Dream-Teaming Round 7: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

If I were capable of giving the League to someone to do, I'd give it to Adam Hughes, because he would ****ing love it. Hell, when ABC was forming, he asked to do it but Kevin O'Neil was already on the project. So, I'd give it to him.

Tell your boyfriend to post his dream team then.
If I were capable of giving the League to someone to do, I'd give it to Adam Hughes, because he would ****ing love it. Hell, when ABC was forming, he asked to do it but Kevin O'Neil was already on the project. So, I'd give it to him.

I've seen some of his designs on a LoEG fan site. They ruled.
The story opens with Kazuya Mishima tracking down both Calypso and Osmund Saddler, leader of the Los Illuminados. A splinter group of The Order. Kazuya tells him of a weapon that will bring about the end of mankind.

Shift to another scene in the home of Lara Croft. She is attacked by the Cult of Kagan, a vampire cult. She is almost killed but is saved by a red head vampire by the name of Rayne, but the cult escapes and steals the Excalibur sword she recovered at the end of Legends.

Another scene shifts to an agency of government giving a case to the assassin Agent 47. His target is a serial killer on the loose in a small town of South Ashfield. About a half of day's drive from Silent Hill. The only name given is Sweet Tooth

In South Ashfield,, we find the mercenary, Solid Snake investigating a call he received after a college, Gabriel Logan, disappeared after investigating another threat of the Syphon Filter virus. He finds Gabe slaughtered and a notebook in his hands. In it says that it wasn't the Syphon Virus that was here but something called the T-Virus made by the Umbrella Corporation. He then finds a group of savages feeding of humans. They attack but he fights off most of them and escapes into the street. Snake then runs into a Nemesis. He tries to fight it but bullets are having no effect. He is than saved by a man on a motorcycle. He has white hair and a red trenchcoat. He shots a rocket into the chest of the Nemesis and he explodes. He introduces himself as Dante.

In Paris, Jacques Blanc and a team of French military find a man as broke into their headquarters. Kazuya Mishima who is now fully consumed by the Devil, is found stealing something in the archives. Before they can attack, another man shows ups and attacks him. The man is knocked down. They attack while Jacques attends to the knocked down man. Who says his name is Jin. Kazuya defeats the team with easy. He then summons a bunch of no armed creatures (Silent Hill). to fight them. Jacques then sees his arm glowing and the Oni Gauntlet that he lost years ago, returns. He summons his whip and slashes the demons. Kazuya escapes leaving only a post card from Silent Hill.

In the town of Silent Hill we find Calypso and Osmund. They are approached by The Cult Of Kagan, who give them the sword they stole earlier.

In the nearby town South Ashfield, we find Sweet Tooth slaughtering more people. 47 tracks him down and attacks him. Sweet Tooth overpowers him and throws him though a wall. Sweet Tooth escapes and tells him to meet him in Silent Hill. 47 then finds and hot wires a car and heads to Silent Hill.

We then find Snake and Dante on a highway. They pass a sign that says 25 miles to Silent Hill. Dante tells Snake that he as heard connections in the underworld of something big happening there. They are attacked by a pack of Colmillos as they drive around a bend. This caused Dante to serve off the road and smashes into a tree. Dante attacks the wolfs. Dante and the wolfs are at a standstill in the street when a car comes around the bend and hits the wolfs. The car screeches to a stop and Agent 47 gets out. Agent 47 and Snake are aware of each other.

In Silent Hill, Calypso and Osmund starting a ritual with the sword. Calypso mentions that this isn't the normal swords shape, that it has been disguised. Then they are joined by Kazuya. Who gives them the remains of the Brainstern (Onimusha). He gives them to Calypso who puts them a jar and sets them in the circle with the sword. He mentions that these demon remains has time displacement energy on it and it will help summon the weapon from time. They start to chat and than appears the Soul Edge. Who Kazuya picks him and feels the power in it. Calypso metions this is only part of the plan for Armageddon and they must head for the Tomb. Soon the door are ripped open with vampires flying though. Followed by Rayne and Lara. Who attack them. Kazuya easy fights them off with the Soul Edge.

Next Sweet Tooth interrupts them. Calypso wants to know why he is here. Sweet Tooth simply says he goes where there is carnage. Rayne attacks ST and they fight for awhile when they are joined by 47, Snake, and Dante plus more cult vampires. Dante attacks Kazuya and a big sword fight with his own demon sword, the Force Edge, and the Soul Edge. Kazuya gains the upper hand but is shot at by Snake. Calypso, Kazuya and Osmund take off in a hurry and leave the Excalibur sword. Dante then joins the fight between Rayne and Sweet Tooth, killing him. Dante than finds the Excalibur and notices the hidden power in it. Lara takes it from him. Lara also mentions that they are ending to a tomb of some kind. Sweet Tooth, who hasn't fully died yet apparently, tells them that they are heading to the Tomb Of The Forgotten God and that the carnage will be grand. They asked how he know all this and tells him that he found a killed one of Osmund followers.

