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Feb 7, 2005
Vancouver, Wa
i was going through and I just found this hilarious I was looking to see how much apartments were to share up in seattle..and I can upon this

I am a responsible working Black guy who loves to cook and chill out. I have no criminal record nor do I have any desire to get one in addition to no loud weird music or overnight guests. I don't drink, smoke or do any drugs whatsoever. I have my own car and money. No gun nuts or vicious animal or exotic pets. I only want a place to BBQ and Satellite/Cable tv and sleep comfortably. I am willing to help out around the house with chores and to do things. I am out a lot and work early morning hours. If you want to share with a cool person who is NOT a damn fool, send me an email so we can have an
good way to get hocker's:

Seeking Attractive Ladies to Attend NBA All Star Weekend Suite Party

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Join Industry Mogul Jay Stone and Friends as they host Private NBA All Star Weekend Suite Parties Located at the Monte Carlo Hotel on the strip in Las Vegas Feb 15 - 19th

If you are an attractive lady that has attractive friends and would like to be invited please simply reply to the email [email protected]

Please Send:

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email: [email protected]

Not for

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