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Dec 21, 2004
Right now I only read Marvel comics. I want to branch out in to DC. I've picked up some Graphic Novels, but that hasn't helped me relate to any of the current books. I think Identity Crisis was the best written book I've read, which is encouraging.

I want to pick up 3-5 DC titles, but I have no clue where to start. I have a decent familiarity with the characters and the universe but not any extensive history. So what books should I pick up?
Ah....welcome to my world. Baxter and DSF are the resident DC experts....but what kinda stories are you looking for?

If you're looking for the more mature read---than DC's VERTIGO line is best. The only book I'm reading from VERTIGO is DMZ.

Otherwise...I've been getting into the main DC universe stuff. You can basically pick a character and start with the OYL stuff while wikipedia'ing the history prior to Infinite Crisis. Everything now is in its first arc.

So far what I'm reading is:

Superman/Action Comics - Superman has lost his powers and this arc focuses on Clark and how he's coping with it for the past year. Probably one of the best Superman reads.

Supergirl - The current arc is kinda confusing.....but all the issues prior were very entertaining. Focusing on who exactly she is amidst all the alternate versions/realities of her.

Superman/Batman - Loeb is a great writer and has dual thought boxes running with Supes/Bats. The way they think alike but with so many differences in opinions. Very entertaining.

All-Star Superman and All-Star Batman - the closest thing to Ultimate Supes and Batman you're gonna find.

Robin - This focuses more on Robin solo rather than the Robin who hangs with Batman or Teen Titans. A pretty good detective read.

Teen Titans - Cyborg is back and shocked to see that the team he loved is now replaced with a bunch of "rejects". Reads a lot like Young Avengers.

Green Arrow - Green Arrow is now mayor of Star City....but still Green Arrow. Watch as he tries to rid the city of crime from both ends.

Blue Beetle - Ummmmmm..........

Wonder Woman - just started last week. GREAT START!!!

52 - Just like 24....slow to start but once it takes off......really good.
It depends. If you're wanting to get into mainstream DC, I'd suggest reading 52, and buying perhaps three OYL books. Wonder Woman's good, Detective Comics is going to be awesome, and perhaps Action Comics when Adam Kubert comes on.

If you want Vertigo, you should pick up Y The Last Man and Fables in trades. They both rock.

Wildstorm... is going to be relaunched at the end of the year. However, Wildstorm Signature isn't going to be affected, which has great titles like Ex Machina and Desolation Jones. Pick up the Planetary and the early Authority trades to get up to date with the Wildstorm universe.
Hm... I just got into the DC Universe myself (although I've been reading a little Vertigo for a while now), and I've been flipping through pretty much all of the OYL titles for the past couple of months, to decide what I want to pick up. So here's my stance on it.

For the mainstream DCU:

BATMAN and SUPERMAN are great places to start. The opening OYL arcs for both are pretty interesting, and they're both getting kickass writing teams in a month or so. They're pretty light on continuity, meaning they're easy to get into, and provide fresh starts on the mythologies. The only downside is, they require an investment of two issues per month (Detective Comics and Batman, Action Comics and Superman).

WONDER WOMAN started a few days ago. It's got a new Wonder Woman in the title role, and it looks like it might be fun, plus it does a pretty good job explaining the background. FLASH is restarting with an old iteration of the character in a week or so, but I have a feeling it should be pretty fresh continuity-wise. I hear Flash is usually one of the most consistent DCU titles around. AQUAMAN has a new character too. I haven't been a big fan so far. It's sort of Conan-ish, and it looks like it will be pretty self-contained to the underwater kingdoms and the like. CATWOMAN has a new lady taking over the role, but it's never been a concept that's really grabbed me. GREEN ARROW is fun, but it seems a little like a watered down Ex Machina. NIGHTWING is okay if you're looking for more of a dark-edge style comic. BLUE BEETLE comes off to me as a weak-*** take on Spider-Man. But the three core books (Bats, Supe, WW) seem like the best for solo heroes.

Now for team books in the DCU. TEEN TITANS seems like it will be fun. I don't know much of the background on the team, but it seems like a fairly enjoyable dramatic superheroes series. OUTSIDERS is uber-cool and focuses more on espionage and underground missions. Sort of the A-Team of team comics. JLA is restarting in a month or so. It's really the A-List of DC team comics, and I figure it should definitely be checked out. JSA is rebooting in a month or so, but I'm not exactly sure exactly what that book's going to be like. LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES is garbage. SHADOWPACT is well-written with some hit-or-miss art. I'd pick it up if you're really interested in a books about magic superheroes. SECRET SIX is excellent. I know you're only planning on picking up 3-5 DCU books a month, but I'd suggest getting that additionally. It's only going to be a 5-6 books miniseries, and it's righteously excellent.

