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Superman = 4482FF
Batman = 2C82C9
The Green Hornet = 228B22
Wonder Woman = FAC51C
Superman = 0000CD
Legends of the Superheroes = D1D5D8
Supergirl = 3D8EB9
Batman = 696969
The Flash = B4151C
Smallville = DC143C
Birds of Prey = 475577
Catwoman = 996515
Green Lantern = 00FF00
Arrow = 008000
Man of Steel = 800000
The Flash = FF0000
Constantine = 804000
Vixen = FFA500
Supergirl = 5DADEC
DC's Legends of Tomorrow = 0000FF
Lucifer = 800020
Batman = 708090
Suicide Squad = 800080
Wonder Woman = F7DA64
Justice League = 808080
Freedom Fighters: The Ray = FFD700
Black Lightning = 000080
Titans = 151B54
Aquaman = F37934
Doom Patrol = 580000
Shazam! = FF4500
Swamp Thing = 6B8E23
Batwoman = 000000
Birds of Prey = 483D8B
Stargirl = 2969B0
Superman & Lois = 00FFFF
Peacemaker = ??????
Black Adam = D4AF37
The Flash = B22222

Man of Steel
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition
Suicide Squad - Extended Cut
Wonder Woman
Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)
Wonder Woman 1984
Zack Snyder's Justice League
The Suicide Squad
Black Adam



Green Lantern: Extended Cut

Swamp Thing

Doom Patrol

Earth-66 [Megaverse with Comics Multiverse + Animated Multiverse]
Batman: The Movie
The Green Hornet
Legends of the Superheroes
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
Batman vs. Two-Face

Wonder Woman

Earth-89 [Megaverse with Comics Multiverse]
Superman: The Movie: Extended Cut
Superman II
Superman III
Supergirl: Director's Cut
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Batman Returns

The Flash

Superman Returns

Earth-97 [Megaverse with Animated Multiverse]
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin


Birds of Prey
To be added**


Earth-F [Megaverse with Animated Multiverse]
To be added**

The Flash
Vixen: The Movie
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Freedom Fighters: The Ray
Black Lightning
Superman & Lois

Adventures of Superman

Superman: The Movie: Extended Cut
Superman II
Superman III
Supergirl: Director's Cut
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Superman & Lois


15988 B.C.

Man of Steel: Prequel

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
1x01, "The New Original Wonder Woman"
Wonder Woman 1x02, "Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther"
Wonder Woman 1x03, "Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman"
Wonder Woman 1x04, "Beauty on Parade"
Wonder Woman 1x05, "The Feminine Mystique: Part 1"
Wonder Woman 1x06, "The Feminine Mystique: Part 2"
Wonder Woman 1x12, "Formula 407"
Wonder Woman 1x07, "Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua"
Wonder Woman 1x08, "The Pluto File"
Wonder Woman 1x09, "Last of the Two Dollar Bills"
Wonder Woman 1x10, "Judgement From Outer Space: Part 1"
Wonder Woman 1x11, "Judgement From Outer Space: Part 2"
Wonder Woman 1x13, "The Bushwalkers"
Wonder Woman 1x14, "Wonder Woman in Hollywood"

Wonder Woman: Epilogue: Etta's Mission

Codename: Action #1-5

Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 #1-8
Batman vs. 3 Villains of Doom
Batman: The Movie
Batman 1x01, "Hi Diddle Riddle"
Batman 1x02, Smack in the Middle"
Batman 1x03, "Fine Feathered Finks"
Batman 1x04, "The Penguin's a Jinx"
Batman 1x05, "The Joker Is Wild"
Batman 1x06, "Batman is Riled"
The Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit #1-2
Batman 1x07, "Instant Freeze"
Batman 1x08, "Rats Like Cheese"
Batman 1x09, "Zelda the Great"
Batman 1x10, "A Death Worse Than Fate"
Batman 1x11, "A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away"
Batman 1x12, "When the Rat's Away, the Mice Will Play"
Batman 1x13, "The Thirteen Hat"
Batman 1x14, "Batman Stands for Pat"
Batman 1x15, "The Joker Goes to School"
Batman 1x16, "He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul"
Batman 1x17, "True or False-Face"
Batman 1x18, "Holy Rat Race"
Batman 1x19, "The Purr-fect Crime:
Batman 1x20, "Better Luck Next Time"
Batman 1x21, "The Penguin Goes Straight"
Batman 1x22, "Not Yet, He Ain't"
Batman 1x23, "The Ring of Wax"
Batman 1x24, "Give 'Em the Axe"
Batman 1x25, "The Joker Trumps an Ace"
Batman 1x26, "Batman Sets the Pace"
Batman 1x27, "The Curse of Tut"
Batman 1x28, "The Pharaoh's in a Rut"
Batman 1x29, "The Bookworm Turns"
Batman 1x30, "While Gotham City Burns"
Batman 1x31, "Death in Slow Motion"
Batman 1x32, "The Ridder's False Notion"
Batman 1x33, "Fine Finny Fiends"
Batman 1x34, "Batman Makes the Scenes"
The Green Hornet 1x01, "The Silent Gun"
The Green Hornet 1x02, "Give 'Em Enough Rope"
The Green Hornet 1x03, "Programmed for Death"
The Green Hornet 1x04, "Crime Wave"
The Green Hornet 1x05, "The Frog is a Deadly Weapon"
The Green Hornet 1x06, "Eat, Drink, and Be Dead"
The Green Hornet 1x07, "Beautiful Dreamer: Part 1"
The Green Hornet 1x08, "Beautiful Dreamer: Part 2"
The Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit #3-5

The Green Hornet 1x09, "The Ray is for Killing"
The Green Hornet 1x10, "The Preying Mantis"
The Green Hornet 1x11, "The Hunters and the Hunted"
The Green Hornet 1x12, "Deadline for Death"
The Green Hornet 1x13, "The Secret of the Sally Bell"
The Green Hornet 1x14, "Freeway to Death"
The Green Hornet 1x15, "May the Best Man Lose"
The Green Hornet 1x16, "The Hornet and the Firefly"
The Green Hornet 1x17, "Seek, Stalk and Destroy"
The Green Hornet 1x18, "Corpse of the Year: Part 1"
The Green Hornet 1x19, "Corpse of the Year: Part 2"
The Green Hornet 1x20, "Ace in the Hole"
The Green Hornet 1x21, "Bad Bet on a 459-Silent"
The Green Hornet 1x22, "Trouble for Prince Charming"
The Green Hornet 1x23, "Alias The Scarf"
The Green Hornet 1x24, "Hornet Save Thyself"
The Green Hornet 1x25, "Invasion from Outer Space: Part 1"
The Green Hornet 1x26, "Invasion from Outer Space: Part 2"
The Green Hornet #1-3
Batman 2x01, "Shoot a Crooked Arrow"
Batman 2x02, "Walk the Straight and Narrow"
Batman 2x03, "Hot Off the Griddle"
Batman 2x04, "The Cat and the Fiddle"
Batman 2x05, "The Minstrel's Shakedown"
Batman 2x06, "Barbecued Batman?"
Batman 2x07, "The Spell of Tut"
Batman 2x08, "Tut's Case is Shut"
Batman 2x09, "The Greatest Mother of Them All"
Batman 2x10, "Ma Parker"
Batman 2x11, "The Clock King's Crazy Crimes"
Batman 2x12, "The Clock King Gets Crowned"
Batman 2x13, "An Egg Grows in Gotham"
Batman 2x14, "The Yegg Foes in Gotham"
Batman 2x15, "The Devil's Fingers"
Batman 2x16, "The Dead Ringers"
Batman 2x17, "Hizzonner the Penguin"
Batman 2x18, "Dizzoner the Penguin"
Batman 2x19, "Green Ice"
Batman 2x20, "Deep Freeze"
Batman 2x21, "The Impractical Joker"
Batman 2x22, "The Joker's Provokers"
Batman 2x23, "Marsha, Queen of Diamonds"
Batman 2x24, "Marsha, Scheme of Diamonds"
Batman 2x25, "Come Back, Shame"
Batman 2x26, "It's How You Play the Game"
Batman 2x27, "The Penguin's Nest"
Batman 2x28, "The Bird's Last Jest"
Batman 2x29, "The Cat's Meow"
Batman 2x30, "The Bat's Kow Tow"
Batman 2x31, "The Puzzles Are Coming"
Batman 2x32, "The Duo is Slumming"

