Dream-Teaming Round 12: So Hulk, Namor, and Dr. Strange Walk into a Bar...


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Okay, you're an assistant editor at the comic book publisher of your choice. You're boss comes in and tells you to drum up some roster ideas for a team-book they'd like to set-up for a future creative team to write. He asks for a proposal including: The roster of the team, The driving idea, explanations for character choices, and the creative team you'd like to see.

THE RULES------------------------

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the team in question to be built. He must also name the roster to be filled, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use more than 4 characters common in anyone else's team in the round, as in if team one has characters a,b,c,d,e, team two can have characters a,b,c,d in common, but cannot use character e. The team posted first takes priority.

3) You must write a brief two or three sentence plot summary, an explanation for each team member, and the creative team you'd like to see on the book.

4) After TEN DAYS, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

5) The winner declared gets to choose the team in the next round.

This Round:

Strange is Sorcerer Supreme NO MORE! Hulk was smashed by Rulk! Namor is kind of an X-Man! Silver Surfer is a herald of Galactus again! And nobody likes Nighthawk!

Find me a motley crew that can save the world from all manner of weird ****!

Go now!


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The Defenders

Cast: Crash landing in the middle of New York City, Kang the Conqueror is bewildered to see what has happened to the 21st Century he left not a year ago. As history told him, his presence in the Avenger’s history was to shape the heroes they were to become. After his formation of the Young Avengers the older Avengers were to form into a group of heroes that would lead humanity into a peaceful society until his time in the 30th Century. Seeking out the cause of this warp in history, Kang seeks out his ancestor Reed Richards for help. Told that the Fantastic Four can be of no help to him, Kang steals Richard’s protocols, and assembles a team of heroes to be put in place in case the Illuminati were ever unable to form together. These heroes are now protectors of humanity’s future, defending the future that Kang foresaw.

Nathaniel Richards; Kang the Conqueror

Potentially the greatest villain in Avenger’s history, Kang the Conqueror is in fact their greatest ally. A master manipulator who has long been thought of as evil, Kang has in fact been shaping the Earth for millennia for years in order to shape it into a utopia. He traveled into the past sporadically to see how progress was being made and to battle the Avengers whenever history said that he was supposed to. Accessing the files of Reed Richards, he assembled a group that had the power and influence to defend the time stream and make things right.

T’Challa; Black Panther

King of Wakanda, T’Challa has long been considered the individual that Reed Richards respected the most. Choosing him for his intellectual might, Kang needs a leader to convince the other members of the group to follow this seemingly mad plot. The Panther isn’t easy to convince, but accepts when he learns that the entire future of Wakanda is at sake.

Daimon Hellstrom; Son of Satan

As the forces of the universe have been completely turned over the mystical world has been thrown into turmoil. Though Doctor Strange selected Jericho Drumm as the Sorcerer Supreme, Daimon Hellstrom is the one he trusts to take on the darker forces of magic in the universe. A demon of unparalleled might, Hellstrom is prepared to take on the forces of the underworld that seek to corrupt mankind’s future.

Pepper Potts; Rescue

Tony Stark is nowhere to be found by Kang so he goes after his second in command in Stark Industries: Pepper. Learning that she has no idea where he is, but having developed similar powers of her own, Pepper is told of the trouble to the future that is at hand. Donning her Rescue armor, Pepper joins Kang’s group, and helps him to find the other individuals he is seeking for.

Absolon Zebardyn Mercator; Mister M

The history logs that Kang read told of a mutant so powerful that he had the power to unite all of the mutants of the world with the humans. Knowing that this person was Mister M, Kang is shocked to find that he was killed after the unexpected decimation of the mutant population. Searching for his grave sight, Kang is met with a resurrected Absolon who agrees that the future is in danger. No one knows where Absolon has been, but they are all weary of his intentions as a mutant messiah.

Beta Ray Bill

Someone who was prophesized to become a member of the great team of Avengers that he foresaw, Kang approaches Bill with the offer that he can help shape the future. A unique being that is a mixture of magic and science, Bill is offered his enchanted hammer Stormbreaker back and a spot on the team. Bill accepts this responsibility to shape his and the rest of the world’s destiny.

