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Feb 25, 2008
I was just on the marvel website and found they create your own superhero section. So decided to come on the board and see what Marvel fans ideas of a superhero would be. The superhero has to fit in with marvel continuity.

Mine is a team. Its a new team of X-Men containing four members.

-The first member is not really my own creation but it crosses over. It is Wolverine. But like Iron Man did with Spider-Man and give him his own armour, Tony Stark created an armour for Wolverine as a life support machine because his healing factor stopped working. The armour is a favour for Wolverine saving Iron Mans life one time.
-The second member is Crusher. He is a mutant street thug who is recruited by Xavier to be in the new team. He has the power to grow to the size of the Hulk and is dressed with a cross of a warrior and a thug.
-The third member is Red Temptress. At the age of 15, she discovered she was a mutant, she can heat the air around her to extreme heats. Believing she has magical power she became obsessed with magic and accidentally transported herself to hell itself. Being worshipped by its people, she became obsessed with herself and would believe her self to be the actual devil, known as the temptor, naming her self the red temptress. She found her way back to the normal world, but was evil. One day she realised her wrong doing's and was asked by Xavier to join the new X team, as a chnace for reformation.
-The last member is known as Weapon X-IW-52. After weapon X gave up on its attempts to create the perfect super soldier, it tryed to create one from scratch, they created a robot version of wolverine, who is also a woman. She is extremley fast, smart, agile, strong etc. She is the perfect super being.

What are your ideas.
Your team sounds more like the current X-Force. Also, I was hoping Red Temptress was a Soviet Super Spy.

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