Jin and Jacques arrive via helicopter in Silent Hill. They are soon attacked by demons and such. They defeat a lot of them and Jacques is sucking the souls into his Gauntlet. They are soon found and joined by the rest of the team. They fight off the rest them and escape in the helicopter. Lara tells them she knows of someone to help. On the way Dante hits on Rayne and Lara. Jim also examines the Excalibur. Who they find it reacting to Jacques' Gauntlet. He uses the soul to infuse it turning it into the Soul Calibur.

They travel to Carthage, Missouri. To a huge mansion. Lara knocks on the door and a butler answers the door. He leads them in and there is WW2 memorabilia all over the place. They enter a room to find a 88 year old man in a chair. Lara introduces him as General James Steven Patterson. She asks him of the Tomb. He tells her that he has heard of the Forgotten God. The tomb is rumored to be hidden in one of the small islands off the coast of Greece, he opens a cubboard with the keyblade(kingdom hearts), a gunblade (final fantasy 8), and the sands of time (Prince of Persia). He pulls out a map, gives it to them and mentions that it isn't easy to translate. Lara tells him that he has nothing to worry about. As they are leaving, He mentions to Rayne that she looks like a woman he fought along side with in WW2. She tells him that she enjoyed there time together and leaves.

They make their way to the island and find the temple. It is guarded by all sorts of demons from the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. Dante, Jacques, Rayne, and Jin all keep the monsters busy. Lara, Snake, and 47 sneak into the temple and confront the evil trio who are standing over a tomb with the Soul Edge jabbed though it. They say they are too late. The forgotten God of War will awaken. Kratos will walk the earth again. The ground shakes and energy starts flying everywhere. They are joined by the others by now.

Soon the tomb splits and Kratos is standing there pissed off. Calypso tells that they brought him back to rage chaos and war on this world. Kratos tells him that they shouldn't of bought him back and cuts off the head of both Calypso and Osmond with his blades. Kazuya takes off running, Jin goes after him wielding the Soul Calibur. They have a huge battle with the swords with Jin killing Kazuya.

Jacques & Dante battle Kratos while Snake, 47, Lara, and Rayne are fighting off demons.

acques transform into an Onimusha and Dante into his demon form, they hold their own for awhile, but Kratos is too strong.

Jin returns with both the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. It causes the demon seed within to trigger and he battles Kratos and defeats him. He says now he can take what he came for, the power that Kratos took from the fates. where he can master time.

Leading to more stories as the group travel through time meeting different characters.


Solid Snake

Lara Croft


Agent 47






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Sweet Tooth


Others met throughout the time battle...





Prince & Elika



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One word: 1980s.


This is over, isn't it?

Oh well, I still want to type it up.
TOG, your Kratos pic is just Jin again.

EDIT: Just do it Proj, BB will extend the deadline.
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Hm.... :D So the problem is, whenever I try to put together teams that haven't been done by Moore already, they come across as fan fiction. I'll put my thinking cap on.
The world of Black ops had grown exponentially. Secret unexplained organizations start springing up all around the world. No matter how hard the governments of the world have tried, no one seems to be able to scratch the surface. Hidden organizations like Blackbriar, Quantum, The Company, IMF, seemed to have all been manipulated. With no signs of how someone has turn the most secret of agencies into pawns, the world seems helpless to whatever global plan these people have in motion. Literally the entire world's fate is left to one hope: A ragtag team of agents, brought together through their own accidentally stumbling on this great plot.

They are:

The League of Extraordinary Bad Asses


Jack Bauer - The Interrogate
The former CTU agent, living off the grid, was contacted by an anonymous source. But before the source can reveal their information an assassin kills him and almost takes out Jack. Luckily Jack survives and has a resolve to find out what's going on. He is the team's top interrogator. Where others this a suspect won't crack, Jack does it and in record time. Whether through a thoughtful pat on the back, shooting them in the leg, or by gouging their eye out, Jack gets his answer. He is a man willing to sacrifice his own morality and soul for the greater good.


James Bond - The Gentleman
While on an assignment to gather information on a corporate overlord. The villain's stronghold becomes under vicious assault. Barely surviving the attack, Bond is order by M to find out who is responsible. Shortly after embarking he finds is access codes and contacts cut off from him. Someone is trying to leave him standard and Bond is curious who could pull it off.


Jason Bourne - The Assassin
Jason has been living in hiding trying to lead a simple life, until he comes under attack by a dozen hitman one after another. It seems Bourne didn't just kill for the US, but for someone higher and now they're cleaning house to prevent any information he may have from revealing their plan. On the run again, Bourne must once more call upon his killer training to survive long enough to unlock the secrets in his head.


