Dream-Teaming Round 1: Heroes for Hire


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Jun 29, 2006
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I wanted to give this a shot, to see if it takes off.

Okay you're an assistant editor at the comic book publisher of your choice. You're boss comes in and tells you to drum up some roster ideas for a team-book they'd like to set-up for a future creative team to write. He asks for a proposal including: The roster of the team, The driving idea, explainations for character choices, and the creative team you'd like to see.

THE RULES------------------------

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the team in question to be built. He must also name the roster to be filled, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use more than 4 characters common in anyone else's team in the round, as in if team one has characters a,b,c,d,e, team two can have characters a,b,c,d in common, but cannot use character e. The team posted first takes priority.

3) You must write a brief two or three sentence plot summary, an explanation for each team member, and the creative team you'd like to see on the book.

4) After two weeks, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

5) The winner declared gets to choose the team in the next round.

This Round:



Since it is the first round, I will be posting a roster, and it will be eligible, because I damn well want to, but in further rounds you cannot win two rounds in a row.
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Heroes For Hire

Falcon - Sam Wilson

With S.H.I.E.L.D. destroyed and no one to follow Sam Wilson faces a hard choice. He can give in to ideals he no longer believes, fade off into obscurity, or take charge and do something in the memory of a brother, mentor and friend. Sam decides to step up and form the Heroes for Hire to tackle the problems that sometimes go below the radar of the Heroes that only see the earth shaking stuff.
Sam is our defacto leader. He has spent years at the side of Captain America and he is a former Avenger. He holds this leadership position well.

Doc Samson - Leonard Samson

The first man Sam approaches about the new team. Also displaced with a lack of S.H.I.E.L.D., Samson joins the team with the prospect of getting back in the game and doing something really great with his powers again. The team isn't exactly unfamiliar with gamma radiation and it is good to have someone strong to do the heavy lifting.
Doc Samson is the beat stick that goes toe to toe with the heavy hitters. He also has a good head on his shoulders and a lot of connections which makes him a great asset.

Brother Voodoo - Jericho Drumm

A powerful magic user, Brother Voodoo feels a strong draw to the team. He is also a veteran, having been a member of the Heroes for Hire in the past. He seeks out Sam Wilson, asking to join the team almost immediately after Sam resolves to do it, cementing it's existence and importance in Sam's mind.
Brother Voodoo brings a lot of power to the roster and a huge boost to the "fantastic" powers of the team. He is also the only returning member.

Hellcat - Patsy Walker

Having a failed venture with the Alaskan registration team Patsy Walker joins the Heroes for Hire out of a need for money more than anything. Doc Samson suggests her as he knows she is back in town and could be a great asset to the team with her protective abilities and her powerful martial arts knowledge.
Patsy is a strong female character and she has a cult following!

Cloak and Dagger - Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen

After what they did for Captain America and the valiant effort they put up in the final battles of the Civil War, Sam seeks them out to join the new team. At first they are very reluctant, and it isn't the team or the money that coerces them but the concept of "us versus them". After registrations, Skrull invasions, and Norman Osborne's reign of terror they don't want to get sucked into something and made out to be something they aren't so instead they decided to pick a side and take a stand with Sam and the Heroes for Hire.
Hands down the most popular characters on the team. A huge draw and great characters.

Ant-Man - Eric O'Grady

Eric O'Grady is in it for the money.
Eric O'Grady is in it for the comic relief.

Sam's team is looking out for the little guy in the Marvel Universe. They have their fair share of work, but they aren't out to stop alien invasions, global takeovers, or 50 story monsters; Those are for the Avengers to handle. The Heroes for Hire respond to needs that are called in to them, like a police force almost, rather than roving around looking to pick a fight. That, however, doesn't stop them from battling their way against impossible odds and being in way over their heads.

JMS and Cheung

He has a very distinct style, but he certainly has the chops. Supreme Power is a good example of how he can weave a team dynamic, though this is a lot softer than that. His spider-man run is a good example of his grasp of some of the archetypes present in this team and He would be an excellent choice for fleshing out many of these characters.