Jim Hammond; Human Torch

The first Marvel, Jim Hammond has recently been reconstituted as the Human Torch. Questioning his status as a hero and viewing himself as obsolete, Kang offers him the knowledge that he is an inspiration to millions in the future and will save the world in a feat of heroism never witnessed before. Growing optimistic about the future, Jim takes the offer to become a member of Kang’s group.

Story Arcs:
Assimilate- Gathering his forces to protect the future, Kang sends the group to find the cause of the time discrepancies in the first place: Scarlet Witch. While everyone on the team suspects that Kang is up to something else, they follow him in order to right the wrongs in time. Traveling from Genosha to Wungadore, the Defenders find Wanda, and try to right her wrongs against the mutant population.

Avenge- Seeing their original enemy Kang running around and professing himself as a hero, the Young Avengers attack the Defenders in an attempt to avenge Iron Lad. Being outmatched the Young Avengers are given a vision of their own futures by Kang, all leading to destruction if they don’t allow the Defenders to operate. Stature is also greeting with knowledge that her father should be alive in this reality that Kang sees.

Awaken- As the Defenders attempt to reignite the mutant population with Wanda’s help, Absolon reaches out to every mutant mind but is attacked by a force that even Kang and Hellstrom can’t pinpoint. Absolon is left in a coma, which leaves the lives of every mutant in the balance. Kang sends his Defenders after whatever attacked Absolon, and they find that the being pulling Norman Osborn’s strings has formed a Cabal of his own.

Oppose- The Defenders are met with opposition from Norman Osborn’s HAMMER forces and are almost destroyed. Facing off against the Dark Avengers, Dark X-Men, Thunderbolts, and HAMMER the Defenders barely survive but defeat everyone. The Defenders are then met with Mephisto, who tells them that they are interfering in everything he has planned. The Defenders are the only ones left as the rest of the hero community lays fallen around them.

Defend- It’s the final standoff between the Defenders and Mephisto’s forces, as the unlikely group uses their powers to unite the mutants, superhumans and villains of the world against a force so powerful it threatens to split the world in two.

Writer- Mark Millar

Artist- Gabrielle del Otto

Captain Canuck

The poster formerly known as captaincanuck65
Cast: Crash landing in the middle of New York City, Kang the Conqueror is bewildered to see what has happened to the 21st Century he left not a year ago. As history told him, his presence in the Avenger’s history was to shape the heroes they were to become. After his formation of the Young Avengers the older Avengers were to form into a group of heroes that would lead humanity into a peaceful society until his time in the 30th Century. Seeking out the cause of this warp in history, Kang seeks out his ancestor Reed Richards for help. Told that the Fantastic Four can be of no help to him, Kang steals Richard’s protocols, and assembles a team of heroes to be put in place in case the Illuminati were ever unable to form together. These heroes are now protectors of humanity’s future, defending the future that Kang foresaw.

Kang i a descendant of Reed Richards?

Captain Canuck

The poster formerly known as captaincanuck65
Hm. I thought so but after checking on Wikipedia I found that he's a descendant of Doctor Doom. Must have been his name that confused me.

no, you're right i just looked it up too. Apparently he's a descendant of both Dr Doom and Reed Richards.


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The Defenders

The Big Idea: America has its defenders. The world has its defenders. Even the galaxy has its defenders. That's not what we do. We defend reality itself.

The Series: I wanted to get back to the core idea of the Defenders by selecting 4 interesting Marvel characters that are analogous to the original big 4. That said, I also want every 2nd or 3rd arc to be team-up with an existing group facing things that only the Defenders know how to deal with.

Cast: After a mysterious rash of incursions from other planes of existence, missing corpses of dead super-heroes, and dire warnings of destruction popping up in every prophet's visions, the new Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Voodoo, finds that he needs help to save all of reality from powers beyond the ken of any-save the Sorcerer Supreme.

Jericho Drumm; Doctor Voodoo

Taking up the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme also means taking up the mantle of The Defenders. Struggling with both unprecedented extraplanar incursions and his new position as leader, Jericho seeks out heroes willing to follow him and aid him in fighting universe-shattering mystic forces.