Batman 2x33, "The Sandman Cometh"
Batman 2x34, "The Catwoman Goeth"
Batman 2x35, "The Contaminated Cowl"
Batman 2x36, "The Mad Batter Runs Afoul"
Batman 2x37, "The Zodiac Crimes"
Batman 2x38, "The Joker's Hard Times"
Batman 2x39, "The Penguin Declines"
Batman 2x40, "That Darn Catwoman"
Batman 2x41, "Scat! Darn Catwoman"
Batman 2x42, "Penguin is a Girl's Best Friend"
Batman 2x43, "Penguin Sets a Trend"
Batman 2x44, "Penguin's Disastrous End"
Batman 2x45, "Batman's Anniversary"
Batman 2x46, "A Riddling Controversy"
Batman 2x47, "The Joker's Last Laugh"
Batman 2x48, "The Joker's Epitaph"
Batman 2x49, "Catwoman Goes to College"
Batman 2x50, "Batman Displays His Knowledge"
Batman 2x51, "A Piece of the Action"
Batman 2x52, "Batman's Satisfaction"
Batman 2x53, "King Tut's Coup"
Batman 2x54, "Batman's Waterloo"
Batman 2x55, "Black Widow Strikes Again"
Batman 2x56, "Caught in the Spider's Den"
Batman 2x57, "Pop Goes the Joker"
Batman 2x58, "Flop Goes the Joker"
Batman 2x59, "Ice Spy"
Batman 2x60, "The Duo Defy"
Batgirl Pilot
Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet '66 #1-12
Batman 3x01, "Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin"
Batman 3x02, "Ring Around the Riddler"
Batman 3x03, "The Wall of the Siren"
Batman 3x04, "The Sport of Penguins"
Batman 3x05, "A Horse of Another Color"
Batman 3x06, "The Unkindest Tut of All"
Batman 3x07, "Louie the Lilac"
Batman 3x08, "The Other and I"
Batman 3x09, "How to Hatch a Dinosaur"
Batman 3x10, "Surf's Up! Joker's Under!"
Batman 3x11, "The Londinium Larcenies"
Batman 3x12, "The Foggiest Notion"
Batman 3x13, "The Bloody Tower"
Batman 3x14, "Catwoman's Dressed to Kill"
Batman 3x15, "The Ogg Couple"
Batman 3x16, "The Funny Feline Felonies"
Batman 3x17, "The Joke's On Catwoman"
Batman 3x18, "Louie's Lethal Lilac Time"
Batman 3x19, "Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club"
Batman 3x20, "Penguin's Clean Sweep"
Batman 3x21, "The Great Escape"
Batman 3x22, "The Great Train Robbery"
Batman 3x23, "I'll Be a Mummy's Uncle"
Batman 3x24, "The Joker's Flying Saucer"
Batman 3x25, "The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra"
Batman 3x26, "Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires"
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
Batman vs. Two Face
Batman '66 #1-26
Batman '66: The Lost Episode #1, "The Two-Way Crimes of Two-Face"
Batman '66 #27-46

Batman '66 #47-61
Batman vs. Two-Face: Special Features: Harley Quinn
Batman '66 #62-73
Batman '66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E. #1-12
Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel #1-12
Batman '66 Meets The Legion of Super-Heroes #1-2
Archie Meets Batman '66 #1-6

Catwoman: 80th Anniversary, "The Catwoman of Earth"

Superman Returns: Prequel #1, "Krypton to Earth"

Superman: The Movie: Extended Cut
Wonder Woman 2x01, "The Return of Wonder Woman"
Wonder Woman 2x02, "Anschluss '77"
Wonder Woman 2x03, "The Man Who Could Move the World
Wonder Woman 2x04, "The Bermuda Triangle Crisis"
Wonder Woman 2x05, "Knockout"
Wonder Woman 2x06, "The Pied Piper"
Wonder Woman 2x07, "The Queen and the Thief"
Wonder Woman 2x08, "I Do, I Do"
Wonder Woman 2x09, "The Man Who Made Volcanoes"
Wonder Woman 2x10, "Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 1"
Wonder Woman 2x11, "Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 1"
Wonder Woman 2x12, "The Deadly Toys"
Wonder Woman 2x13, "Light-Fingered Lady"
Wonder Woman 2x14, "Screaming Javelin"
Wonder Woman 2x15, "Diana's Disappearing Act"
Wonder Woman 2x16, "Death in Disguise"
Wonder Woman 2x17, "IRAC is Missing"
Wonder Woman 2x18, "Flight to Oblivion"
Wonder Woman 2x19, "Seance of Terror"
Wonder Woman 2x20, "The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
Wonder Woman 2x21, "The Girl from Ilandia"
Wonder Woman 2x22, "The Murderous Missile"
Wonder Woman 3x01, "My Teenage Idol is Missing"
Wonder Woman 3x02, "Hot Wheels"
Wonder Woman 3x03, "The Deadly Sting"
Wonder Woman 3x04, "The Fine Art of Crime"
Wonder Woman 3x05, "Disco Devil"
Wonder Woman 3x06, "Formicida"
Wonder Woman 3x07, "Time Bomb"
Wonder Woman 3x08, "Skateboard Wiz"
Wonder Woman 3x09, "The Deadly Dolphin"
Wonder Woman 3x10, "Stolen Faces"
Wonder Woman 3x11, "Pot of Gold"
Wonder Woman 3x12, "Gault's Brain"
Wonder Woman 3x13, "Going, Going, Gone"
Wonder Woman 3x14, "Spaced Out"
Wonder Woman 3x15, "The Starships are Coming"
Wonder Woman 3x16, "Amazon Hot Wax"
Wonder Woman 3x17, "The Richest Man in the World"
Wonder Woman 3x18, "A Date with Doomsday"
Wonder Woman 3x19, "The Girl With a Gift for Disaster"
Wonder Woman 3x20, "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 1"
Wonder Woman 3x21, "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 2"
Wonder Woman 3x23, "Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 1"
Wonder Woman 3x24, "Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 2"
Wonder Woman 3x22, "The Man Who Could Not Die"
Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman #1-6
Wonder Woman '77 #1-27
Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 #9-12

Superman II

Legends of the Superheroes
1x01, "The Challenge"
Legends of the Superheroes 1x02, "The Roast"
Superman '78 #1-6

Superman III

Supergirl: Director's Cut

Wonder Woman 1984: Museum Madness
Wonder Woman 1984

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace


Smallville Legends: Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton 1x01-1x06

Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles 1x01-1x02

The Flash
1x01, "Pilot"
The Flash: TV Special #1, "Meet Kid Flash"
The Flash 1x02, "Out of Control"
The Flash 1x04, "Honor Among Thieves"
The Flash 1x03, "Watching the Detectives"
The Flash 1x06, "Sins of the Father"
The Flash 1x05, "Double Vision"
The Flash 1x07, "Child's Play"
The Flash 1x08, "Shroud of Death"
The Flash 1x09, "Ghost in the Machine"
The Flash: TV Special #1, "The Quick and the Dead"