Cheung's art is beautiful, his layouts are cinematic, which this book would benefit from greatly, and he can handle a team very well (illuminati) he has a very round style that would be a very dynamic choice for this book.
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That is surprisingly cool. I would read it.

I will need to think about this...


Heh heh heh.

Honestly, I have no clue what to do with Heroes For Hire.

But I'm sure it will come to me.

And it will be awesome.

Daredevil and Iron Fist on staff, probably. Luke Cage, if I can swing it.

Edit: Songbird's in charge. I've got an idea. ;) You'll all see it eventually.
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I've got a vague idea which involves someone recruiting Shang-Chi who has now usurped his father, Fu Manchu's role as Kingpin of Hong Kong. Shang-Chi is to lead a team of some other heroes that aren't in any comics at the moment, like D-Man or whatever, and they perform missions and stuff which people hire them to do. And then it turns out the guy who has hired them is... Tristam Silver!

Or something. I will think about it if I'm not lazy.
I've got a vague idea which involves someone recruiting Shang-Chi who has now usurped his father, Fu Manchu's role as Kingpin of Hong Kong. Shang-Chi is to lead a team of some other heroes that aren't in any comics at the moment, like D-Man or whatever, and they perform missions and stuff which people hire them to do. And then it turns out the guy who has hired them is... Tristam Silver!

Or something. I will think about it if I'm not lazy.

Interesting. Like Johnny Wu usurping the Yellow Claw over in Agents of Atlas. I'd love to see a Shang-Chi revival. Bruce Lee in comics is always a great thing.

Mine's gonna be international, too.

Edit: I just read AnTwan's pitch. That's actually kind of killer, dude.
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Iron Fist (Danny Rand)

You can't have a Heroes for Hire team without Danny, no literally he owns the copyright to the name. Danny and Luke are the heart and soul of the Heroesfor Hire, brothers from different mothers. He sort of developed a bit of a Robin Hood syndrome near the end of Frubaker's run that I'd like to see explored some more.

Power Man (Luke Cage)

Luke Cage is all about grass roots community enhancement movements, from talking with Night Nurse about setting up underground hospices, too constantly trying to play rolemodel to any underpriviliged kid he meets, he and Danny will be using any and all profits from this venture to fund projects like this, and Danny's soup kitchen and so forth. Of course he brings Danielle Jessica, and his various Avengers baggage with him, but he's fully committed to this. Plus he's getting a proper costume.

Misty Knight

Misty is sort of without a purpose right now, she's been Danny's worrying girlfriend alot lately. I'd like to have her back to being the badass she is. She has an edge that may be a little harder than Danny's new vision for the team. But she's commited to this new mission more than anything she has been comitted to in a long time.

Colleen Wing

If Danny and Luke are Brothers from different Mothers, Misty and Colleen are sisters from different.....whatever applies that rhymes with sisters. They are the Wilson Sisters of the MU (Heart reference). But Colleen has always been tragically underplayed, with Bob Daimond on the team an ex-boyfriend of hers it supplies some needed conflict that will maybe let her personality boil to the foreground.

White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

White Tiger is one of those new Marvel characters, that got shuffled under the rug rather quickly, she's a great inspector, and has a long history with Iron Fist (I think they're cousins or something, they share a history with K'unL'un, Danny babysat her as a kid), and can use her skills to greatly assist the team.


After the last team fell apart during World War Hulk, Shang-Chi really caught the blunt end of the stick. He lost his new love interest (Tarantula, she'll pop in as a antagonist briefly working for Mr. Negative), He had to kill Humbug, and throughout the series he had to violate his very moral code. He doesn't want to fight anymore, but without that he doesn't have a purpose, Danny travels out by himself in the first issue to recruit him, but he refuses. Until Danny tells him about his new direction, it's something Shang wants to support, and he feels he's been off on his own for too long.

The Sons of the Tiger (Abe Brown, Lin Sun, and Bob Daimond)

Wolverine tells Danny about the Kung-Fu school that the Tigers have been running in San Francisco, and he travels down their to see if he can help them any way he can. They decide to set up a chain of Dojo's in inner-city communities throughout the country. He sets them up to manage the whole thing, but since they won't be able too teach personally. They start going stir crazy and ask Danny to give them something to do, he asks them to join the Heroes for Hire.

