"Cry Wolf" theory


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Feb 28, 2005
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Perhaps this has been suggested before, though I guess it's worth brining up again...

Does anybody else suspect that the Gambit/"Cry Wolf" arc might have been writer Brian Vaughn's way of Ulitmatizing (read: correcting) Chuck Austen's (seriously flawed) "Dominant Species" storyline from Uncanny X-Men, two or three years ago?

Think about it... you've got the white-collar mutant villains, the wolf themes/symbolism, the suggestion of using corporate means to empower mutants...

I tried Googling to see whether Vaughn has said commented on this, but I found nothing :?

Perhaps somebody else might consider asking him about it, on the "FAQ"/Q&A thread on his message board. (I already used up my unofficial 'quota' for the week, I think :p )
I think the wolf motif was purely coincidental. At least at this stage, vaughan may wish to revisit the von struckers and fenris international later to address this issue, but I suspect that it wasn't his intent.
Its an interesting idea but I do disagree.

Start with the literal.

Dominant Species- Jean-Paul, Paige and Warren investigate a hate crime and stumble across one of Warren's own companies doing Bad Things. Werewolf-ness ensures. Conflict with the back up ensures because they just about hate each other, Warren gets secondary mutation. Arguments about whether mutants are meant to survive as a species, a collective set of tribal subgroups or not at all. Burgeoning relationship with Paige and the Dirty Old Bird (She Lies with Angels...seriously! In front of her mother! Thats just too much)

Cry Wolf- X-men visit the Carnies. See the carnie mutants, decide they can live how they like. Romantic teen angst ensures. Insert mysterious stranger. Kidnap girl. Team chases kidnapped girl. Kidnap girl basically escapes by herself but comes out with just a touch of Stockholm Syndrome. Rescuers arrive, kidnapped girl steps in to protect her rescuer from burly protective "family" member. They leave together.

Now the symbloism- To me, there are faint hints of Romeo and Juliet to Cry Wolf where as in Dominant Species, Austen seems to be trying to explore the more Darwinistic possibilities of mutants. The two families in conflict compared to the species fighting for survival. The only real similarity seems to be the two opposing groups in conflict.
And anyways, Fenris was the name the Von Struckers have used in 616, it wasnt a new reference by Vaughn.... The Title probably is referencing the meaning behind the name Fenris, but i dont think it has much in common really...

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