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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
Okay, let me start out by saying that I think outright that this a bad idea. They shouldn't politicize superheroes, especially the ones who don't need politicizing.

That said... I really enjoyed the first issue. I was taken aback a little to find out that Lois Lane is a diehard Conservative, but they make it make sense. However, if they even try to put Superman on one side or the other, I will be more than a little upset.

Let's see what happens....
So, I went back and forth on this issue, but I think overall, I liked it. I didn't figure I would, but I guess that's Willingham for you, right?

It doesn't surprise me that Lois is a conservative, but I think Ollie was the right (probably the only) fit to endorse a candidate. It doesn't make sense for Superman, for sure. It doesn't make sense for most superheroes for that matter, but Green Arrow's always been a social issues hero. I think it's funny that DC America isn't fettered to a two-party system.

That said, a lot of the writing was fairly atrocious.

Edit: Never mind on the two-party thing. just realized that we're talking pre-primary candidates.
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Is it right this is co-written by Bill (big ole conservative) Willingham and Judd (so lefty it hurts) Winnick.

Is the series anygood? I love fables but apart from that there's no massive draw for me to either of these writers individually. It just sounds like an interesting duo and perhaps the loud mouthed political sides of each will be toned down...or at least just slammed down by the other author....

...I guess what I'm asking is is this the comics equivalent to a battle rhyme? And if I see them getting burned by each other as well as shoving their opinions in my face might be worth it.
I imagine that Superman's polictical views is going to be one of those, "Oh, my favorite is-" and they abruptly cut away to another scene or someone interupts their conversation.

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