Beta Ray Bill

Bill is broken. Having lost his worth when he let revenge against Galactus consume him, he realizes that he has lost what made him a hero. Reading the early signs and seeing glimpses of the troubles coming, Doctor Voodoo approaches Beta Ray Bill and offers him the chance for redemption. Bill joins the Defenders, but until he can let go of his wrath against Galactus and start feeling like the hero he once was, his mystical might is barred from him, and he must rely on his technology to aid the Defenders.

Shuri; Black Panther

After a number of the bodies of fallen heroes of Wakanda go missing, Doctor Voodoo comes to Wakanda to investigate, as he has investigated similar problems world-wide. With T'Challa recovering, it falls to Shuri to aid Doctor Voodoo in getting to the bottom of the disappearances. Along the way, they find a much larger problem, and she agrees to stay with Voodoo and become a founding member of his Defenders.

Rick Jones; A-Bomb

When seeking the missing fallen heroes, Jericho comes across Rick Jones, suffering from memory loss. He doesn't recall anything about his recent troubles with MODOK, Red Hulk, Doc Samson, or even A-bomb. He shows signs of having been recently deceased, but doesn't remember how he came to be alive and well. The meeting is cut short when Voodoo and the Defenders are attacked by extra-dimensional assassins. The Defenders are out-classed by these powerful forces, and Voodoo does a desperate spell to unlock Jones's potential, turning him once again into A-bomb, turning the tide. Voodoos ability to slowly help Jones recover his recent memory lands A-bomb on the team..

Story Arcs:
Body Snatchers- Voodoo collects the team in an effort to connect the incursions of powerful extra-planar beings and the disappearance of the corpses of fallen super-heroes the world over. Eventually the defenders discover the Grim Reaper, somehow empowered in death, animating an army of earth's dead heroes. The Defenders lead a counter-force of the world's living heroes to defeat them. We don't yet discover how Grim Reaper achieved this post-mortem apotheosis.

Bitter- This arc really gets into Beta Ray Bill's head as he tries to recover his worth as a hero. The Defenders work on trying to solve the on-going extra-dimensional incursions. They discover that someone on earth is bringing them here, opening portals which allow them to come through and cause problems. The Defenders travel through one of these portals and defeat the unspeakably irrational and creepy leader of the invaders who hints that one of the Defenders had been bringing them through themselves.

Supreme- The Defenders discover that it is a former Defender bringing in the demons. Drumm goes to Strange, asking for help and advice, questioning his own ability to defend the world from forces, especially when he can't even trust the supposed other heroes. This arc sees the Defenders investigating former Defenders, only to discover that it was Strange all along, reanimating Grim Reaper, opening portals for the extra-dimensional invaders, all in a misguided dark-magic addled attempt to prove that Drumm is not as good a Sorcerer Supreme as Strange had been.

In future arcs we see the rise of a reality shattering force that can only be defeated by the power cosmic. For the good of all reality, Bill agrees to be a temporary herald to Galactus in order to gain the power for a time. He comes out the other side newly worthy of Stormbreaker. Also, the series frequntly features the core 4 teaming up with other teams whenever the other teams face paranormal reality-threatening threats. This book becomes Marvel Cthulu adventures.

Writer- Rick Remender

Artist- Andy Kubert
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Hm. I thought so but after checking on Wikipedia I found that he's a descendant of Doctor Doom. Must have been his name that confused me.

Phew - I hope Reed was the mom.

Stretchy = easy birthin'

Metal = scratchy ride on the rust canal. Babies hate that (I hear)

...but Doom wears the skirt.

This quote hurts my head. Damn that Kang and his time-travellin'. Even his alter egos sound like nicknames for adult toys:

The Immortus' batteries are dead? The Iron Lad snapped again? Gonna have to go old school and switch to the 'Rama-Tut'.


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Had to ape the title of the cheesey Mortal Kombat cartoon

Kid Blackheart is dead, once again Zadkiel has came out ahead of the Ghost Riders. The end is night, so the Ghost Riders do what comes hardest to them, they ask for help. They turn to Stephen Strange only to find out that he has lost the role of Sorceror Supreme. Strange feels that even the Sorceror Supreme won't be enough, they will need a gathering.

Ghost Riders

They have failed once again. But they remain determined to unseat Zadkiel from the throne of heaven, and to exact their vengeance against the mad angel.

