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Mar 5, 2005
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Season 2, Episode 1
New Earth

Wow! What a start to the new season. This was really good, and David Tennant really does play a good doctor. HIs mix between seriousness and comedy adds great tension during some of the scenes.

Billie Piper was also good, but I thought that some of her acting as Rose was off. When she played Cassandra, she was much better, and her comedic timing was well on.

Zoe Wanamaker's return as Cassandra was a bit of a dampener. She was great in Season 1, when she had a lot to do, but in this episode she only has few lines - in the rest she is busy in the minds of either the Doctor, Rose or Chip (her Half-Human pet). However, the character was written well, and its safe to say we won't be seeing a future version of Cassie anymore, seeing as how she finally decided it was time to die. I hope we see more of her in Season 3, maybe before we saw her in Season 1 - before she stretched.

The Sisters of Plenitude were great new 'villains', and I bet they'll return either later on in the Season finale, or in the next Season. The 'zombies' were a nice touch, but when they turned into the new breed of human - well, it seemed a bit 'eh?'.

Overall, I give this episode:

I always wanted to watch this but I missed the first few episodes and lost interest.
*cries* I miss Christoper Eccleston, anyone know why he left? Being in the states, I'm only just now getting the "new" Doctor.

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