The Flash 1x10, "Sight Unseen"
The Flash 1x11, "Beat the Clock"
The Flash 1x13, "Tina, Is That You?"
The Flash 1x12, "The Trickster"
The Flash 1x14, "Be My Baby"
The Flash 1x15, "Fast Forward"
The Flash 1x16, "Deadly Nightshade"
The Flash 1x17, "Captain Cold"
The Flash 1x18, "Twin Streaks"
The Flash 1x19, "Done with Mirrors"
The Flash 1x20, "Goodnight, Central City"
The Flash 1x21, "Alpha"
The Flash 1x22, "Trial of the Trickster"

Batman Returns

Batman '89 #1-6

Batman Forever

Batman & Robin

Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles 1x03

Aquaman: Arthur's Guide to Atlantis

Catwoman 80th Anniversary, "Now You See Me"

1x01, "Pilot"
Smallville 1x02, "Metamorphosis"
Smallville 1x03, "Hothead"
Smallville: Dragon
Smallville 1x04, "X-Ray"
Smallville 1x05, "Cool"
Smallville: See No Evil
Smallville 1x06, "Hourglass"
Smallville 1x07, "Craving"
Smallville: The Comic, "Exile and the Kingdom"
Smallville, "Elemental" (TV Guide, Dec 8-14, 2001)

Smallville 1x08, "Jitters"
Smallville: Animal Rage
Smallville 1x09, "Rogue"
Smallville 1x10, "Shimmer"
Smallville: Flight
Smallville 1x11, "Hug"
Smallville 1x12, "Leech"
Smallville 1x13, "Kinetic"
Smallville 1x14, "Zero"
Smallville: Strange Visitors
Smallville 1x15, "Nicodemus"
Smallville 1x16, "Stray"
Smallville: Whodunnit
Smallville 1x17, "Reaper"
Smallville 1x18, "Drone"
Smallville #2, "Beauty"
Smallville: Hauntings
Smallville #4, "Phelan"
Smallville 1x19, "Crush"
Smallville 1x20, "Obscura"
Smallville 1x21, "Tempest"
Smallville 2x01, "Vortex"
Smallville #2, "What I Did on my Summer Vacation"
Birds of Prey 1x01, "Pilot"
Birds of Prey 1x02, "Slick"
Birds of Prey 1x03, "Prey for the Hunter"
Birds of Prey 1x04, "Three Birds and a Baby"
Birds of Prey 1x05, "Sins of the Mother"
Birds of Prey 1x06, "Primal Scream"
Birds of Prey 1x07, "Split"
Birds of Prey 1x08, "Lady Shiva"
Birds of Prey 1x09, "Nature of the Beast"
Birds of Prey 1x10, "Gladiatrix"
Birds of Prey 1x11, "Reunion"
Birds of Prey 1x12, "Feat of Clay"
Birds of Prey 1x13, "Devil's Eyes"
Arrow #14, "Call to the Bar"
Smallville: Speed
Smallville 2x02, "Heat"
Smallville: Greed
Smallville: Buried Secrets
Smallville: The Comic, "Raptor"
Smallville 2x03, "Duplicity"
Smallville #7, "Parenthood"
Smallville 2x04, "Red"
Smallville 2x05, "Nocturne"
Smallville: Runaway
Smallville 2x06, "Redux"
Smallville: Chloe Chronicles Intro
Smallville: Chloe Chronicles 1x01-1x04
Smallville: Silence
Smallville: Sparks
Smallville 2x07, "Lineage"
Smallville #1, "Paterfamilias"
Smallville 2x08, "Ryan"
Smallville 2x09, "Dichotic"
Smallville: Shadows
Smallville #5, "The Few, the Proud"
Smallville 2x10, "Skinwalker"

Smallville 2x11, "Visage"
Smallville: Curse
Smallville 2x12, "Insurgence"
Smallville 2x13, "Suspect"
Smallville #3, "Chimera, Part 1"
Smallville #4, "Chimera, Part 2"
Smallville 2x14, "Rush"
Smallville 2x15, "Prodigal"
Smallville: City
Smallville 2x16, "Fever"
Smallville 2x17, "Rosetta"
Smallville: Temptation
Smallville 2x18, "Visitor"
Smallville 2x19, "Precipice"
Smallville #6, "Magic"
Smallville #10, "Rampage"
Smallville 2x20, "Witness"
Smallville #3, "Vows"
Smallville 2x21, "Accelerate"
Smallville #7, "Chronicle"
Smallville: Chloe Chronicles, Volume II 1x01-1x06
Smallville #8, "Exploit"
Smallville: Chloe Chronicles, Volume II 1x07
Smallville 2x22, "Calling"
Smallville 2x23, "Exodus"
Smallville #5, "Sojourn"
Smallville 3x01, "Exile"
Smallville 3x02, "Phoenix"
Smallville 3x03, "Extinction"
Smallville 3x04, "Slumber"
Smallville 3x05, "Perry"
Smallville 3x06, "Relic"
Smallville 3x07, "Magnetic"
Smallville #6, "ID"
Smallville 3x08, "Shattered"
Smallville #8, "Captive"
Smallville 3x09, "Asylum"

Smallville 3x10, "Whisper"
Smallville 3x11, "Delete"
Smallville 3x12, "Hereafter"
Smallville 3x13, "Velocity"
Smallville 3x14, "Obsession"
Smallville 3x15, "Resurrection"
Smallville 3x16, "Crisis"
Smallville 3x17, "Legacy"
Smallville 3x18, "Truth"
Smallville 3x19, "Memoria"
Smallville #9, "Secrets"
Smallville #9, "Lies"
Smallville 3x20, "Talisman"
Smallville 3x21, "Forsaken"
Smallville 3x22, "Covenant"
Smallville 4x01, "Crusade"
Smallville 4x02, "Gone"
Smallville 4x03, "Façade"
Smallville 4x04, "Devoted"
Smallville #11, "Nature"
Smallville 4x05, "Run"
Smallville 4x06, "Transference"

Smallville 4x07, "Jinx"
Smallville 4x08, "Spell"
Smallville 4x09, "Bound"
Smallville 4x10, "Scare"
Smallville 4x11, "Unsafe"
Smallville 4x12, "Pariah"
Smallville 4x13, "Recruit"
Smallville 4x14, "Krypto"
Smallville 4x15, "Sacred"
Smallville 4x16, "Lucy"
Smallville 4x17, "Onyx"
Smallville 4x18, "Spirit"
Smallville 4x19, "Blank"
Smallville 4x20, "Ageless"
Smallville 4x21, "Forever"
Smallville 4x22, "Commencement"
Smallville 5x01, "Arrival"
Smallville 5x02, "Mortal"
Smallville 5x03, "Hidden"
Smallville 5x04, "Aqua"
Smallville 5x05, "Thirst"
Smallville 5x06, "Exposed"
Smallville 5x07, "Splinter"
Smallville 5x08, "Solitude"
Smallville 5x09, "Lexmas"

Smallville 5x10, "Fanatic"
Smallville 5x11, "Lockdown"
Smallville 5x12, "Reckoning"
Smallville 5x13, "Vengeance"
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane"
Smallville 5x14, "Tomb"
Smallville 5x15, "Cyborg"
Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles 1x01-1x05
Smallville 5x16, "Hypnotic"
Smallville 5x17, "Void"
Smallville 5x18, "Fragile"
Smallville 5x19, "Mercy"
Smallville 5x20, "Fade"
Smallville 5x21, "Oracle"
Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor"
Smallville 5x22, "Vessel"
Smallville 6x01, "Zod"
Smallville Magazine #17, "Toy, Part 1"
Smallville 6x02, "Sneeze"
Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent"
Superman Returns
6x03, "Wither"
Smallville 6x04, "Arrow"
Smallville 6x05, "Reunion
Smallville 6x06, "Fallout"
Smallville 6x07, "Rage"
Smallville 6x08, "Static"
Smallville 6x09, "Subterranean"

