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Jan 27, 2005
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Coming up soon is the relaunch of the new Justice League. The first issue covers shows who could possibly be in it. So I was wondering if you could choose 7 of these characters, who would be in your JL?


I have two groups.

- Batman (Leader)
- Green Latern (Guy Gardner)
- Zatanna
- Captain Marvel
- Green Arrow
- Supergirl
- Captain Atom

- Wonder Woman (Leader)
- Supergirl
- Huntress
- Fire
- Black Canary
- Zatanna
- Powergirl
The Green Team

Green Arrow - Leader
Green Lantern (Hal)
Green Lantern (John)
Green Lantern (Guy)
Green Lantern (Kyle)
Unknown (either Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Mr. Miracle or Aquaman)
Hawkman's Alive? Weird...

I'd go with...

Captain Marvel (Leader)
Aquaman (or The Flash)
Green Arrow
Either The Question or Animal Man

Batman or Superman in it doesn't seem right, given the direction the characters are taking. I love the Question and Animal Man, but I recognize it would be silly to put two C-listers like that on the team. I think the conflict between his role as a local politician and the global decree of the Justice League would make a cool element for Green Arrow, so he's a must. Captain Marvel would make a good surrogate for Superman, and I think there'd be interesting conflict with Hawkman (JSA's older leader). If it's the old Aquaman, I'd want him on the team. If it's this new Conan guy, I'd like the Flash. I chose Zatanna and Supergirl because they have boobies (plus, Zee and Supes are two of my favorite characters).
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I choose Batman for his tactial skills and leadership to get the job done.

Supergirl, Marvel, and Cap.Atom as heavy hitters.

Zatanna and Marvel to deal with Supernatural aspects.

Guy and Supergirl to deal with cosmic.

Green Arrow and Captain Arom have a difference of views. Along with Batman. So that would make great tension.

And Guy would be hitting on Kara and Zatanna as much a possible.

And the kid Marvel dealing with these werid *** adults.

It would be a great well balanced team.
Green Arrow
Green Lantern(Kyle Rayner)
Captain Marvel
Captain Atom
Power Girl
Super Girl
Cyborg (I think he's been around long enough for a promotion)
Wonder Woman
Super Girl
Power Girl
Star Fire

...I love b****es.
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Flash (Wally West)
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