Disney Universe!

I thought it was going to be an epic Kingdom Hearts-esque RPG that would encompass every Disney world and then it turns out to be something similar to Little Big Planet with Disney costumes. :(
The gameplay in Disney Universe most closely resembles that of Traveller's Tales' LEGO games or even LittleBigPlanet, with a few notable additions. Up to four players can don costumes of their favorite Disney characters and battle to save the virtual world of Disney Universe. Platforming, puzzles, and collecting are all here, but the most interesting thing I saw was the enemies.

They look like your standard cartoony bad guys, and they run up and attack you just like you'd expect, but they also try to make your life difficult in a number of other ways. These enemies actively build obstacles and set traps throughout the levels as you're playing. They'll track down items you need and attempt to hide them or destroy them. During my demo I saw one enemy break off from a larger pack to lay down a row of spikes in a tricky platforming area set amongst racing groups of doors from Monsters Inc.

But you've got plenty of tools in your arsenal to mess with them as well. Each costume you wear has a different main weapon that can be leveled up as you accomplish certain goals. You can also grab weapons from enemies, and pick up the enemies themselves and throw them off ledges or swing them around. In the Alice in Wonderland-themed level that I saw, the enemies were equipped with the flamingos that were used to play croquet in the film. It was fun to grab the flamingo and fling the enemy back and forth as he attempted to hang onto it.

Disney Universe is set to launch with levels from six different properties, and more will be released via DLC afterward. Disney is approaching this game as ongoing world, making the DLC feel less like an add-on and more like an extension of the original retail release. Costumes in the game will include the aforementioned properties as well as Tron, Lilo & Stitch, and others Disney hasn't chosen to disclose yet.

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new video http://uk.ign.com/videos/2011/05/26/disney-universe-gameplay-trailer?objectid=109467

:D Looks great.
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What's the Deal with the Costumes?
The costumes are actually a clever workaround to avoid a licensing nightmare. Most of the character creators would never allow their characters to appear outside their own worlds. Playing as a random avatar wearing a costume of a character eliminates that problem because it's not actually the character doing the actions.

Which Disney Franchises Are Included?
Below is the list of franchises that have been confirmed to be either levels or costumes. We'll update this list as we learn more.

Monsters Inc.
Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton version)
Lilo & Stitch
Finding Nemo
The Lion King

more here : http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/117/1171605p1.html

Not much new info. But The Lion King! also they keep comparing it to LEGO games and LittleBigPlanet :D that has to be fun.

I think this can be great fun.
More videos showing universes.



Alice walk through
I got this today! And since I pre-ordered I got "the secret seven" DLC psn code which gave me : Peter Pan , Captain Hook , Hercules , Aladdin (Prince) , Cinderella , Zazu , Tiana. Add the 2 free DLC on psn of Daisy Duck & Absolem and that's 9 coostumes before I even turn game on!

The game itself is great. Should be noted that you can unlock the worlds in ANY order. You start with the level based on "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" but then you use in game money to purchase other worlds and costumes. I bought "Alice in wonderland" after I finished with Pirates.

Not played Alice yet but so far the game is fun. It has a lot of clever gameplay features. Example powerups like a beehive that allows you to fire bees, a snow man head that gives you a freeze gun and much more. Also animals to ride like a donkey or sheep.

Like i mentioned I've only played pirates but damn it was fun. There was a section where you had to turn into a zombie to go through deadly waters. The boss fight = a mermaid.
You beat her by shooting her with cannon then picking up her tears and putting them in the cup, like they needed a tear in the film only here lots of tears to beat her.
That was pretty damn clever.

So far I've played and levelled up to max 2 costumes. Angelica & Peter Pan. I even love the levelling system in this. Take peter pan. lvl 1 wooden sword , Lvl 2 Metal sword , Lvl3 better sword LvL 4 he carries a little pirate ship he bashes people with :lol:

Yes this is very much like the lego games BUT as much as I love the level games this was much better. The small variations in levels felt like i was not doing the same level every time. As pirates has 3 levels. I really do recommend this game. No its not the best game I bought this month (best = Arkham) but if you love games like the lego games you so need to buy this.

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