Smallville 6x10, "Hydro"
Smallville 6x11, "Justice"
Smallville 6x12, "Labyrinth"
Smallville 6x13, "Crimson"
Smallville 6x14, "Trespass"
Smallville 6x15, "Freak"
Smallville 6x16, "Promise"
Smallville: Legends: Justice & Doom, Part 1
Smallville 6x17, "Combat"
Smallville 6x18, "Progeny"
Smallville: Legends: Justice & Doom, Part 2-3
Smallville 6x19, "Nemesis"
Smallville 6x20, "Noir"
Smallville 6x21, "Prototype"
Smallville: Legends: Justice & Doom, Part 4
Smallville 6x22, "Phantom"
Smallville: Legends: Justice & Doom, Part 5
Smallville 7x01, "Bizarro"
Smallville 7x02, "Kara"
Smallville 7x03, "Fierce"
Smallville 7x04, "Cure"
Smallville 7x05, "Action"
Smallville 7x06, "Lara"
Smallville 7x07, "Wrath"
Smallville 7x08, "Blue"
Smallville 7x09, "Gemini"
Smallville 7x10, "Persona"
Smallville 7x11, "Siren"
Smallville 7x12, "Fracture"

Smallville 7x13, "Hero"
Smallville: Visions, Chapter 1-5
Smallville 7x14, "Traveler"
Smallville 7x15, "Veritas"
Smallville 7x16, "Descent"
Smallville 7x17, "Sleeper"
Smallville 7x18, "Apocalypse"
Smallville 7x19, "Quest"
Smallville 7x20, "Arctic"
Smallville 8x01, "Odyssey"
Smallville 8x02, "Plastique"
Arrow #29, "Shado of the Past"
Arrow #19, "Wintergreen"
Arrow #5, "Fathoms
Arrow #18, "Keep 'em Coming"

Smallville 8x03, "Toxic"
Smallville 8x04, "Instinct"
Smallville 8x05, "Committed"
Smallville 8x06, "Prey"
Smallville 8x07, "Identity"
Smallville 8x08, "Bloodline"
Smallville 8x09, "Abyss"
Smallville 8x10, "Bride"
Smallville 8x11, "Legion"
Smallville 8x12, "Bulletproof"
Smallville 8x13, "Power"
Smallville 8x14, "Requiem"

Smallville 8x15, "Infamous
Smallville 8x16, "Turbulence"
Smallville 8x17, "Hex"
Smallville 8x18, "Eternal"
Smallville 8x19, "Stiletto"
Smallville 8x20, "Beast"
Smallville 8x21, "Injustice"
Smallville 8x22, "Doomsday"
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Smallville 9x10, "Disciple"

Smallville 9x11, "Absolute Justice"
Smallville 9x12, "Warrior"
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Smallville 9x16, "Checkmate"
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Smallville 10x08, "Abandoned"
Smallville 10x09, "Patriot"
Smallville 10x10, "Luthor
Smallville 10x11, "Icarus"

3x11, "City of Angels?"
Smallville 10x12, "Collateral"
Smallville 10x13, "Beacon"
Smallville 10x14, "Masquerade"
Smallville 10x15, "Fortune"
Smallville 10x16, "Scion"
Smallville 10x17, "Kent"
Smallville 10x18, "Booster"
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Smallville 10x20, "Prophecy"
Smallville 10x21, "Finale, Part 1"
Smallville 10x22, "Finale, Part 2"
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Man of Steel
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Lex/OS Announcement
Fly to Gotham City With Turkish Airlines!
Fly to Metropolis With Turkish Airlines!
Time Out Shortlist: Gotham/Metropolis
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The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 34

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Secret Files of the Suicide Squad
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1x10, "Childish Things"
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The Flash: Climate Changeling
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Supergirl: Curse of the Ancients
Supergirl: Master of Illusion
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Freedom Fighters: The Ray
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Zack Snyder's Justice League
Justice League: Mercedes Benz Presents: Fast Food
Aquaman: Undertow
Justice League: Mercedes Benz Presents: Joyride
Justice League: Mercedes Benz Presents: Guiding Lights
Justice League: Mercedes Benz Presents: Shifting Gears
Justice League: Mercedes Benz Presents: Pitstop
Justice League: Mercedes Benz Presents: Winner Drives
Arrow: Fatal Legacies
Supergirl 3x01, "Girl of Steel"
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Arrow 6x02, "Tribute"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 61: Kid Flash & Vibe's Excellent Adventure Pt. II
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Supergirl 3x03, "Far from the Tree"
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x02, "Freakshow"
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x04, "Phone Home"
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Supergirl 3x06, "Midvale"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x05, "Return of the Mack"
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The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 65: Cisco's Bachelor Elixir
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Arrow 6x06, "Promises Kept"
The Flash 4x06, "When Harry Met Harry..."
The Flash: Stretched Scene #1
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The Flash: Stretched Scene #2
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x07, "Welcome to the Jungle"
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Arrow 6x08, "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2"
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x08, "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4"
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The Flash: Stretched Scene #3
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The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 70: #GhostVibe

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x12, "The Curse of the Earth Totem"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x13, "No Country for Old Dads"
The Flash 4x10, "The Trial of the Flash"
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Supergirl 3x11, "Fort Rozz"
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The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 71: In Memorium: Beebo 1992-2018
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The Flash 4x12, "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 72: Run, Cisco! Run!!
The Flash 4x13, "True Colors"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 73: #swolepatrol
Supergirl 3x12, "For Good"
Supergirl 3x13, "Both Sides Now"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x16, "I, Ava"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x17, "Guest Starring John Noble"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3x18, "The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly"
The Flash: Green Arrow's Perfect Shot
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The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 74: #StarLabsGames
Supergirl 3x15, "In Search of Lost Time"
Arrow 6x15, "Doppelgänger"
The Flash 4x15, "Enter Flashtime"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 75: #AttackOfTheCorn
Supergirl 3x16, "Of Two Minds"
Supergirl 3x17, "Trinity"
The Flash 4x16, "Run Iris, Run"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 76: #RunIrisRun
Arrow 6x16, "The Thanatos Guild"
Supergirl 3x18, "Shelter from the Storm"
Arrow 6x17, "Brothers in Arms"
Arrow 6x18, "Fundamentals"
Arrow 6x19, "The Dragon"
The Flash 4x17, "Null and Annoyed"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 77: Breacher 2.0
The Flash 4x18, "Lose Yourself"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 78
The Flash 4x19, "Fury Rogue"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 79: #BestListenerEver
Arrow 6x20, "Shifting Allegiances"
The Flash 4x20, "Therefore She Is"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 80
Arrow 6x21, "Docket No. 11-19-41-73"
The Flash 4x21, "Harry and the Harrisons"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 81: #SonnyWells
Arrow 6x22, "The Ties That Bind"
Arrow 6x23, "Life Sentence"
The Flash 4x22, "Think Fast"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 82: #FlashTime
The Flash 4x23, "We Are the Flash"
The Flash 5x01, "Nora"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 83: #CiscoSecrets
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 84: #CiscoCarpeDiem