The Pitch:
The world is a dark place. Osborn is Nick Fury, The Hood is The Kingpin, Mr. Negative, The Maggia, Hydra's resurgence, The economy is in a bad way. If you think times are bad where you live, Inner-City New York is a war zone of criminal activity, gang violence, drug abuse. They have come to the realization that high flying super-heroics is not going to solve the problem, they need to go underground and solve things through grassroots movements. Danny has funneled all of his resources into Orson Express Soup Kitchens, underground Hospice's with Night Nurse, assisting The Loners Program, and so on but it's never enough. The dark elements are absorbing New Yorks troubled youth. They resolve to take a page from Robin Hood, and take things into their own hands, and use whatever they get in return to help various communities, and projects. So Danny and Luke set out to re-create The Heroes for Hire, to neutralize Hood/Negative gang wars, stomp out Hydra recruitment drives, and give the people of New York something to believe in again. They know they need people they can absolutley trust 100% so they bring in people they have complete faith in, people from similar backgrounds Misty and Colleen are the first to pledge their support, soon followed by Angela Del Toro and The Sons of the Tiger. Shang-Chi comes in to help once he realizes a shocking truth about Mr. Negative, a connection that causes him to abandon his search for peace, Negative is his fathers old lieutenant from the Hong Kong underworld, this realization can mean only one thing, his father is trying to expand his empire to the free world, Shang-Chi comes to the team and provides them with their first mission, Topple Fu-Manchu and his criminal empire.

This is just the introductory team, the team will constantly be in flux, having them take on The Hood, investigate the connections between Hydra and K'un L'un, past heroes members like Tarantula to resolve unfinished business, deal with the Hand, the truth behind MGH and it's connection with AIM, Osborns reign. I'm think a long term set up of atleast 60 issues.

The team: I'm damn well tempted to say me, but I won't so Christos Gage, and Clay Mann. I'm choosing these guys because they are really low key guys that can commit to a long run and get it out on time, while still managing to keep everything sorted out without confusion. Mann's style has grown in leaps and bounds lately, and Gage has a knack for getting just about any character.

Sorry, I think I went on a tear and elaborated alot more than I had planned, and my cast is really conservative, but I really like how low-powered they are.

and AnTwan that is fantastic, I think tomorrow when I'm more awake, and can sort things out better, I'm going to refine a few things, not gonna change my roster or plot, but sort it out, and make sure it all flows well
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Original Heroes For Hire logo taken from Marvel Omega

This is an outline for the first year of Villains For Hire. Each arc is three issues long.


Cobalt Man, Coldheart and Speedfreak meet in a bar. Ever since Nitro blew up Stamford and caused the whole Civil War mess, the three of them have been down on their luck. A man approaches them and says he represents a man who is willing to hire the three villains to perform certain tasks for them. With nothing else to do, the three agree.

The liaison for the employer (who does not want to interact with the three directly) briefs them on their first mission: they are to head to Hong Kong and infiltrate a fortress that originally belonged to Fu Manchu. They question the liaison; isn't Fu Manchu dead? Wasn't he a fictional character? The liaison manages to answer their questions and tells them that Fu Manchu's son has now usurped his throne… Shang-Chi.

The three land in Hong Kong and manage to infiltrate the fortress and come face to face with Shang-Chi. As he is the master of kung-fu, he easily defeats all three of them at once. As a finishing blow, he slices off Cobalt Man's head… only to discover that it is a remote-controlled robot. He is then struck from behind by the real Cobalt Man, in human form but disguised as one of Shang-Chi's guards. As Shang-Chi loses consciousness, he mocks, "How do you think we infiltrated this place, dumbass?"

The liaison approaches his employer (always calls him Mr. Silver or Sir) and reports the good news – the three have taken out Shang-Chi and successfully completed the mission. Mr. Silver muses about the kinds of weapons Fu Manchu must have kept in his secret vaults and then tells the liaison to commence Phase Two.


