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I think this was kind of a surprise but not surprising that it did happen. I play this very infrequently with my kids and even though we like the figures the game never really took off. They really seemed to push the Toybox mode but there wasn't really anything fun about it; my kids love Minecraft and that kind of world building and they never got into Toybox mode.

I've always loved Star Wars and I'll play basically any game that lets me use a lightsaber. But for as much as they should have been able to do, the limitations they had were ridiculous. They own and control all of these properties but you were never able to combine them; you couldn't use Luke Skywalker in an Avengers level or vice versa. That would have been a huge feature to have in these games.

And I get the desire to squeeze as much money out of it as possible, but putting out an entirely new game just to add new levels was just too much. Offer DLC if you need to, but make it a little more consumer friendly.

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