Dragonball Z

thee great one

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Jan 27, 2005
Mormon Land.
This is what started me on anime. I no where have them all but hope too one day.

Anyway I just got the new movie Fusion Reborn.

It was the best one yet.

It was fun and the villain was awesome. Almost as cool as Majin Buu. He had some cool attacks I've never seen before.

The animation was great, as was the music.

I really enjoyed the Frieza part and Trunks and Goten vs Hilter was weird. It was great.

I'm a fan, not a big one though, I mainly only like the show until the end of the cell sage, majin buu was just too silly. I like their movies, only seen a few though, If I had money I would check it out
I used to love Dragonball Z.
I'm slowly downloading this whole series. Great childhood memories.
I love dragonball z.

Movie is a cool movie. Gogeta is good. He is cooler in GT when he mocks the Omega Shenron. Everything in movie was great. Only thing that annoyed me was gohan beating frieza with one punch. Would oof liked that fight to go longer.
Anyone here bought or planning to pick up the digitally remastered dvds? they look amazing
Re: Dragon Ball movie

I can't find the original Dragon Ball Z thread so I'll post this here. A new DBZ animated film, introducing VEGETA'S YOUNGER BROTHER! :shock:


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