Stephen Strange

No longer Sorceror Supreme, but still one of the top mages in the universe. Stephen Strange is drafted into this war by the Ghost Riders for his prowess against mystic threats. But his experience has almost always been against demons. He is unsure how to handle the threat of a rogue angel, he proceeds to gather the top mystical minds he can reach.

Ian McNee

Stephen has come to respect Ian as a colleague. After his battle against the Dark God Cthon he has become the foremost mystic investigator east of the atlantic. He'd never admit it but Strange's approval is a huge compliment to him, he aspire's to eclipse him in power and reputation. He is disgusted by Brother Voodoo's new status as Sorceror Supreme, he thinks it should have been him. Pithy grumbling will ensue.

Brother Voodoo

As the current Sorceror Supreme Jericho is obligated to get involved with this. His immense power will be offset by a general naivete to alot of mystical forces. He's still getting into the swing of things in his role, though he has gained an important ability: He can force open the gate to heaven. Allowing his allies to take on Zadkiel head-on. Him, Strange and McNee will be the master strategists in they will not enter heaven directly but in astral form to hold the gate open.

Daimon Hellstrom

With Kid Blackheart dead the role of Anti-Christ is going to revert to Daimon putting him atop Zadkiels "To-Kill" list. Instead of running and hiding he decides to take the fight to heaven alongside the Ghost Riders.

Satana Hellstrom

Behind Daimons back Danny Ketch seeks out Satana, requesting her help. She agree's mainly because she enjoys fighting alongside her brother because she is adept at torturing him with her actions and words. Over the course of the story a relationship between Danny and Satana will develope. Since he's already going to spend eternity in hell, he figures it wouldn't hurt to get in good with the devils daughter.

Jaine Cutter

Blaming herself for the death of Kid Blackheart she vowes to get revenge. Tension with her on again off again lover Daimon also drives her to remain allied with the Ghost Riders.

Iron Fist

He comes in on the second arc. After the team is rounded up at the Sanctum Sanctorum Danny stumbles in through the seal of the vishanti on the roof beaten nearly to death. Zadkiels forces have taken the 7 capital cities of heaven and captured and brainwashed the other Immortal weapons. It is Danny's duty to defend K'un L'un and now he commits himself to freeing it from the renegade angel Zadkiel.

Written by Jason Aaron, Art by Jefte Palo
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I don't know if I'm late or not, but I figured I'd jump in on this one. Since I didn’t get to participate in the BoP round, I now present to you the All Female…

A group calling themselves the Daughters of Sattanish cast a spell on Manhattan turning every creature with a Y chromosome currently on the island or entering it to turn into a demon. These demons follow the orders of Sattanish and round up the female civilians for a mass sacrifice to bring his main hordes to conquer Earth. The current Sorcerer Supreme, Brother Voodoo, was incapacitated by the spell. His predecessor Dr. Strange senses the disturbance and summons four great heroines to enter the affected area, battle their way through hordes of demons to the place where the spell was cast, and cast a counter spell to save the city.

Ms. Marvel

She’s a great hero with the experience to lead a team like this. Strange asks the others to follow her lead when the fighting begins.


She is Strange’s former apprentice and one of the few people he would trust with a mission of this importance.


Shulkie is the powerhouse that every team needs and she’s much more sociable than the Hulk.


She is every bit the fierce warrior that her cousin is and she rounds out the lineup nicely.


She has entered the city in search of Thor's other half Donald Blake who was visiting a friend in New York. She meets up with our heroes and decides to aid them in their mission.

The Villain

Using a new group of followers he has set up New York as his seat of power on Earth. From this new Hell on Earth he sets in motion his latest attempt to conquer our dimension.

The Defenders fight off hordes of demons and the witches that summoned them, save the sacrifices, and battle the great demon himself to save the world. Most of the team decides to stick together, but Namora returns to the Agents of Atlas. Sif agrees to take her place on the team moving forward.
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Nice, though I would have liked to see Satanna Daughter of Satan in there.

Anyway you guys go ahead and send me your votes tonight and tomorrow and the winner will be announced on Monday.


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I like McCheese's. It's very Defender-ish. The other entries are a little too Marvel Knights-y.

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