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Time Lord Victorious is a massive Doctor Who cross-platform publishing initiative covering games, books, comics and more, coming together to tell an interconnected story. It's set in the Dark Times, and features the Tenth Doctor taking on death itself, along with appearances from the Eighth and Ninth Doctors, the Master, and an Ood assassin named Brian. It's dark and shocking and I'm loving it so far, but given the timey-wimey nature of Doctor Who, it's difficult to know what order to read it in. Release order is a good start, and the BBC have released individual orders for each character (since everyone's time travelling), but none of these work perfectly.

This timeline constitutes what is, in my opinion, the best order to read all the currently available Time Lord Victorious material, balancing the story flow across all characters' perspectives and trying to make as much sense as possible. I'll update it as new stuff comes out and I get a chance to read it, and the order may change as new information comes to light. It also includes links to sites where you can get each piece of the story yourself.

The Time Lord Victorious event is being advertised as a "Doctor Who festival" where you can pick up any story in any order independent of the rest and still have a good experience. As such, many of the stories are skippable. However, stories listed in bold are essential components of the TLV narrative that you should not miss. Currently, this includes only the Waters of Mars TV story and The Knight, The Fool and the Dead novel - everything else is optional, but thoroughly recommended as it's all darn good Doctor Who.


Planet of the Daleks
Genesis of the Daleks
The Deadly Assassin
State of Decay
The Curse of Fenric
The Runaway Bride
The Waters of Mars
Time Lord Victorious: Trailer
The Restoration Empire (Eaglemoss Collections)
The Last Message (Eaglemoss Collections)
The Dawn of the Koturruh

Can I Help You? (T-Shirt)
Daleks! E01: The Archive of Islos
Daleks! E02: The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy
Daleks! E03: Planet of the Mechanoids
Daleks! E04: The Deadly Ally
Defender of the Daleks #1
Defender of the Daleks #2
He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not
What the TARDIS thought of "Time Lord Victorious"
14681 UNIT Field Log
14682 UNIT Field Log
14683 UNIT Field Log
14684 UNIT Field Log
The Enemy of My Enemy
Short Trips: Master Thief
Short Trips: Lesser Evils

Monstrous Beauty #1 (DWM 556)
Monstrous Beauty #2 (DWM 557)
Monstrous Beauty #3 (DWM 557)

The Guide to the Dark Times (Annual 2021)
The Knight, the Fool and the Dead
The Minds of Magnox
Tales of the Dark Times #1 (Comic Creator)
Tales of the Dark Times #2 (Comic Creator)
Tales of the Dark Times #3 (Comic Creator)
Tales of the Dark Times #4 (Comic Creator)
Tales of the Dark Times #5 (Comic Creator)
Mission to the Known (Eaglemoss Collections)
Exit Strategy (Eaglemoss Collections)

The Hollow Planet
A Dalek Awakens
The Edge of Time: Time Lord Victorious DLC
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Updated with Defender of the Daleks #2 and the two new, excellent Master-centric Short Trips. Master Thief is likely to move later on, depending on how later stories tie into its events, which currently appear disconnected from the rest of the TLV narrative.


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Updated with He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not and Monstrous Beauty #2, and the TV stories which have been retroactively tied to TLV through the Road to the Dark Times box set. The narrative is starting to take shape somewhat now, so I'm shuffling things around a bit, but the constant time travel shenanigans make it very difficult to nail an overall order down (which is probably why the BBC haven't tried to do so XD)
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