Daily Show Correspondents

Who is your favorite Daily Show Correspondent?

  • Samantha Bee

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  • John Hodgman

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  • Larry Wilmore

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  • Rob Riggle

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  • Dan Bakkedahl

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He Sees You When You're Sleeping. He Knows When Yo
Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
Who is your favorite of the current, and recently departed Daily Show Correspondents? Who works, who doesn't, who should get a facelift?

People here watch the Daily Show, right?

Senior British Correspondent - John Oliver
Senior Black Correspondent - Larry Wilmore
"This Week In God" - Samantha Bee
Resident Expert - John Hodgman
Current Correspondent - Rob Riggle
Current Correspondent - Jason Jones
Current Correspondent - Dan Bakkedahl
Former Correspondent - Ed Helms
Former Correspondent - Rob Corddry

I'm not including Lewis Black, Steve Carrell or Stephen Colbert, because most of their current popularity comes from outside the show.
Jason Jones, because everytime I see one of his segments I die laughing. He is a great correspondent, but I would have to say he is tied with Ed Helms. He was awesome as well.

I like John Oliver, but they use him too much.
Rod Corrdry because to me he's always had by far the funniest segments.

Last year when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was being released he did a bit where he tried to get his hands on an advanced copy by impersonating J.K. Rowling and going to a British bookstore, and it was probably one of the funniest things ever on the show.
I said Oliver because he cracks me up but Cordry is a close second I just remembered this one segment where Cordry was talking about high gas prices and then is shown driving a hummer-limo,and later he is washing the rear bumper while talking; then he stops mid sentence and gets in another car to drive to the front of his limo, gets out and starts talking again while washing the front bumper.:D
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What about Aasif Mandvi? Or are you not counting him cause he's not a regular?
I picked John Oliver because british people mocking people makes me laugh.

I also like Asif Mandvi, Jason Jones, and Demetri Martin.

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