The Flash 5x02, "Blocked"
The Flash 5x03, "The Death of Vibe"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 85: #YOLO
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 86: #NoClowningAround
Supergirl 3x19, "The Fanatical"
Supergirl 3x20, "Dark Side of the Moon"
Supergirl 3x21, "Not Kansas"
Supergirl 3x22, "Make It Reign"
Supergirl 3x23, "Battles Lost and Won"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x01, "The Virgin Gary"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x02, "Witch Hunt"
Black Lightning 1x01, "The Resurrection"
Black Lightning 1x02, "LaWanda: The Book of Hope"
Black Lightning 1x03, "LaWanda: The Book of Burial"
Arrow 7x01, "Inmate 4587"
Supergirl 4x01, "The American Alien"
Supergirl 4x02, "Fallout"
Supergirl 4x03, "Man of Steel"
Arrow 7x02, The Longbow Hunters"
Black Lightning 1x04, "Black Jesus"
Arrow 7x03, Crossing Lines"
Black Lightning 1x05, "And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light"
Supergirl 4x04, "Ahimsa"
Black Lightning 1x06, "Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder"
Black Lightning 1x07, "Equinox: The Book of Fate"
Arrow 7x04, "Level Two"
Arrow 7x05, "The Demon"
Arrow 7x06, "Due Process"
Black Lightning 1x08, "The Book of Revelations"
Black Lightning 1x09, "The Book of Little Black Lies"
The Flash 5x04, "News Flash"
The Flash 5x05, "All Doll'd Up"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 87: All Your Cisco are Belong 2 Us #100Episodes
Supergirl 4x05, "Parasite Lost"
Batwoman 1x01, "Pilot"
Black Lightning 1x10, "Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption"
Black Lightning 1x11, "Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifiction"
Batwoman 1x02, "The Rabbit Hole"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x03, "Dancing Queen"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x04, "Wet Hot American Bummer"
The Flash 5x06, "The Icicle Cometh"
Arrow 7x07, "The Slabside Redemption"
Batwoman 1x03, "Down Down Down"
Titans 1x01, "Titans"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x05, "Tagumo Attacks!!!"
The Flash 5x07, "O Come, All Ye Thankful"
Supergirl 4x06, "Call to Action"
Titans 1x02, "Hawk and Dove"
Supergirl 4x07, "Rather the Fallen Angel"
Supergirl 4x08, "Bunker Hill"
Titans 1x03, "Origins"
The Flash 5x08, "What's Past is Prologue"
Titans 1x04, "Doom Patrol"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x06, "Tender is the Nate"
Titans 1x05, "Together"
Titans 1x06, "Jason Todd"
Titans 1x07, "The Asylum"
Arrow 7x08, "Unmasked"
Titans 1x08, "Donna Troy"
Titans 1x09, "Hank and Dawn"
Titans 1x10, "Koriand'r"
Titans 1x11, "Dick Grayson"
Titans 2x01, "Trigon"
Batwoman 1x04, "Who Are You?"
Shazam!: Freddy's Guide to Superhero-ing
The Flash 5x09, "Elseworlds, Part 1"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 88: #Schway
Arrow 7x09, "Elseworlds, Part 2"
Supergirl 5x09, "Elseworlds, Part 3"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x07, "Hell No, Dolly!"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x08, "Legends of To-Meow-Meow"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x09, "Lucha de Apuestas"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x10, "The Getaway"
Batwoman 1x05, "Mine is a Long and Sad Tale"
Black Lightning 1x12, "The Resurrection and the Light: The Book of Pain"
Black Lightning 1x13, "Shadow of Death: The Book of War"

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x11, "Séance and Sensibility"
The Flash 5x10, "The Flash & the Furious"
Supergirl 4x10, "Suspicious Minds"
Arrow 7x10, "My Name is Emiko Queen"
The Flash 5x11, "Seeing Red"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 89: #BOGONONO
Arrow 7x11, "Past Sins"
Black Lightning 2x01, "The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: The Rise of The Green Light Babies"
Black Lightning 2x02, "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues"
Black Lightning 2x03, "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Three: Master Lowry"
The Flash 5x12, "Memorabilia"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 90: #ArcticLab101
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x12, "The Eggplant, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x13, "Egg MacGuffin"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x14, "Nip/Stuck"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x15, "Terms of Service"
Black Lightning 2x04, "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak"
Black Lightning 2x05, "The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem"
Black Lightning 2x06, "The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi"
Black Lightning 2x07, "The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange"
Supergirl 4x11, "Blood Memory"
Black Lightning 2x08, "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus"
Black Lightning 2x09, "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi"
Black Lightning 2x10, "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 4x16, "Hey, World!"
Black Lightning 2x11, "The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son"
Black Lightning 2x12, "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust"
Black Lightning 2x13, "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire"
The Flash 5x13, "Goldfaced"
The Flash 5x14, "Cause and XS"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 91: #DailyDibny
Supergirl 4x12, "Menagerie"
Arrow 7x12, "Emerald Archer"
Arrow 7x13, "Star City Slayer"
Black Lightning 2x14, "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin"
Black Lightning 2x15, "The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha"
Black Lightning 2x16, "The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega"
Arrow 7x14, "Brothers & Sisters"
The Flash 5x15, "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd"
The Flash 5x16, "Failure is an Orphan"
The Flash 5x17, "Time Bomb"
The Flash 5x18, "Godspeed"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 92: #Wtshrap?!
The Flash 5x19, "Snow Pack"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 93: #BreacherFail
Arrow 7x15, "Training Day"
Supergirl 4x13, "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?"
Supergirl 4x14, "Stand and Deliver"
Supergirl 4x15, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Arrow 7x16, "Star City 2040"
Supergirl 4x16, "The House of L"
Supergirl 4x17, "All About Eve"
Supergirl 4x18, "Crime and Punishment"
The Flash 5x20, "Gone Rogue"
Arrow 7x17, "Inheritance"
Arrow 7x18, "Lost Canary"
Arrow 7x19, "Spartan"
Arrow 7x20, "Confessions"
Arrow 7x21, "Living Proof"
Arrow 7x22, "You Have Saved This City"
Titans 2x02, "Rose"
Titans 2x03, "Ghosts"
Titans 2x05, "Deathstroke"
Titans 2x06, "Conner"
Titans 2x07, "Bruce Wayne"
Supergirl 4x19, "American Dreamer"
Supergirl 4x20, "Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?"
The Flash 5x21, "The Girl With the Red Lightning"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 94: #Grounded
The Flash 5x22, "Legacy"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 95: #DoItForTheGram
Supergirl 4x21, "Red Dawn"
Supergirl 4x22, "The Quest for Peace"
Titans 2x09, "Atonement"
Titans 2x10, "Fallen"
Titans 2x11, "E.L._.O."
Titans 2x12, "Faux-Hawk"
Titans 2x13, "Nightwing"
Shazam!: Superhero Hooky
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 96: File_01001
Superman 1x01, "The Mad Scientist"
Superman 1x02, "The Mechanical Monsters"
Superman 1x03, "Billion Dollar Limited"
Superman 1x04, "The Arctic Giant"
Superman 1x05, "The Bulleteers"
Superman 1x06, "The Magnetic Telescope"
Superman 1x07, "Electric Earthquake"
Superman 1x08, "Volcano"
Superman 1x09, "Terror on the Midway"
Superman 1x10, "Japoteurs"
Superman 1x11, "Showdown"
Superman 1x12, "Eleventh Hour"
Superman 1x13, "Destruction Inc."
Superman 1x14, "The Mummy Strikes"
Superman 1x15, "Jungle Drums"
Superman 1x16, "The Underground World"
Superman 1x17, "Secret Agent"
Supergirl 5x01, "Event Horizon"
Supergirl 5x02, "Stranger Beside Me"
Supergirl 5x03, "Blurred Lines"
Supergirl 5x04, "In Plain Sight"
Supergirl 5x05, "Dangerous Liasons"
Supergirl 5x06, "Confidence Women"
The Flash 6x01, "Into the Void"
Black Lightning 3x01, "The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of the Blackbird"
Black Lightning 3x02, "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam's Tasbih"
Black Lightning 3x03, "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three: Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream"
Black Lightning 3x04, "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroburos"
The Flash 6x02, "A Flash of Lightning"
Black Lightning 3x05, "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem for Tavon"
Batwoman 1x06, "I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury"
The Flash 6x03, "Dead Man Running"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 97: File_01002
Batwoman 1x07, "Tell Me the Truth"
Batwoman 1x08, "A Mad Tea Party"
The Flash 6x04, "There Will Be Blood"
Arrow 8x01, "Starling City"
Arrow 8x02, "Welcome to Hong Kong"
Arrow 8x03, "Leap of Faith"
Arrow 8x04, "Present Tense"
The Flash 6x05, "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach"
The Flash 6x06, "License to Elongate"
Black Lightning 3x06, "The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven's Door"
Black Lightning 3x07, "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson's Opus"
Black Lightning 3x08, "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace"
Supergirl 5x07, "Tremors"
Supergirl 5x08, "The Wrath of Rama Khan"
Arrow 8x05, "Prochnost"
Arrow 8x06, "Reset"
The Flash 6x07, "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1"
The Flash 6x08, "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2"
Arrow 8x07, "Purgatory"
The Chronicles of Cisco: Post 98: File_01003
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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Giant #1-2
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Black Lightning 3x09, "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis"
The Flash 6x09, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 3"

