Darkness / Wolverine

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May 3, 2005
I was checking to see what was coming out for Image comics during August and found this.


Darkness / Wolverine
(W) Frank Tieri (P) Tyler Kirkham (C) Stjepan Sejic

Jackie Estacado, the Darkness bearer, Wolverine have never met, but the same cannot be said for the Darkness power and Wolverine. The sins of Jackie's grandfather haven't been forgotten, and Jackie's left to pay the price. Frank Tieri (Iron Man, Deadpool, Wolverine)and Tyler Kirkham (V.I.C.E., The Gift) bring you an edge-of-your-seat story and Stjepan Sejic tops it off with his mouth-watering colors. You do NOT want to miss this book!
Full color 32 pages $2.99 one shot
I loved on News-A-Rama when they posted the Image solicts they were talking about them and went wtf is Wolverine doing here?

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