The liaison approaches Shang-Chi, who is badly beaten and lying on the floor of a cell. He asks him where the ultimate weapon is. Shang-Chi doesn't answer. The liaison threatens him – if he doesn't tell him where the ultimate weapon is, he's going to bring in 'her'. Shang-Chi remains silent. The liaison leaves and his footsteps echo inside the steel prison… and then he returns, accompanied by another pair of heavier footsteps. Shang-Chi looks up – it is the Abominatrix. The liaison tells the Abominatrix to do what she wants with him and she simply smiles.

Meanwhile, another group of characters are introduced – the original Heroes For Fire. Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are investigating Shang-Chi's disappearance…

It does not take long for the Abominatrix to get what she wants out of Shang-Chi. The liaison attempts to communicate with her but can barely understand her unintelligent grunts. He reports this information to Mr. Silver who knows exactly what it means… and then calls someone.

That someone answers. "Mr. Robbins, you have something I want." Mr. Silver states. Mr. Robbins answers – "Then I guess you'll just have to come and get it." Mr. Robbins hangs up and cocks his gun. The Hood is ready.

Cobalt Man, Coldheart and Speedfreak are informed that they are to go after The Hood, New York's new superpowered kingpin and steal a certain item that he stole from Fu Manchu's vault. They engage The Hood, who doesn't want to fight – he'd rather negotiate, like a real villain. He offers them double the amount of money that their employer is paying them in return for their devotion to his group of villains. They stop and think about this and then The Hood begins his attack, as his group of villains arrive. They are forced to flee – they cannot fight a number this great.

Their employer, Mr. Silver, who has been watching this from a hacked satellite camera, tells the liaison to send in the Abominatrix.

She lands amidst the group of villains and gets to work. She kills a few instantly, scaring away most of the others. The Hood remains. There is no negotiating with this monster. He decides it is time for him to flee… and promptly teleports away. Cobalt Man wonders what they should do now.

The Hood arrives back in his headquarters only to find Mr. Silver waiting for him. "Tristam," he says, "I didn't expect you to be behind this."

Tristam Silver asks him where the item he stole from Fu Manchu's vault is. "Ah, the ultimate weapon?" The Hood asks. He tells Silver that there was no ultimate weapon – only designs for one. Plans for a person of mass destruction created by a Chinese futurist. However, The Hood wants to make a peace offering – and hands Silver a file. He tells him that inside the file holds the potential for the ultimate weapon. Silver opens it and skims through it… it's a file for Robert Hunter, the supervillain known as Nitro.


A military convoy headed by HAMMER agents makes its way across the desert. They are escorting a dangerous supervillain to a secret military prison in Nevada. The trucks begin to shake. An earthquake, they wonder? And then one of the trucks explodes. Cobalt Man, Coldheart and Speedfreak quickly take out the remaining HAMMER agents. They blow open the security lock on the transport cell and help their old friend to his feet. How are you feeling, one of them asks. Nitro grins… he's never felt better.

The four "Stamfordians," as Speedfreak dubs them (Cobalt Man doesn't approve – "there were kids involved, man" – though he makes sure not to mention this around Nitro) finally meet their employer – Tristam Silver. Some of the Spidey bad guys used to talk about you, Coldheart mumbles. Silver ignores her. He wants to talk to Nitro. He has so much potential… Chinese prophets from the 18th century predicted his existence… he can do something big. Nitro wants to know what and Silver takes him to a laboratory. There, AIM scientists are working on a gateway – a portal to another dimension. Silver wants Nitro to use his explosive energy to blow a hole into another universe. "There's so much more out there, my friend" Silver tells him, manipulating him every step of the way.

Luke Cage waits in a dark office. They still haven't found Shang-Chi. They've heard rumours that a couple of D-list villains kidnapped him but nobody knows who. All of the bad guys he's beaten on have kept it a secret… they obviously fear someone else more than they fear Luke Cage. Norman Osborn enters the office. He tells Cage he's only got a couple of minutes spare to talk to him. Cage wants to know what Osborn knows. Osborn tells him that three villains – Cobalt Man, Coldheart and Speedfreak – the guys the New Warriors took out just before the Stamford incident, took out Shang-Chi. The three villains just attacked a HAMMER convoy and took Nitro. Osborn tells Cage that if he wants to know who is behind it all and where Shang-Chi is, he has to bring Nitro back to him. Cage reluctantly agrees… and Osborn gives him the name he's been after this whole time: Tristam Silver.


