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Got to be a mistake.
Why get the people behind Gotham and Batwoman to work on a show "set in The Batman 2022 universe" that Matt Reeves has NO involvement in? On the CW no less?

"Yeah sure, kill off my Batman, set it like several years in the future. That makes sense." - Matt Reeves
I'm inclined to believe this is some secret prequel to Batwoman rather than being set in the Reevesverse.
Got to be a mistake.
to me it sounds more like wishful thinking, like it takes place after the Reeves Batman movie in the same way that the 2002 "Birds of Prey" show took place after the Burton films. In both cases the shows could be using the movies as a basis for their canon, but no one else is gonna consider them to be part of a shared universe
In my headcanon, Joker and The Batman are part of the same universe. 1999 October-November the Joker movie takes place (Bruce is about 10 years old and according to the Joker script, Arthur is in his 30s so I can put him at the most 30 years old, during the movie there are some periods of weeks, like when we went from the scene where Arthur leaves work to when he hears Thomas Wayne say the train murders were 1 week ago) 2018 Batman begins his crusade against crime (Arthur is the first Joker, Barry Keoghan's joker is a deformed subject who, inspired by Fleck's, began to be a serial killer and was captured by Batman, Arthur Fleck learns that Bruce It's Batman and he's leaving Arkham) 2019 October-November the batman I am willing to believe that they could adapt 3 Jokers in this universe, Joker Phoenix would be the comedian, Joker Keoghan the clown and the third the criminal.
The Joker movie is explicitly 1981 though. Thomas Wayne looks nothing alike.
Nowhere in the film is there an exact indication of the year in which the film takes place, no newspaper says 1981, there are even cars that did not exist in 1981 hanging around in the film like the car that almost hit Arthur when his sign was stolen did not exist in 1981, it is a model that first came out in the mid 90's. Thomas and Martha Wayne go to the cinema to see a film by Charles Chaplin in black and white, which does not make sense if they are in 1981, also in a newspaper it is seen that a tragedy occurred in Ukraine, the closest tragedy in Ukraine to that time It is from 88 I think I remember nothing happened in 81, also the door that opens by sensors did not exist in 1981, however we see one when Arthur tries to enter the hospital. And the status of gotham city is not exact from 1981 , it could easily be 1980 or 1983 or 1984 . it is a fictional city. It could easily be 1999.

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