Michael Westen - The Spy
Burned, Blacklisted, and left in the cold. Michael Weston seeks to return to his duty for the United States. He was contacted by a woman in need of help. She's a reporter who has dug to deep into something big and now it seems everyone is after her. Seeing this as a chance to win a favor with the government by uncovering the secret Michael accepts, but had no idea what he was getting into. Whether it's gathering information, breaking into the highest of security fortresses, or laying out some well place explosive, Weston can do it all and on a minimum wage budget. He's the Macgyver of the group.


Ethan Hunt - The Master of Disguise
As a member of the Impossible Mission Force Hunt is use to performing missions without full knowledge of it's importance. But when on a routine mission Hunt discovers that if he succeeds it would have incredible repercussions against the US. Realizing that IMF has been compromised, Hunt goes on a journey to clean out whatever has corrupted the agency.

Like with all great agents, they need good Support. Operating from their clean nearby base and only called when needed.

Tech Support:

Chloe O'brien and Luther Stickell

Arms Supplier

Fiona Glenanne and Q.

Back up

Felix Leiter, Sam Axe, Tony Almeida

First Arc Villains
As the story progresses, the team finds their way deeper into the plot, but on their way they encounter numerous villains trying to kill them.


Mathilda Lando - Hitman
From the film "The Professional" Little Matilda has grown up and decided to follow in Léon's profession as a cleaner. Now one of the best of the business she is initially hired to take out Jason Bourne but her assignment is altered to go for the entire team.


Bryan Mills - You Don't Want to Know
He's a good guy, retired from the CIA, his past and what he did is not revealed. He has been called in by the agency to stop the The League. Believing that they are rogue agents plotting the next great terror attack. Bryan feels honor bound to accept this mission due to someone calling in a big favor. He is on the same level as any of the team. Will he realize the truth, and how many will he take out before then?

More characters will have either cameos, reoccurring characters, villains, or future main characters like Chev Chelios, Tony Jaa, John McClain, Dirt Harry, Rambo, Beatrix Kiddo, Tyler Durden, and more

This is a group of Alpha dogs going after and invisible enemy. They will not get along, they will all try to take the leads. Chain of Command is in shambles, but when **** goes down they pull together and do something very Bad ***.

Creative Team
Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch
I'm not too savvy on Writers and artist. But I'm going to have Warren Ellis, because of Ultimate Nightmare which handle concepts of government cover ups very well. And Bryan Hitch because of how Ultimates 2 character had basis of famous actors, but still enough originality to keep the character feel authentic and not just caricatures of famous people.
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I approve.
But I feel like it should have Staham's character from Crank.

I decided to add a line to compensate for Bad asses left out either because they didn't quite fit the team, Which is much more spy oriented, or I just don't have enough room to include them all
The Pitch

Three legendary samurai and a big cat-bus have been assembled by the Shogun to steal a priceless thing from a super-secret clan of ninjas. But they later discover the Shogun's evil plan to use the priceless thingie's power to raise an army of undead soldiers and take over the world. So they team up with the ninjas and kick the Shogun's ***. The end.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Zatoichi (The Tale of Zatoichi, 1962)
Zatoichi is a blind swordsman and cultural icon in Japan, having appeared in 26 films and a 112-episode TV series since 1962. He even starred in a movie alongside Yojimbo character Sanjuro. In the series, he wanders around the country making his living as a masseur, and by gambling, performing acupuncture, singing, and playing music. Zatoichi has a keen sense of hearing and uses it to his advantage when fighting off gangsters.

Sanjuro (Yojimbo, 1961)
Sanjuro is the inspiration for Sergio Leone's Man with No Name. As such, he's sometimes referred to as "The Ronin with No Name." As you can guess, Sanjuro (whose name means "thirty-ish male") is a wandering ronin who goes around convincing people to hire him as protection from the other (yojimbo means "bodyguard"). Like his Western equivalent, he takes on various nicknames; he makes up the surname Kuwabatake ("mulberry field") while looking at a mulberry field, and Tsubaki ("camellia") after seeing a camellia plant outside the window.

Yuki Kashima (Lady Snowblood, 1973)
Lady Snowblood was the inspiration for the Bride/O-Ren swordfight in Kill Bill: Volume One. The character, like O-Ren, has sought to avenge her family's death, and is extremely deadly with a sword. Yuki is the token female on this team.

Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro, 1988)
The League needs some kind of transportation. I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to pick. Catbus is freaking awesome though. He can fly and disappear at will. I didn't want Lone Wolf and Cub. I know this kinda throws the realism scale off a bit, but the group would be on opium half the time anyway. Catbus would be the only "fictional" character. Just think of him a mythical figure like a dragon or something.


The Shogun

& His Undead Cronies

Tag and Bink?

The Creative Team

Mel Romane
Niko Neville
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It started off great, but you lost me at Catbus

Yeah I know. Couldn't think of any more characters. But I still wanted a team with badasses like Zatoichi and Sanjuro and Lady Snowblood.

Same thing happened when I tried to put together a team with Sallah from Indiana Jones. I just couldn't think of anyone else to put in there.
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