Tristam Silver watches eagerly as Nitro prepares to complete the task set for him. The other three "Stamfordians" wait around, just happy they've been paid for all of the dangerous stuff they've done in the last few weeks. An explosion shakes the compound. Nitro says that wasn't him. The Abominatrix is thrown into the laboratory, beaten badly. Luke Cage enters the area, with Iron Fist behind him. "Tristam Silver!" Luke Cage shouts. "Get ready to have your teeth kicked in."

Somewhere else in the compound, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing find the liaison. They hold him at gunpoint and get him to take them to Shang-Chi. He quickly unlocks the cell and is then knocked out by Knight. They help Shang-Chi to his feet and he asks where Silver is… he wants to kill him.

A massive fight breaks out with Luke Cage and Iron Fist taking out Cobalt Man, Coldheart and Speedfreak. Silver attempts to escape while Nitro prepares to explode – but is taken out with quick precision by Iron Fist, who hits him in specific pressure points, taking him out almost immediately.

Silver, on his way to safety, comes face to face with Shang-Chi. Shang-Chi attacks him, but Silver successfully blocks his every move. "You're not the only master of kung fu," Silver mocks and then throws Shang-Chi off the roof!

The Heroes For Hire clean up the area. They recover Shang-Chi and secure Nitro and the other villains. Tristam Silver has escaped… the Heroes For Hire agree to join together and hunt him down, along with Shang-Chi's help.

Tristam Silver recovers himself down an alleyway… realises he's going to have to rebuild everything again. It shouldn't be hard – he's done it countless times before. And now The Hood is on his side… The Hood has access to countless villains willing to do whatever he wants. Silver smiles… tomorrow is another day. There is more fun to be had yet.

Right. If you read all that, congratulations. I hope you liked it. I wanted to do a twist on Heroes For Hire - the obvious answer was Villains For Hire. I think the second year on the book would involve a new group of villains but this time they would be hired by Osborn to go out and find Tristam Silver and other stuff. This would also probably set up a proper Heroes For Fire book - focusing on the five guys - Cage, Iron Fist, Misty, Colleen and Shang-Chi. They would also be hunting Tristam Silver and crossover with the villain team. As for a creative team... well, obviously I would want to write it after plotting it out so thoroughly though I would be happy if someone like Matt Fraction or Duane Swierczynski wrote it. I think the guy who draws Captain Britain and MI13 would be great on art and Steve McNiven would do the covers or something.
Right now my lineup consists of Songbird, Beetle, Ant-Man, Vampire By Night, Black Cat, and Fantomex. I need one more to make it a Seven Samurai type thing.
Heroes for Hire​

The Premise: With Norman Osborn in charge of America and his teams such as the Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers taking hold over everyone, the world needs new kinds of heroes to defend them. A new team of heroes unites to save the streets of New York from the new criminal reign.

The Heroes:

Danny Rand; the Iron Fist

Now that the Hood has been given free reign to control New York City with his Gang, former Avenger Danny Rand realizes that he's the only one with the will and the ability to bring this self appointed Kingpin of Supercriminals down. Danny realizes that he's going to have to recruit some seedier individuals to combat the likes of Norman Osborn and the Hood, as such he recruits some people he would never trust and this worries him about who people now call hero. Danny has come into his own as a bigtime hero in the Marvel U and is a capable leader in his own right for this group.

Maya Lopez; Echo

After her abrupt departure from the Avengers, Maya felt alone and dissinfranchized with the superteam idea, until Danny recruits her as his ninja assassin killer. Echo brings the necessary moral standing and skills that a former Avenger possesses, yet she also brings the willingness to get dirty when she has to. Danny recognizes her work in Japan and hopes that continues over in NYC.

