Dream-Teaming Round 13: To put right what once went wrong...

Better late than never!


The Pitch

Continuing where volume 3 of the Exiles series left off, Kang has noticed a disturbing rise of conquerers throughout the multi-verse. These range from wrathful gods to alien invaders to Fin Fang Foom. Kang decides that these oppressed worlds are high priority and since the all Wolverine team is on their own mission, she grabs one of the new teams that just entered the Exile program...

The Team

Namora (Universe 2189)

The leader and a former member of Blink's Exile team, Namora was killed by Hyperion, well that is until Kang time traveled and grabbed her before she died. In Namora's universe she killed all of the superhumans and waged war with the surface world, it's that talent that makes her an ideal choice for leading a team to take down whatever a hostile universe can throw at her. She does, however, have the tendency to use her fists first, dragging her team into sometimes superfluous fights. Well it usually works out in the end, Imperious Regina!

Anna-Marie Raven a.k.a. Binary (Universe 1010)

In a universe where Rogue accidentally fully absorbed Binary's powers, killing Carol Danvers in the process. The death weighed heavily on her conscience, and made her reluctant to use her powers to their fullest thus making her easy pickings for her universe's Dark Phoenix. Fortunately the Exiles grabbed her before she was eaten, with Namora welcoming the fire power Anna-Marie brings to the table. After all, the power of a binary star will make even the most despotic opponent think twice. Hopefully she gets her act together before her reluctance to harm anyone else gets her team killed.

Antoinette "Toni" Stark a.k.a. Iron Maiden (Universe 2301)

Hailing from the marvel Manga-verse Toni was Tony Stark's sister who supposedly died in battle against a Godzilla sized Hulk (though obviously she got "recruited" just in time). A mechanical genius like her brother, Toni has equipped her Iron Maiden Armor with one of Kang's teleporters and act as the team's transport as well one of the main big guns. Possibly due to her more calculating personality,Toni often clashes with Namora on the latter's leadership decisions with Toni seeing Namora as something of a loose cannon.

Elektra Stavros (Universe 1298 )

The Elektra from the Mutant X universe, Ms. Stavros was plucked from annihilation and now serves as a black ops member of the team. Being the only member of the team without any powers doesn't make any less dangerous. Thanks to cloaking technology from Toni, her targets don't know she's there until they suddenly have a sai sticking out of their trachea. Though she is cold to most of the team she has formed a surprising friendship with Iron Maiden, which started when they found that they both liked old horror movies.

Ruth Bat-Seraph a.k.a. Sabra (Universe 4702)

The former Mossad agent is from a world where war broke out between Israel and the rest of the Middle East, Sabra was about to get vaporized by a nuclear bomb, when she found herself at the Crystal Palace being pressed into Exile service. Ruth's powers are enhanced strength, speed, and durability, she can also lend out her powers to others (sometimes awakening their own latent powers) and has an antigravity belt for flight. Sabra serves the team in a support function, as well as the second black ops member, and seems to have something of a rivalry with Elektra.

Allison Blaire a.k.a. Dazzler (Universe 1610)

Ultimate Dazzler thought she was going out like a punk when she saw the ultimatum wave coming at her. Fortunately, the Exiles decided that they could use her on the team. Dazzler's role is mostly support and making distractions, she sort of looks up to Namora as something of a role model and has befriended Binary since they are closest in age. Elektra has also started to train her in hand to hand combat.

First Arc
The team hops from world to world taking down Attumas, Skrulls, evil Kangs, evil heroes, and even a Doctor Doom. The weird thing is that (with the exception of Doctor Doom) before they can imprison or kill the the conquerer, the bad guys drop dead from an aneurysm, poison, etc. The team realizes that someone is orchestrating all of these cross dimensional takeovers, the trail eventually leads them to the Amalgam Universe, where an imprisoned Access is forced to use his dimension hopping powers to aid the diabolical Ra's-A-Pocalypse in taking over the multi-verse one mind controlled megalomaniac at a time! Can the Exiles stop him!?

Creative Team
Writer: Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk, Incredible Hercules, Annihilation)
Art: Emma Rios (Strange)
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