Do cartoons provide a better gateway for kids to the DC and Marvel Universes?

The Overlord

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Jun 4, 2005
Let's face it, kids don't read comic books any more, except for Japanese comics.

So I was wondering, do you think cartoons provide a better gateway for kids into the DC or Marvel, then comics? A cartoon doesn't have some of the problems a comic would, that prevent kids from reading it, ex: content parents may find unsuitable, 40 years of continuity, etc.

Plus a cartoon when done well can improve upon concepts found in a comic, like what BTAS did with Mr. Freeze.
yes. I never read many comics as a kid but I loved Batman:TAS and Spider-Man

Exactly. I don't think kids have been reading comic books for a long time. At least not as much as they once did. Cartoons are the main way that kids get involved with comic book characters. I know this is true for me.
I would say definitely. Through the 90s great animated series help me get into comics so why not now. Actually I see alot of kids getting into Manga due to the japanese takeover of Saturday mornings now.

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