Dawn of Time
Arrow 8x08, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 4"

Earth-Prime #2, "Father's Day"

1x01, "Pilot"
Lucifer 1x02, "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil."
Lucifer 1x03, "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness"
Lucifer 1x04, "Manly Whatnots"
Lucifer 1x05, "Sweet Kicks"
Lucifer 1x06, "Favorite Son"
Lucifer 1x07, "Wingman"
Lucifer 1x08, "Et Tu, Doctor?"
Lucifer 1x09, "A Priest Walks into a Bar"
Lucifer 1x10, "Pops"
Lucifer 1x11, "St. Lucifer"
Lucifer 1x12, "#TeamLucifer"
Lucifer 1x13, "Take Me Back to Hell"
Lucifer 2x01, "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer"
Lucifer 2x02, "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire"
Lucifer 2x03, "Sin-Eater"
Lucifer 2x04, "Lady Parts"
Lucifer 2x05, "Weaponizer"
Lucifer 2x06, "Monster"
Lucifer 2x07, "My Little Monkey"

Lucifer 2x08, "Trip to Stabby Town"
Lucifer 2x09, "Homewrecker"
Lucifer 2x10, "Quid Pro Ho"
Lucifer 2x11, "Stewardess Interruptus"
Lucifer 2x12, "Love Handles"
Lucifer 2x13, "A Good Day to Die"
Lucifer 2x14, "Candy Morningstar"
Lucifer 2x15, "Deceptive Little Parasite"
Lucifer 2x16, "God Johnson"
Lucifer 2x17, "Sympathy for the Goddess"
Lucifer 2x18, "The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy"
Lucifer 3x01, "They're Back, Aren't They?"
Lucifer 3x02, "The One with the Baby Carrot"
Lucifer 3x03, "Mr. and Ms. Mazikeen"
Lucifer 3x04, "What Would Lucifer Do?"
Lucifer 3x05, "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards"
Lucifer 3x06, "Vegas With Some Radish"
Lucifer 3x07, "Off The Record"

Lucifer 3x08, "Chloe Does Lucifer"
Lucifer 3x09, "The Sinner Man"
Lucifer 3x10, "The Sin Bin"
Lucifer 3x12, "All About Her"
Lucifer 3x13, "Til Death Do Us Part"
Lucifer 3x14, "My Brother's Keeper"
Lucifer 3x15, "High School Poppycock"
Lucifer 3x25, "Boo Normal"
Lucifer 3x16, "Infernal Guinea Pig"
Lucifer 3x17, "Let Pinhead Sing!"
Lucifer 3x18, "The Last Heartbreak"
Lucifer 3x19, "Orange is the New Maze"
Lucifer 3x20, "The Angel of San Bernardino"
Lucifer 3x21, "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better"
Lucifer 3x22, "All Hands on Decker"
Lucifer 3x23, "Quintessential Deckerstar"
Lucifer 3x24, "A Devil of My Word"
Lucifer 3x26, "Once Upon a Time"
Lucifer 4x01, "Everything's Okay"
Lucifer 4x02, "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno"
Lucifer 4x03, "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father"
Lucifer 4x04, "All About Eve"
Lucifer 4x05, "Expire Erect"

Doom Patrol
1x01, "Pilot"
Doom Patrol 1x02, "Donkey Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x03, "Puppet Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x04, "Cult Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x05, "Paw Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x06, "Doom Patrol-Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x07, "Therapy Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x08, "Danny Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x09, "Jane Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x10, "Hair Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x11, "Frances Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x12, "Cyborg Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x13, "Flex Patrol"
Doom Patrol 1x14, "Penultimate Patrol"
Lucifer 4x06, "Orgy Pants to Work"
Lucifer 4x07, "Devil Is As Devil Does"
Lucifer 4x08, "Super Bad Boyfriend"
Lucifer 4x09, "Save Lucifer"
Lucifer 4x10, "Who's da New King of Hell?"
Lucifer 5x01, "Really Sad Devil Guy"
Lucifer 5x02, "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!"
Lucifer 5x03, "¡Diablo!"
Lucifer 5x04, "It Never Ends for the Chicken"
Lucifer 5x05, "Detective Amenadiel"
Lucifer 5x06, "BluBallz"
Lucifer 5x07, "Our Mojo"
Lucifer 5x08, "Spoiler Alert"
Lucifer 5x09, "Family Dinner"
Lucifer 5x10, "Resting Devil Face"
Lucifer 5x11, "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam"
Earth-Prime #2, "Controlled Burn"