Jessica Jones; Onyx

Taking a cue from her friend Danny Rand, Jessica Jones leaves the Avengers in order to bring her own brand of crime fighting to the streets of New York. Leaving Luke to his work as an Avenger, Jessica needs a job and a new purpose in life. She brings Danielle along and adopts a new secret identity while working as a member of Danny's group. She's brought in for her detective abilities and her shear physical strength but Danny worries that her own personal problems might take over her priorities as a Hero for Hire.

Wade Wilson; Deadpool

WAM! POW! Deadpool sneaks into Danny's apartment in order to tell him he's interested in joining the Heroes for Hire. Rand accepts him reluctantly knowing it's hard to come by good heroes these days, and what no one else in the hero community wants to admit but they all know is that Deadpool's the best assassin in the market. Danny figures that Wade will tear through the criminals of NYC, and if he can manage to reform the merc with a mouth that would also be a boon to him. They don't know why Deadpool's in it for but they do know he's releshing the role as 'superhero'

Johnny Blaze; Ghost Rider

The true powerhouse of the Heroes for Hire, Blaze is brought into the group for the shear mystical might that he throws around, and Danny knows from personal experience the thing that Ghost Rider brings to crime fighting: fear. Johnny Blaze will act as the enforcer, mystic and fear monger of the Heroes, terrifying every criminal they might come across. And with an enemy of such mystical might as the Hood, it helps to have Zarathos on your side.

Teddy Altman; Hulkling

The innocence of the group in a way, Teddy finds that he has nowhere to go after the Skrull invasion of Earth. He's branded as distrustful and an outsider by the general populace and has grown apart from Billy in his mad search for his mother. Danny sees Teddy as aloof and scared for the future, recruiting him based on his heart and his abilities of shapeshifting that act as a boon to the team. Teddy's the inside man, using his Skrull lineage to get in and out undetected wherever the team needs them to go. He's also got ol' Captain Marvel's genes rumbling around inside him, giving him extra motivation to hate Osborn's Dark Avengers and their frontman Noh Varr.

Herman Schultz; the Shocker

The former laughing stock of the Spider-Man rogues gallery, Herman Schultz has grown dissillusioned with being a C-llist supervillain and seeks fame and fortune by taking the straight and narrow. Being laughed at and turned down point blank by Norman Osborn, Herman approaches Danny Rand offering his technical expertise and knowledge of the criminal underworld to the services of the Heroes for Hire. Despite his intially greedy goals of self-preservation Herman begins to appreciate being a hero and gains a conscience because of his status as a hero.

The Team:

Matt Fraction and David Aja covers by Marko Djurvic

With their work together on Immortal Iron Fist Fraction and Aja crafted the greatest Iron Fist story ever. If they spent their time together on a team book involving Danny and the motliest crew of heroes ever it could turn out to be one of the biggest action packed and powerful team books Marvel is churning out. Plus Marko should do every cover ever made for Marvel comics from now on.

I'll be doing a full plot outline soon so get ready for it.
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So, it didn't make sense until I figured out the principal character but now it all makes sense. It's sort of bare bones right now. I may fill it out later.

So, the initial group of Heroes for Hire are hired for a heist. In the wake of Ozzie taking over, anyone who had been close to know would have to know how it was going to get, even before it was announced. And it's a clear assumption that the very instant Norman gets the means to, he's going to jump on every safe house Tony Stark has. A benefactor hires Melissa Gold (Songbird), Abner Jenkins (Beetle), Eric O'Grady (Ant-Man), and Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) to work in different capacities in the theft and sabotage of a Stark facility, before Osborne's people can swoop in. The transition of Osborne's power would play center stage, the clean and assertive ruthlessness with which Osborne consolidates his power within the hours following his confirmation or whatever. Everyone involved has clear desires to get theirs and get the **** out.

The first story would be patterned as a heist, and sort of follow that "last big heist and then it's over" story arc in that, this is their last chance to do something big before the New Order takes over. This is the last gasp of the good old days. In the process, we'd get a good look at H.A.M.M.E.R.'s soldiers, and how Osborne got them so quick. They'd square off with the Initiative team of Texas, and deal with the various security measures Tony Stark equips his secret labs with. Oh, and the Hand wants to make flying robot ninjas, so they show up too. The Heroes manage to get the loot, and use false identities to hitch a ride to the Netherlands.