I've never really gotten in to the whole angle of the Green Lanterns, so if you're thinking about picking up GREEN LANTERN, ION, or GREEN LANTERN CORPS, you're gonna have to get help from someone else.

52 is cool as hell, but it's also a bear of an investment. Four issues per month.

I'm guessing you're just asking about the DCU, so I won't mention Vertigo, but there's some good stuff there too.

Normally I'd suggest you pick up both Batman and Superman, but that's a four book investment, and you're looking at 3-5. If I were to make a suggestion to you, I'd tell you to pick up these books:

- Either Action Comics/Superman or Detective Comics/Batman, whichever line interests you more.
- Justice League of America (not yet started)
- Either Outsiders, or Teen Titans (I personally prefer Outsiders)
- Flash or Wonder Woman (again, depending on preference, but I have a feeling the new Flash is going to be badass)
- Secret Six, which is just a mini, and hopefully not too much of an investment.

That should give you a pretty well-rounded view of the DCU as a whole.
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Melzter (who wrote Identity Crisis) is taking over JLA when it restarts)

Teen Titans (Great teen hero action. Geoff Johns is the writer and a great one)
Robin (The mystery in this is great and it shows how Robin is different from Batman.)
Superman/Action Comics (The redining of a hero.)

are the best DC books right now.

52 is freaking fantastic but shoots out of 52.

Morrison and Kubert on taking over Batman soon. And Dini (who did the Batman show) and Willaims are taking over Detective Comics, Both I'm excited for.

I have yet to read Flash or Wonder Woman.

If you are looking for back trades.

John's Teen Titans run of 6 volumes.

John's Flash and JSA runs are great also.

Winink's Batman Under The Hood is really good.

Kingdom Come is a must.

If you want to start Infinite Crisis this is what you need.

Identity Crisis (1-7)
Prelude To Infinite Crisis
Countdown To Infinite Crisis (reprinted in the Omac Trade)
The Omac Project (1-6, Special)
Day Of Venegance (1-6, Special)
Rahn-Thanger War (1-6, Special)
Villains United (1-6, Special)
The Death And Return of Donna Troy
Power Girl
Infinite Crisis (1-7, Secret Files)

Baxter and DSF are the resident DC experts

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-ALL-STAR SUPERMAN! A complete must-have. Basically my favorite book out right now, maybe except for the Ultimates. It's Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely doing the funnest, most colorful comic book entertainment you've ever seen. It's sort of a mixture of Silver Age silliness with actual heart and good storytelling.
-Next month Morrison and one of the Kuberts (I forget which) are taking over Batman and Paul Dini and J.H. Williams III are taking over Detective Comics. Based on these two great creative teams, I can tell you that both books are going to be instant classics.
-Wonder Woman has gotten off to a great start under Allen Heinberg and Terry Dodson, and it doesn't require all that much prior knowledge.
-Brad Meltzer, the man behind Identity Crisis, is taking over Justice League of America next month and it too looks like it'll be very good.
-I wouldn't recommend 52, unless you manage to catch up on Infinite Crisis. Without knowing what happened in IC, I imagine 52 would be very hard to follow.
moonmaster said:
-I wouldn't recommend 52, unless you manage to catch up on Infinite Crisis. Without knowing what happened in IC, I imagine 52 would be very hard to follow.
I don't really seem to have any trouble following 52, and that's my first DC book I've picked up. I haven't read IC.
Ice said:
I don't really seem to have any trouble following 52, and that's my first DC book I've picked up. I haven't read IC.
Well, maybe I'm wrong then.
Ice said:
I don't really seem to have any trouble following 52, and that's my first DC book I've picked up. I haven't read IC.

You asked me a couple things are what happened. It's easy to follow but there are moments that you don't know what they are refering too.
thee great one said:
You asked me a couple things are what happened. It's easy to follow but there are moments that you don't know what they are refering too.
I've only read the first 3, and they were fine. #1 was easy to follow. I don't remember asking you, but ok.
52 has been written so it is accessible to newer readers, while if you've read Infinite Crisis you'll catch all the hints etc.