Dream-Teaming Vol. 2 Round #1: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw.......


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Jun 29, 2006
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Okay, you're an assistant editor at the comic book publisher of your choice. You're boss comes in and tells you to drum up some roster ideas for a team-book they'd like to set-up for a future creative team to write. He asks for a proposal including: The roster of the team, The driving idea, explanations for character choices, and the creative team you'd like to see.

THE RULES------------------------

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the team in question to be built. This team will serve as the inspiration for teams posted in the round, which should be at least 4, but no more than 10. Teams can either be the team suggested, a spin-off, or an entirely new pitch using the type of characters/situations/antagonists often seen in the chosen team.

2) You may not use more than 4 characters common in anyone else's team in the round, as in if team one has characters a,b,c,d,e, team two can have characters a,b,c,d in common, but cannot use character e. The team posted first takes priority.

3) You must write a BRIEF two or three sentence plot summary, an explanation for each team member, and a summary/abstract of the first year of the book.

4) After TEN DAYS, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

5) The winner declared gets to choose the team in the next round.

This Round:

They are not Super-Heroes, the were born into this, protecting a world that hates and fears them, they are


Re: Dream-Teaming Vol. 2 Round #1: abcdefghicklmnopqrstuvw.......

damnit I put a c instead of a j in the alphabet in the thread title
My team:

The X-Jammers


Cyclops inherited Xaviers path, Havok has inherited Corsairs, as far as I'm concerned this is the role he was created for. He's fought as a revolutionairy since Vulcan took power, now that war has been won. He re-dubbs The Starjammers as the X-Jammers, to emblamize the X-influence thats taken over the team as of late. They used to be pirates fighting a curropt tyrant, now they will fight to further the Shi'ar administration under Gladiator, becoming the Shi'ar's equivalent of The Avengers.


Since becoming a horse-men of Apocalypse, her powers have become much too powerful to be earth bound, her deep connection with Alex drives her to remain space-bound, her relations with the Inhuman/Kree empire will also prove to be a great boon to the team.

Marvel Girl:

The Shi'ar death forces murdered her entire family, she remains with the X-Jammers in hopes to gain some sense of closure, that coupled with the mysterious removal of her and Korvus's phoenix force will be a large part of her character arc in the series.


outside of his relationship with Rachel, Korvus descends from a disgraced family line, by joining the X-Jammers he intends to try and redeem his family in the eyes of the Shi'ar people. In public he'll be treated like a leper and so on, but he'll fight to gain the peoples acceptance.


He's the Crocodile-Thing, nobody pilots The Starjammer but him, nobody, this teams legacy is vitally important to him and he desperately want to honor his fallen Starjammer comrades Corsair and Lilandra.

Raza Longknife:

Still recovering from the mental anguish the symbiote inflicted on him, he feels that he needs to remain with the X-Jammers to retain some sense of sanity in his life. Coupled with the fact that this is practically all he's done in his long life and his bromance with Ch'od he's a permanent fixture to this team.


Her being on Earth has served one purpose thus far, so people can say she's the girl dating Warpath, nothing has been done with the character, it's time for her to return to the stars, and show what she's really capable of.

Adam X:

Regardless of his prior status as the potential 3rd Summers brother, this guy is the last of the Neramani bloodline and the rightful heir to the Shi'ar throne. Gladiator realizing this is what kicks off the first arc, he sends the Starjammers to earth to retrieve him and offer him his royal status. He immediately declines it saying he is nowhere near mature or noble enough to run an empire, so he will officially become next in line, and when he's ready he will be placed on the throne. This character will undergo massive growth over the course of the series going from the 90's X-treme reject, to praised ruler of an empire.


She is sentient Shi'ar technology, and none of the X-books are really using her, it seems like this book could use one of those uptight type of characters. Plus with all the upheival in the Shi'ar empire, the technology is falling way behind, and various science missions are becoming stranded, she will be in charge of reconstructing the Shi'ar Infrastructure and will act as the team techie


Since in the first arc they will be paying a visit to earth, to pick up Adam, Danger, and Hepzibah. Alex and Lorna make a personal mission to go and catch up with their old team-mates from X-Factor. This causes a bit of a house party with the two teams hanging out. While everyone is catching up, Darwin learns of what happened to Vulcan and that he might not be dead, feeling a sort of responsibility to his former team-mate, Darwin decides to join the X-Jammers, in hopes that he might be able to find Vulcan and try and convince him to turn good again.

