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Aug 16, 2005
Gaiman's Death Back to Life
Source: Josh Starnes
June 7, 2007

While doing press for the release of the film adaptation of Stardust, writer Neil Gaiman talked to Hype! about the status of his directorial debut, an adaptation of his Death: The High Cost of Living comics from Vertigo.

"Everything is moving, slowly, but it's moving... Guillermo del Toro is executive producing, which is a wonderful thing... and I'm actually planning on going out to Prague very, very soon to do some stuff with Guillermo on 'Death.' I think it definitely seems like it's going to happen."

"Death" involves a teenager named Sexton who's been contemplating suicide. He is rescued by a mysterious teenager who claims she is Death herself, spending one day every 100 years on earth to learn the value of the lives she takes.

The film takes place over 24 hours as Sexton learns to love life by spending a day with Death.

Didn't see a thread for this but thought it sounds intresting
The graphic novel is pretty neat, but why does there need to be a movie?
I just wish it wasn't called "Death and Me"...

"The High Cost of Living" would be a damn good title on its own.

After the Filmick review, and rumors that this will be going into production in the fall, I am Hella excited.
I'm waiting for film. Since I've not heard of the comic before. That way if there is any changes to story I wont notice and will enjoy it more

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