galactic stuff is what I hate most about the core Marvel U. Now, instead of "grounded," we get "cosmic" or "magic" things happening and it's crap.


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Well, it was only going to be a matter of time before they started doing space stories. We should be thankful so far that they've been of high quality.


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Then we just stick to things like THE WALKING DEAD and shake our heads at another Marvel Universe sullied by Star Trek fandom.

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