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Aug 16, 2005
The last Dragon Ball game to come out on Playstation 2 perfectly combines the bests moments from the Dragon Ball Z animated series and the best ideas from the previous games.

It's time for the final Kamehameha-firework on Playstation 2 with the announcement of the european release for the NAMCO BANDAI game, 'Dragon Ball Z®: Infinite World', December 2008.
Developped by NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., 'Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World' is the perfect mix of all the previous "Dragon Ball Z: Budokai" games' qualities, and adds new elements such as the "Dragon Missions", new ways of fighting, and playable reproductions of the anime's legendary scenes, to get even deeper in the Dragon Ball Z Universe.

The new "Dragon Missions" of Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World show many moments from the anime, with many never-before-seen in a video game. With diversified goals like "Time attack" to "Snake Road Mission" to pure action or racing-typed levels, challenges of a whole new kind await players to lead them beyond the mastering of the fighting skills.

'Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World' offers what's best in the "impressive fights" domain. With a simplified and boosted gameplay from the latest Next Gen game Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, you'll be able to fight freely on the ground or in the air and enjoy many improvements gameplay-wise. Special air attack or furious rush to place a powerful smash attack, you'll get to choose.

The game will include 40 playable characters, and that number isn't including transformations that make possibilities even more numerous. Special effects and a refined cell-shading make each level, special attack or cutscene even more astonishing than ever.

As the last DBZ game for PlayStation 2, 'Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World' will be the coolest and most immersive experience of the DBZ universe and will be availaible in December, 2008, only on Playstation 2.







Mini games like on budokia 1! I'm buying a ps2 for this
Wasn't there a update with the BC?

I would look into it.

Not for 40gb model. :( But a new ps2 is coming out here soon anyway the one with built in power suply. I'll get that just for this and power rangers super legends
That's some pretty good cel-shading. Might be the best I've seen since Dark Cloud 2 and Fullmetal Alchemist: Curse of the Crimson Elixir.

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