does anyone like the dragonball franchise?


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I personally love db , dbz and dbgt and the movies.

I love seeing how they are going to beat the bad guys.

Vegeta was my fave character. I loved seeing him evolve from bad guy to slowly but surely a good guy.

People keep saying it's the same thing everytime. Lets be fair most things do the same

Spider-man 2 was pretty much the same as the first he even had to go through a simalar thing to use powers as when he first had them.

Superman Kryptonight (not sure how to spell it) is ment to be a rare thing but yet superman comics pretty much go villan causes crime/trouble > clarke changes to superman > superman fights villan > Superman is winning villan uses Kryptonight > somehow superman saves the day and Lois lane.

Star wars 1,2 +3 repete things from 4, 5 +6

must I go?

Anyway I know dragonball/z/gt is not for everyone but Personaly I think it's great t.v. I love the show , The movies , The games , The original Manga.

If you don't like the shows or movies I still say try the games they are very fun fighting games

budokia III if your not much of a fan as its the stronger fighting wise

Budokia teckishu if your a fan as power levels ect.... greatly effect the game e.g SSJ4 can easly beat SSJ1 and so on. Plus story mode is great with strorys from db/dbz/gt and the movies
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