Deja Vu


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Oct 23, 2005
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*No Spoilers*

Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, James Caviezel star in this movie.

I just watched this tonight.

Going in, I didn't know anything about the movie other than that it was a Sci-Fi thriller, starred Denzel Washington and had something to do with Deja Vu.

It's the best Science Fiction film I've seen in years. It was just awesome. Story, concept, characters, acting, directing.... it had the whole package.

I very highly recommend it. If you're at all a fan of Minority Report or Frequency, you'll like this movie a lot. Don't do any research on it, don't look up the plot, just see it blank-slate and prepare to be rocked.

Edit: I searched to see if we had a thread about this, and it turns out we do, but a couple things stopped me from using it. It was made by Gamma Man, it was a spoilers thread, and the big spoiler he posted in the first post was wrong and gives people the wrong impression of the film. I want to make you guys want to see this movie, and I don't think that would've been the way to do it.
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I was wondering whether or not to watch this.

But with your recommendation, I'll figure I'll give it a shot when the local library gets a copy in.
It was ok. It was better than his work in "John Q." and "Out of Time"....but it's not better than his "Training Day" work.

The story itself is slightly's definitely worth a rental....but the only way I'd buy it was if it came wrapped in a double-pack of one of his other works like "Man On Fire" (who coincidentally directed "Deja Vu") or "Inside Man".

But I already have both of those movies so..............

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