The stuff they snagged from Stark's off-radar lab includes (somewhat outdated) Iron Man tech, (slightly outdated) defense reports primarily consisting of classified information regarding international crime and superhuman activity and stacks and one of Tony Stark's rainy day funds, in US currency (also outdated, but huge enough for it to not matter). The benefactor is Doc Samson. Seeing the change in political climate, Samson could see pretty easily how things were going to go. While the team was on their way to the Netherlands, he was on Air Force One, doing his best to try and talk some sense into the new administration, but he had an idea it would go bad. So, using his vast library of patient information (He was the Initiative shrink, right?) he gets together a team to procure a small start-up fund. He's sick of all this registration and armament **** and wants to just go back to helping people.

Heroes For Hire would be a small international superhuman firm. They hire themselves out as mercenaries, aid workers, thieves, or bodyguards. Their clients might be farmers in thrall to drug cartels, or countries too small to have their own superheroes, or revolutionaries living under corrupt government. And they find, in most cases, even if the client is too poor to pay, they can always tax the oppressor. The team could bounce all around the international scene: through Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America. There'd be a focus on building the flavor of the international superhuman scene, to see how the cultures of France, Thailand, Argentina or wherever affect the growth and nature of the vigilante communities there. And the artist would get a chance to create some heroes with diverse cultural flair. After the initial heist arc, the team would add Robbie Baldwin (Penance, but not so much) and Shang-Chi. So, it's this group of fairly well-entrenched Marvel Universe heroes thrown against this colorful new climate of international characters.

There you go. It's half-assed, but I had a lot of trouble with the Heroes For Hire idea. I figured everyone was going to go for the Bru-book with Luke and Danny. That would be awesome. Brubaker on Heroes For Hire would be the greatest thing ever. But I figured I'd try something different. The creative team would consist of Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba, but I'll probably end up changing the artist. I love Ba, but he's not perfect for this. I'll post up my reasoning behind the characters and possibly a different artist later.
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THE RULES------------------------

2) You may not use more than 4 characters common in anyone else's team in the round, as in if team one has characters a,b,c,d,e, team two can have characters a,b,c,d in common, but cannot use character e. The team posted first takes priority.

So lemme get this straight----

Based on this rule....since you already used Danny, Luke, Misty and Colleen....you're saying that I can't use them? Or since it's only 4....as long as I don't use Shang-Chi (since you've included him) I can still use Danny and the Gang? But if I want to use Shang-Chi and take out Luke...that's ok?

Am I getting this?
Zombipanda took my idea.

Well, close to it. I had Abner, Blizzard (the Thunderbolts one), Shocker, Black Cat and Songbird hired by a mysterious person to raid old Stark places.

The benefactor was Ezekiel Stane, who was doing it because he didn't want Osborn to end up with all of Stark's technology. They end up stealing as much Stark tech as they can while evading Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R. group as well as A.I.M.

It's basically the fact that Stane sees Stark as the more worthy adversary than Osborn, and is trying to get the government to see that.
So lemme get this straight----

Based on this rule....since you already used Danny, Luke, Misty and Colleen....you're saying that I can't use them? Or since it's only 4....as long as I don't use Shang-Chi (since you've included him) I can still use Danny and the Gang? But if I want to use Shang-Chi and take out Luke...that's ok?

Am I getting this?

If we have 5 characters in common, you'll have to swap one out for someone else.

Danny, Luke, Colleen, Misty is o.k.
Danny, Luke, Colleen, Shang is o.k.
Danny, Luke, Shang, Misty is o.k.
Danny, Shang, Misty, Colleen is o.k.
Shang, Luke, Misty, Colleen is o.k.

Danny, Luke, Misty, Colleen, Shang is not o.k.

What happens if we eventually run out of teams?

are you serious?

with all the countless teams, countless characters, countless companies, countless media forms. You think we might run out of teams

you're serious?
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