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
5x00, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 5"
Black Lightning 3x10, "The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn"
Black Lightning 3x11, "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn's Addiction"
Supergirl 5x10, "The Bottle Episode"
Black Lightning 3x12, "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless ID"
Supergirl 5x11, "Back From the Future: Part 1"
Batwoman 1x10, "How Queer Everything Is Today!"
Batwoman 1x11, "An Un-Birthday Present"
Batwoman 1x12, "Take Your Choice"
Batwoman 1x13, "Drink Me"
Batwoman 1x14, "Grinning From Ear to Ear"
Black Lightning 3x13, "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four: Grab the Strap"
Batwoman 1x15, "Off With her Head"
Black Lightning 3x14, "The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming"
Batwoman 1x16, "Through the Looking Glass"
Black Lightning 3x15, "The Book of War: Chapter Two: Freedom Ain't Free"
Black Lightning 3x16, "The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation"
The Flash 6x10, "Marathon"
Supergirl 5x12, "Back From the Future: Part 2"
Supergirl 5x13, "It's a Super Life"
The Flash 6x11, "Love is a Battlefield"
The Flash 6x12, "A Girl Named Sue"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x01, "Meet the Legends"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x02, "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x03, "Slay Anything"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x04, "A Head of Her Time"
Arrow 8x09, "Green Arrow & the Canaries"
Arrow 8x10, "Fadeout"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x05, "Mortal Khanbat"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x06, "Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x07, "Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x08, "Zari, Not Zari"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x09, "The Great British Fake-Off"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x10, "Ship Broken"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x11, "Freaks and Geeks"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x12, "I Am Legends"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x13, "The One Where We're Trapped on TV"
The Flash 6x13, "Grodd Friended Me"
The Flash 6x14, "Death of the Speed Force"
The Flash 6x15, "The Exorcism of Nash Wells"
Supergirl 5x14, "The Bodyguard"
Supergirl 5x15, "Reality Bytes"
Supergirl 5x16, "Alex in Wonderland"
Swamp Thing 1x01, "Pilot"
Swamp Thing 1x02, "World's Apart"
Swamp Thing 1x03, "He Speaks"
Swamp Thing 1x04, "Darkness on the Edge of Town"
Swamp Thing 1x05, "Drive All Night"
Swamp Thing 1x06, "The Price We Pay"
Swamp Thing 1x07, "Brilliant Disguise"
Swamp Thing 1x08, "Long Walk Home"
Swamp Thing 1x09, "The Anatomy Lesson"
Swamp Thing 1x10, "Loose Ends"
Supergirl 5x17, "Deus Lex Machina"
Supergirl 5x18, "The Missing Link"
Supergirl 5x19, "Immortal Kombat"
Supergirl 6x01, "Rebirth"
The Flash 6x16, "So Long and Goodnight"
The Flash 6x17, "Liberation"
The Flash 6x18, "Pay the Piper"
The Flash 6x19, "Success is Assured"
The Flash 7x01, "Alls Wells That Ends Wells"
The Flash 7x02, "The Speed of Thought"
The Flash 7x03, "Mother"
Lucifer 5x12, "Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid"
The Flash 7x04, "Central City Strong"
Lucifer 5x13, "A Little Harmless Stalking"
The Flash 7x05, "Fear Me"
Lucifer 5x14, "Nothing Lasts Forever"
The Flash 7x06, "The One with the Nineties"
The Flash 7x07, "Growing Pains"
Lucifer 5x15, "Is This Really How It's Going To End?"
The Flash 7x08, "The People vs. Killer Frost"
The Flash 7x09, "Timeless"
The Flash 7x10, "Family Matters, Part 1"
The Flash 7x11, "Family Matters, Part 2"
The Flash 7x12, "Good-Bye Vibrations"
Lucifer 5x16, "A Chance At a Happy Ending"
The Flash 7x13, "Masquerade"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x14, "Swan Thong"
Lucifer 6x01, "Nothing Ever Changes Around Here"
Lucifer 6x02, "Buckets of Baggage"
Lucifer 6x03, "Yabba Dabba Do Me"
Lucifer 6x04, "Pin the Tail on the Daddy"
Lucifer 6x05, "The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar"
Lucifer 6x06, "A Lot Dirtier Than That"
Lucifer 6x07, "My Best Fiend's Wedding"
Lucifer 6x08, "Save the Devil, Save the World
Lucifer 6x09, "Goodbye, Lucifer"
Lucifer 6x10, "Partners 'Til the End"
Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)
Supergirl 6x02, "A Few Good Women"
Supergirl 6x03, "Phantom Menaces"
Supergirl 6x04, "Lost Souls"
Supergirl 6x05, "Prom Night!"
Supergirl 6x06, "Prom Again"
Supergirl 6x07, "Fear Knot"
Supergirl 6x08, "Welcome Back, Kara!"
Supergirl 6x09, "Dream Weaver"
Supergirl 6x10, "Still I Rise"
Supergirl 6x11, "Mxy in the Middle"
Supergirl 6x12, "Blind Spots"
Superman & Lois 1x01, "Pilot"
Superman & Lois 1x02, "Heritage"
Superman & Lois 1x03, "The Perks of Not Bring a Wallflower"
Superman & Lois 1x04, "Haywire"
Earth-Prime #2, "The Anniversary"
Superman & Lois 1x05, "The Best of Smallville"
Superman & Lois 1x06, "Broken Trust"
Superman & Lois 1x07, "Man of Steel"
Superman & Lois 1x08, "Holding the Wrench"
Stargirl 1x01, "Pilot"
Stargirl 1x02, "S.T.R.I.P.E."
Stargirl 1x03, "Icicle"
Stargirl 1x04, "Wildcat"
Stargirl 1x05, "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite"
Stargirl 1x06, "Justice Society of America"
Stargirl 1x07, "Shiv, Part 1"
Stargirl 1x08, "Shiv, Part 2"
Stargirl 1x09, "Brainwave"
Stargirl 1x10, "Brainwave Jr."
Stargirl 1x11, "Shining Knight"
Stargirl 1x12, "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part 1"
Stargirl 1x13, "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part 2"
Supergirl 6x13, "The Gauntlet"

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
6x01, "Ground Control to Sara Lance"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x02, "Meat: The Legends"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x03, "The Ex-Factor"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x04, "Bay of Squids"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x05, "The Satanist's Apprentice"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x06, "Bishop's Gambit"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x07, "Back to the Finale, Part 2"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x08, "Stressed Western"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x09, "This is Gust"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x10, "Bad Blood"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x11, "The Final Frame"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x12, "Bored On Board Onboard"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x13, "Silence of the Sonograms"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x14, "There Will Be Brood"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 6x15, "The Fungus Among Us"
Batwoman 1x17, "A Narrow Escape"
Batwoman 1x18, "If You Believe in Me, I'll Believe in You"
Batwoman 1x19, "A Secret Kept From All The Rest"
Batwoman 1x20, "O, Mouse!"
Batwoman 2x01, "Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?"
Batwoman 2x02, "Prior Criminal History"
Batwoman 2x03, "Bat Girl Magic!"
Batwoman 2x04, "Fair Skin, Blue Eyes"
Batwoman 2x05, "Gore on Canvas"
Batwoman 2x06, "Do Not Resuscitate"
Batwoman 2x07, "It's Best You Stop Digging"
Black Lightning 4x01, "The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter One: Collateral Damage"
Batwoman 2x08, "Survived Much Worse"
Black Lightning 4x02, "The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Two: Unacceptable Losses"
Black Lightning 4x03, "The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Three: Despite All This Rage..."
Black Lightning 4x04, "The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four: A Light in the Darkness"
Black Lightning 4x05, "The Book of Ruin: Chapter One: Picking Up the Pieces"
Black Lightning 4x06, "The Book of Ruin: Chapter Two: Theseus's Ship"
Black Lightning 4x07, "Painkiller"
Black Lightning 4x08, "The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three: Things Fall Apart"
Black Lightning 4x09, "The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four: Lyding"
Black Lightning 4x10, "The Book of Reunification: Chapter One: Revelations"
Black Lightning 4x11, "The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two: Trial and Errors"
Black Lightning 4x12, "The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One: Crossroads"
Black Lightning 4x13, "The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure"
Batwoman 2x09, "Rule #1"
Batwoman 2x10, "Time Off For Good Behavior"
Batwoman 2x11, "Arrive Alive"
Batwoman 2x12, "Initiate Self-Destruct"
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Batwoman 2x18, "Power"
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Supergirl 6x14, "Magical Thinking"
Supergirl 6x15, "Hope for Tomorrow"
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The Flash 7x14, "Rayo de Luz"
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The Suicide Squad
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Titans Season 3-4
Doom Patrol Season 3-4
Stargirl Season 3
Naomi Season 1
Peacemaker Season 1
Superman & Lois Season 2
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Batnipples are canon, damn it! Well, technically they already were in Birds of Prey. Now we just need some Nolanverse reference...

Brightly lit like the show, Robin colors, pahaps Ace the Bat Hound, yeah, 66 show is canon now.
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Lucifer has just been confirmed for Crisis.
Updated with seasons 1-3. It's not "quite" confirmed, but it's from a much more trust worthy source than usual, so I've added it. If anything changes, it will be adjusted accordingly.

