Dragonball Z : Raging Blast


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Aug 16, 2005
Now for the mind-blowing details...what you thought we were kidding?

* For the first time on next-gen consoles, the studio Spike, series developer

* DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi on PS2 and Wii, is at last series leading to the the new one, "RAGING BLAST".

* The fineness of the traits of the characters + the dynamism of the animations + the power of the current consoles = an organization bluffing to 60 frames per second!!!

* A content at last to the height of the expectations of the fans: 73 playable characters, some of which some possessing transformations and different suits and more

* 10 arenas of destructible fighting.

* Graphics are amazing and especially worthy spectacular effects of the better productions next gen.

* For the first time in the history
of DBZ, participate in the fine one "Big tournament" online with 16 players.

* A method history complete extremist resuming all the better moments of the DBZ saga to more than 100 chapters.

from http://xboxevolved.e-mpire.com/article.php?artid=5501

I'm more exited for the dragonball game than this but still this looks cool.
That's insane! Look at all his hair!
Okay i own this game now. Straight away I need to say this game has one huge problem the camera sucks. To the point of at times the camera stops you seeing your opponent. However I'm going to go through this and look at the pros and cons for everyone here here cares. As the stuff they get right is very right.


Story mode is huge. I'm talking biggest in any dragonball game.
There is a lot of characters to choose from
Transformations look good (frieza is my favourite in-game transformation to use)
New What-if characters in SSJ3 broly and ssj3 vegeta. While a bit stupid its a nice step.


Camera - this is is it's biggest flaw and one that unless you really like dbz will hurt it
No ultimate gohan - I'm sorry but some non-fights get stretched out to full fights, there's characters not in it before yet a person important to the buu saga is missing? yet buu still has Gohan absorbed ? big **** up.

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