Dr. Strange (Live Action) Movie Discussion

found this on IGN and it sounds all kinds of awesome


Apparently Guillermo Del Torro has been in talks with Marvel about directing a Dr. Strange movie, and Guillermo has been in talks with Neal Gaiman to write the script

wow, That's sounds insane.
Meh, doesn't interest me, I'm not too sure about the direction, I would have to see it.
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Gaiman?! I'd watch that.
This would be an incredibly cool project to see.

It would be even cooler if Gaiman and del Torro decided to collaborate on another project.

It would give me a joygasm if the next project they decided to film was Sandman.

Let this happen, dammit!
Well Doc Strange rumours have cropped up again, Keving Feige said last week that he'd like the movie to come out between 2012 and 2013, and casting rumours have begun to pop up


Chrisitan Bale?
Now I'm sure he'd do a good job, but he's clearly not the right guy for the part, they need someone alot more "Vincent Price"-ey

I know his name get's brought up alot when people talk potential casting, but someone along the lines of Johnny Depp would be a good choice, not necessarily Johnny himself, but someone who can pull off the eccentricisms of the character.

Or they could make it a CGI movie and have him be voiced by the guy who does Dr. Orpheus

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