Summary of the first year:

The first year will sort of be a "Galactic Tour" kinda thing. The first 3 issue arc will take the team from the Shi'ar homeworld, to the Peak to clear through some red-tape, to Utopia plus some nice character moments between Scott and Alex, and X-Factor investigations as a sort of unwinding issue, the whole thing will be a sort of recruitment drive type thing.

The second 3 issue arc will deal with the team heading back to the Shi'ar empire, on the way they will get attacked and be left stranded in space with the Brood infesting the ship after sending an S.O.S. and fighting back the Sleazoids they will be rescued by Nova and the Nova corps who helps them clear out the Brood, but their ship is beyond repair so the Nova Starship Resolute Duty tows them to Knowhere for repairs. The Nova Corps turn over Darkhawk so he can face his trial, for the death of Lilandra, so after a bit of downtime with the Guardians the X-Jammers are accompanied by Darkhawk and Nova head to the Shia'r empire.

The third 3 issue arc, will swing through the Kree empire with a little headbutting with the Inhuman's. The X-Jammers are halted by Sentries and forced to speak with the royal family, where Medusa accuses them of conspiracy to aid in the Shi'ar succesion from the new Inhuman empire. Seeing the presence of Adam as more than enough evidence that the Shi'ar want to seperate. It will be Adam's introduction to royal politics, and he'll surprise all with a very eloquent speech telling Medusa that she is absolutely correct that the Shi'ar will be succeding, eventually, but they have done nothing wrong yet, so she has to release them.

Finally the 4th 3 issue arc will be "The Trial of the Darkhawk" where Nova will try and argue Darkhawks case while counsellor Araki (secretly Raptor) seeks to have Darkhawk executed for the death of Lilandra, the X-Jammers will act as his protectors for when the inevitable asssasination attempts. Wich comes in the form of a collection of other Raptor assasins trying to kill Darkhawk under Raptor's orders. Ultimately Adam will once get a chance to shine, addressing Gladiator in public managing to clear Darkhawk of all charges while pacifying the peoples desire for blood.

Future arcs will include a sinister new host for the Phoenix, the discovery of Vulcan, another attack by the Brood, and the discovery of Adam X's true origins.
Sure why not, it never really said they wouldn't anywhere in the previous games. If someone manages to win three rounds in a row or something though they should forfeit the round to the second place winner.

I only posted it, because it's been a story I've been kicking around for the last week
Sorry, Gem. I'm all about this game sticking around, but I just don't have much interest in the X-family.
I'm in the same boat as Zombi. My interest in X-Men nowadays (and even in the past) has pretty much become null.

I'll still try and think of an entry for this game though.

This team of X-Men will be restructured as a group of A-List superheroes fighting for not mutant rights but the safety of everyone in the world. Operating out of Asteroid M, Scott Summer's new band of X-Men act in a capacity as world peacekeepers; saving lives mutant and human alike to form a peaceful coexistence on Earth. Picking a team of the biggest heavy hitters he can find, Scott assembles a team of mutants and mutant associates as mutant kind's answer to the Avengers.

The Front Man; Scott Summers, Cyclops:

The Big Brain; Henry McCoy, the Beast:

The Distraction; Danielle Moonstar, Mirage:

The Tank; James Proudstar, Warpath:

The Scout; Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver:

The Jack of All-Trades; Rhea Sorbo, Mimic

The Person of Mass Destruction; Vargas:

The Futurist; Mutant Omega:

The Enforcer; Fantomex:

Character explanations to come.
Academy X
Jean Grey knew she was returning for a reason, to be a symbol of something greater than herself, to reignite the mutant movement in the world against a great force that was holding back Mutant/Human relations. The last thing she expected would be that the force she would need to rise against would be her ex-husband and self-declared leader of the island nation Utopia, Cyclops. Returning to Westchester, Grey opens a new school to humans and mutants alike with the goal of bringing together the brightest minds of both species to help build a better tomorrow. This is beyond Xavier's dream, and so the new school no longer bears his name. This is The Grey Institute for Higher Learning. This is Academy X.


Jean Grey – Headmistress of The Grey Institute for Higher Learning


Hank McCoy – Dean of Studies, Professor of Biology


Rogue – Leader of the Peacekeepers, Head of Security


Darwin – Peacekeeper, Assistant Head of Security


Piotr Rasputin – Peacekeeper, Professor of Fine Arts
Kitty Pryde – Peacekeeper, School Counselor


Kurt Wagner – Peacekeeper, Professor of Religious Studies


Charles Xavier – Professor of Interspecies Relations

Character Explanations to come.

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