Deadwood series discussion *spoilers*

I just saw an episode on TV... and that Al guy died! :shock:
Can I ban him, E? Please?

I preferred this thread when it was just me.

Obviously all the cussing put you off. That and your horrific taste. I hate you. :cry:

Dude, it was just like, a show about Cowboys but without the coolness.
Hmmm....missed this thread. :?

Where do I begin to confess my love for Deadwood? Is it the realistic enviroment filled with busy streets of vendors and passerbys---instead of the proverbial empty dusty main street? Is it the down-to-Earth dirty look of all the characters? Is it because Deadwood has now taught me that old cowboys loved the word "********er"?

Who knows.

All I know is that I am in love with this show. While the pacing might be a tad slow for some who are used to the current shoot 'em up fast-paced westerns of today...the show itself isn't driven by gunfights and showdowns...but the characters and pent up emotions and suspense leading towards the ever-looming boiling point in the form of the last few episodes of each season.

I'm currently in the middle of Season2 and I cannot get thru these discs fast enough.

It's a shame the show was cancelled. But like TOG said--I believe there's 2 2-hour Deadwood movies being made to wrap stuff up.

With that said---Bass........stay away from Carnivale. It'll absolutely great.....but since it too was cut down early (3 seasons) it'll only break your heart. I do, however, highly recommend HBO's "Rome". I think you'll love it.
I think "Rome" is something that aired on BBC and I wanted to see but miss.

As for Deadwood - it's realistic if you don't look at their teeth. :wink:
I think "Rome" is something that aired on BBC and I wanted to see but miss.

As for Deadwood - it's realistic if you don't look at their teeth. :wink:

I just finished Season 2.

Wow.....Ellsworth? Really? And why is Wu my favorite character on this show? He only knows 3 words.
YAY! :D I've finally seen the third season of DEADWOOD! (In two frickin' days.) I love this show. It's ****ing kick-***. But now that I've seen it, I can say this:

I just saw an episode on TV... and that Al guy died! :shock:

The thing is marked for spoilers, and I didn't spoil anything, but slammed Proj for being a liar, the lying liar that he is.
I just watched the first episode.

It was enough to make me watch more.

Either I didn't realize at the time or forgot Oylipantwhatever was in it.
Man... how ****ing good is this show? So many wonderful characters and the dialogue is amazing. I'm about halfway through the last season at the moment and I'm sad there isn't anymore. :(

Al Swearengen is one of the greatest characters ever.
I want my ****ing Deadwood movies.
I started picking up the DVDs of this show at Blockbuster and have made my way up to the middle of Season 3 in the past couple weeks (this along with Sons of Anarchy is just about all I've been watching lately).

Good stuff. I love the almost Shakespearean, overly superfluous quality to the majority of the characters' dialogue, and Ian McShane's Al Swearengen is simply amazing. I've never liked a woman-abusing, foul-mouthed, son of a ***** pimp quite so much before now.

Robin Weigert's Calamity Jane is awesome as well, and Brad Dourif's Doc Cochran is a pleasure to watch.

The writing really is top notch. Its the kind of layered story-telling and characterization that forces you to pay attention to the story, and enriches it because of that.

I also love that while its fictional, it dips its toes into history both in terms of setting, plot, and characters. When seeing historical figures such as Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock, George Hearst, etc, I'm usually interested anyway, being a history buff, but Deadwood delivers in all aspects. I also love the fact that the show is basically about how civilization and society forcibly arises out of chaos, how law and order have to be carved out of the wild.

Looking forward to the rest of Season 3.
I've not seen this show in a while, but I totally should watch it again because it's great.
If this had an ending, it would be my second favourite HBO show (and therefore second best TV show) ever.