I wonder if this has anything to do with John Constantine's "escape" from Hell. I like to think of them as magic poker buddies. Dispite not currently residing in Hell, I'm sure Lucifer Morningstar would have some pull and manage to get him out. Just a thought.
By late February 2016, John somehow found his way to Hell,[10] presumably to fulfill his promise of saving Astra Logue.[4]

By May, John had escaped Hell, allowing Oliver to finally get in contact with him again, asking for a means to defeat Darhk's magic. In response, Constantine sent Oliver to meet with Esrin Fortuna, who had a better understanding of Darhk's magic, and could possibly teach him to defend against it.[7]
I'd assume Hell is a multiversal constant, where theres only one in all existence. Pahaps the Triumvirate of Hell (DC's Legends of Tomorrow) was formed post Lucifer Season 5 after Lucifer inevitably leaves?
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Note: rumour, not adding Titans/Doom Patrol yet, though it would be damn awesome to combine these two awesome franchises. I don't trust this YouTuber massively, mainly because of the arrows and cycles in all of his videos that somehow attract viewers, but I don't think he's one to straight up lie, plus that would damage his reputation.

I'm not really buying it. I'll give it... 55% chance? Hey, if we're getting Lucifer, how far away is Titans?
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I would bet that they are probably going to consider Birds of Prey in the same universe as the Burton films and ignore the Schumacher films. Especially since Bruce and Selina apparently get married in the Burtonverse and they have a daughter in Birds of Prey.
I would bet that they are probably going to consider Birds of Prey in the same universe as the Burton films and ignore the Schumacher films. Especially since Bruce and Selina apparently get married in the Burtonverse and they have a daughter in Birds of Prey.
Joker died in '89 and he's alive in Birds of Prey. That's not possible.
Joker died in '89 and he's alive in Birds of Prey. That's not possible.
The Joker in the comics is notorious for defying death. Or it could be a different Joker. Birds of Prey was definitely inspired by the Burtonverse, and I feel like they're too similar to make them separate.
The Joker in the comics is notorious for defying death. Or it could be a different Joker. Birds of Prey was definitely inspired by the Burtonverse, and I feel like they're too similar to make them separate.
While I understand where you're coming from, it's separate none the less. I can't imagine them connecting the universes that weren't meant to go together like that, and it's awfully complicated for one to assume that theres two Jokers. If one watched the Burtonverse films and then Birds of Prey, they would understand that they're different realities through information provided. I don't see much purpose in connecting them either, especially since Birds of Prey only uses props from Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, sharing nothing else.
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Would you recommend watching the Batwoman episodes where they are placed in the timeline, or is there some kind of "present day" framing device which makes them better to watch alongside the other 2019-2020 seasons?
Would you recommend watching the Batwoman episodes where they are placed in the timeline, or is there some kind of "present day" framing device which makes them better to watch alongside the other 2019-2020 seasons?
All the shows have done that, it's just in their head, like the intro to The Flash about believing in the impossible.
The original Robin from the Batman TV show in the 1960s. Burt Ward was on set. He was decked out in Robin colours, and I am sure a lot of people want to theorize that hes a retired Robin living the good life walking Ace the Bathound. But I found out, his character name is literally "Burt Ward". He is on Earth 66 (the same year the series debuted... this will be a recurring theme I suspect as we already know 90s Flash came from Earth 90.... and another easter egg in the next scene descriptions below.). He looks up in the sky while walking a dog (no name for the dog was heard), and blurts out "Holy crimson skies...." (there was more, but the person I got the details from didnt hear it all)... and that was it. Burt was done for the day, and possibly the series.
I don't think this is enough to remove it. Unless he's called Burt Ward on screen, this feels like a misinterpretation, because what would be the point getting Burt Ward to play a character on Earth-66, which has bright colours matching the show, a dog the same breed as Bat Hound, him wearing the Robin colours and using his iconic catchphrase?

Pahaps it's the Earth Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt take place, though that should be Earth-Prime if anything.

Feedback would be appreciated.
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Hmm, this is a tough one. Honestly, were it me I would remove all the Batman '66 material until we know for sure what's going on here, because if this is true (and I feel there's a strong chance it could be) then it is a far different kettle of fish compared to Flash '90 and Lucifer; in the case of the latter two the actors are actually reprising their characters whereas with Ward it could just be a homage to his Robin role rather than actually bringing him back as '66 Robin.

It's your decision, though
Thanks. Done.
Not a viewing order thing, but what particular universes do you think warrant a reference and canonization?
Batman (1966-1968)
Shazam/Isis (1974-1976)
Wonder Woman (1975-1979)
Superman (1978-1987)
Swamp Thing (1982-1989)
Superboy (1988-1992)
Swamp Thing (1990-1993)
Lois & Clark (1993-1997)
Steel (1997)
Catwoman (2004)
Constantine (2005)
Nolanverse (2005-2012)
Watchmen (2009)
Jonah Hex (2010)
Green Lantern (2011)
DCEU (2013-Now)
Gotham/Pennyworth (2014-Now)
Krypton (2018-2019)
Titans/Doom Patrol (2018-Now)
Swamp Thing (2019)
Joker (2019)

For me, it's got to be:
Batman (1966-1968)

Wonder Woman (1975-1979)
Wonder Woman

Superman (1978-1987)

Lois & Clark (1993-1997)
Lois Lane

Steel (1997)

Nolanverse (2005-2012)

Green Lantern (2011)

Gotham/Pennyworth (2014-Now)
Alfred Pennyworth
James Gordon
Harvey Bullock
(No Batman because David Mazouz is not 29, let alone 50 based on Pennyworth's timeline)

Krypton (2018-2019)
Adam Strange

Titans/Doom Patrol (2018-Now)

Swamp Thing (2019)
Swamp Thing

Realistically, I can see Lois & Clark and Gotham joining, but not the rest. They failed to get Wonder Woman and Krypton in, unfortunately, although Deadline claimed that theres a chance without elaborating.
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Yeah, right, you were seen filming scenes in Vancouver, people spotted you there only after such rumour was present, unless you decided to hang out with "Robin Hood" and "Superman" on your trip to see a "friend".

Tom Welling did the exact same thing.

Temporary removal seems appropriate, right?
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The Joker in the comics is notorious for defying death. Or it could be a different Joker. Birds of Prey was definitely inspired by the Burtonverse, and I feel like they're too similar to make them separate.
Batgirl is Alfred's niece in the Burton/Schumacher Batman films, whereas in the Birds of Prey show she's the daughter of Jim Gordon.
Batgirl is Alfred's niece in the Burton/Schumacher Batman films, whereas in the Birds of Prey show she's the daughter of Jim Gordon.
That's why I'm saying they could just semi-reboot the series by making Batman Forever and Batman & Robin non-canon. But you're probably right, they'll probably make them seperate universes.
Random theory, but I think Billy Dee's Harvey Dent might have became "Tommy Lee" when the acid thrown on his face pigmented his skin somehow. Different personalities still, but Harvey Dent always became insane after becoming Two-Face so that's less of a stretch.

EDIT: Never mind. He was white before even becoming Two-Face. Shows how bad my memory is. I guess skin pigmentation could just have been a 'natural' occurance for this version of Harvey Dent. :(
Random theory, but I think Billy Dee's Harvey Dent might have became "Tommy Lee" when the acid thrown on his face pigmented his skin somehow. Different personalities still, but Harvey Dent always became insane after becoming Two-Face so that's less of a stretch.
You can see a recording of just before the acid and he looks like Tommy Lee Jones, so unfortunately that doesn't work...
Go down a bit and you'll see it

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