Do you think the actors/actresses did a good job?

Do you think the actors/actresses did a good job in comic book movies?

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  • No they ruin the comic book versions

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Nov 3, 2004
New Zealand
Just a thought.

Do you think that the Actors that play Comic Book Characters on the big screen, Do you think they do well or how you imagine them to be like:

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman, i thought he was pretty spot on with the Ultimate character, not really as feral, but i thought was well done.

Peter Parker/Spider-man: Tobey Maguire, i dunno, i didn't really think he was a very good choice for either role, Spider-man's movements and fighting and swinging was on target, but the wise cracking felt very boring, and i just couldn't see Peter in him.

The Punisher: Thomas Jane, this was pretty spot on to, just the movie wasn't very great, i haven't read alot of Punisher, but from what i've read in the comics

Prof X: Patrick Stewart this was really good, can't say much for that.

Magneto: Ian McKellen, this was also another really good choice, didn't really strike me as "evil" but i still liked him as Magneto

Storm: Halle Berry not to bad choice, but if she didn't have an American accent, she would have been spot on!!

Nightcrawler: Alan Cumming this was good as, even had a german accent, religous ties, teleporting was excellent, acrobat skills...... will miss him in X3 when i go see it

Daredevil: Ben Affleck Under the mask he suited it, and was all dark and in shadows like how Daredevil should be, but as Matt Murdock, i just didn't think he cut it

Elektra: Jennifer Garner, she wasn't how i thought Elektra should be, i thought she would be more like J.Lo with out a big ***, and she didn't seem as tough as the comics potray her

Bullseye: Colin Farrell, don't really know much about Bullseye, but i don't think he suited what i knew about him, and the accent was really bad on him, and he was really just weird like when
he stabbed Elektra and was kinda watching her die

The Kingpin: Michael Clarke Duncan, pretty good, not being racist but if they white in the comics they should be white in the movies, but other than that perfect choice

Mr Fantastic: Ioan Gruffudd, was pretty good, spot on with how Reed should be, the stretching was well done to, with the fingers under the door.

Invisible Woman: Jessica Alba i didn't think she was a good Sue, shes hot, but just didn't suit being smart or invisible

Human Torch: Chris Evans perfect for the role, just how he should be, not so smart, but in a funny way, seemed like he would do half the stuff he would do in the comics

The Thing: Michael Chiklis was all right, the suit as TheThing looked pretty bad, not as bad as the original movie but i guess it can't be perfect looking, but acting wise was ok

Dr Doom: Julian McMahon I thought was pretty good in the role, was pretty bad *** before he changed into metal but then he kinda wasn't as strong/bad as he was, and he seemed to have crap powers, i guess he couldn't have made robots in such a short time, and be in control of Lavitera

Batman: Christian Bale Wicked choice, makes up for the last one as George Clooney, he made it dark, and real like in the comics, very good!

If you want to post your thoughts or add in other actors/actresses go ahead
Shi gave alot of "spot ons". I don't know about all that. And I don't really care if they represent the comic book feel of the character as long they just bring the feel of the character and bring it well I think they did well.

Blade: Wesley Snipes, He should be first on everybody's list. He played Blade better than anybody has played any other Marvel character before or after. And he made him cool. (Because the Blade pre-movie was kinda lame. Admit it.)

The Joker: Jack Nicholson, Also a beautiful performance. Very well done. Anybody standing in this guy's shadow is through.

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman, umm he was ok. I just didn't like how Wolverine was getting his *** wooped all the time.

Hellboy: Ron Perlman, I thought he did pretty good. The movie was pretty decent too. Not enough fighting.

Peter Parker/Spider-man: Tobey Maguire, pretty good. He really captured that awkward nerdiness of Pete before he got that confident swagger he has now.

The Punisher: Thomas Jane, WACK.

Prof X: Patrick Stewart, This guy was born to play this role. I know people would have had a riot had he not been given this part. Perfect Chuck.

Magneto: Ian McKellen, I liked how they really showed how he was really doing everything with "good intentions". Most of the really bad villains in comic book history think they are doing what's really right for the good of their people. And the concentration camp angle was done well.

Storm: Halle Berry, BOOO!! Halle is fine and all that. She's a magnificent actress. But Storm she is not. She sucked at this for three movies and successfully gained more screen time each film to do it in.

Nightcrawler: Alan Cumming, He was ok.

Daredevil: Ben Affleck I don't know, this movie was so bad it's hard to seperate his character play from it.

Elektra: Jennifer Garner, I thought she was way too "girly". She just didn't give me that "kill at will" feeling.

Bullseye: Colin Farrell, He was good. Not really like the Bullseye I've read, but that's good because Bullseye wasn't this charismatic. Which I liked. I thought Colin and Michael saved this movie from being a total paper weight. Also Shi, you didn't know Bullseye is a total whackjob?

The Kingpin: Michael Clarke Duncan, They did make the Kingpin a black dude. And a huge one at that. But I really like him as the Kingpin. If they do another one, he should be in it.

The Thing: Michael Chiklis, he could've done better. And the Thing suit really sucked balls. Instead of looking strong and imposing he just looked like a really itchy guy with an orange skin condition.

Batman: Christian Bale, after the Clooney debacle he looked pretty good. But he still can't touch the original. Michael Keaton, Best Batman ever.

Hartigan: Bruce Willis, almost perfect.

Mary Jane: Kirsten Dunst, I don't know about her. Sometime she was ok but other times I always thinking "couldn't they have picked a prettier girl, with bigger boobs?" And I still think that.

Mystique: Rebecca Romijn, I really liked her as Mystique. At first I didn't like the way some of her skin looked but it really grew on me. And she was sexy as hell. Definite Plus.

There are more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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