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Dec 23, 2004
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I know this type of thing is mentioned in many a thread here on UC, but I thought (uh oh) of starting a thread dedicated to discussing your ideas about dream teams on the Ultimate titles.

So, to get the ball rolling, I'll start with my dream teams for the four core Ultimate titles, and one extra.

Ultimate Spiderman: Sean McKeever as writer, Takeshi Miyazawa on pencils.

Ultimate X Men: Brian K Vaughan as writer, Adrian Alphona on pencils.

Ultimate Fantastic Four: Judd Winick as writer, Stuart Immonen on pencils.

Ultimates 3: Warren Ellis as writer, John Cassaday on pencils.

Ultimate Avengers: Mark Millar as writer, Mike McKone on pencils.
MY dream teams are already on all there books. I like the teams just as they are. EXCEPT the only thing i would change is to replace immonen on Ultimate X-Men with Gary Frank or Darick Robertson
Ultimates 3: Millar and Hitch. :D

Ultimate Fantastic 4: Grant Morisson (IMAGINE!....THE INSANITY!) and Greg Land.
Irish_4204 said:
Greg Land is overrated.
The hell he ain't. Greg Land is great. Art is very beautiful, fine, smooth looking, and has that hint of realism in it that makes it such a great artwork to see.
moonmaster said:
Ultimate Fantastic 4: Grant Morisson (IMAGINE!....THE INSANITY!) and Greg Land.
That would be nice. Very nice. I don't care who the artist is when Grant Morrison's doing the writing, but that's mostly because Morrison's likely to pull on cool artists when he does the writing chores.

My vote would be for Cameron Stewart, he's already done some insane stuff involving undersea pyramids and sentient foodstuffs on Seaguy and subway pirates on Manhattan Guardian. It's the kind of stuff that's just perfect for the high concept insanity that the UFF tends to attract.

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