Disney/Pixar confirm "Toy Story 3"!

It's in your Top-5 ever, but it's only an A. Who does a film have to sleep with around here to get an A+?

I don't give A pluses. But it's not because I haven't ever seen a film that was virtually flawless ('cuz I have). It's just that I don't give A pluses, hence, my A is the same thing as someone else's A+. Unless a student gets everything correct on something plus extra credit, I feel an A is the same as a ten out of ten (as it should be).
I can't believe most of you rank Monsters, Inc. so low on your lists.

Clearly, you people have no inner child.

That, or you people equate "getting in touch with the inner child" with "flogging the inner child and raping him in the bum."

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