Dreamcasting #15 - Miracleman


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Feb 23, 2005


The rules, ladies and gentlemen:

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After two weeks, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.


You must cast:

Miracleman/Mike Moran

Michael Moran is a reporter haunted by dreams of flying. After speaking the word "KIMOTA", he becomes a superhero named Miracleman, and regains countless memories of superhero adventures that he enjoyed as a child. But no one else remembers these adventures, and no record exists of them. Miracleman slowly uncovers his dark and unsettling past, and in turn, decides his divine destiny.

It should be noted that Mike Moran and Miracleman differ greatly in appearance and personality. Though they are similar looking, you may cast them as separate actors if you wish.

Liz Moran
Mike Moran's loving wife. As her husband's life becomes ever-stranger, she must come to terms with what it means to love both a man and a god.

Kid Miracleman/Johnny Bates
Kid Miracleman (Johnny Bates) was once Miracleman's loyal sidekick. When Mike regains his memories, he reunites with Bates-now a corporate executive-but discovers that Johnny never turned back into his true self and has been living as Kid Miracleman for years. In the intervening years, he has become startlingly powerful and has developed a terrifyingly sadistic personality. Kid Miracleman is one's worst nightmare: A hate-filled sociopath in the body of a superhero.

Dr. Gargunza
The former Nazi geneticist responsible for the experiments that birthed Miracleman. Now hiding in South America, he is a disturbed and evil man. He wishes to use Miracleman's child as a vessel for his own consciousness.

Evelyn Cream
A British Secret Service agent with sapphire teeth and a badass persona. He helps Miracleman discover his past while grappling with his own issues of racial identity and heritage.

Another god-like product of Gargunza's experiments. As Miracleman becomes more powerful, he leaves Liz for Miraclewoman.

Optional Choices:

Winter - Miracleman and Liz's nearly omnipotent daughter.
Aza Chorn - an alien Warpsmith, with the ability to teleport himself or anything else anywhere in the universe.
Firedrake - Huey Moon, possesses fire powers and is the only non-Miracleman related superhero on Earth.
Young Miracleman - former Miracleman sidekick, returned to life and unhappy with the things Miracleman has done.

Good luck and happy casting.
Much like Alan Moore's first issue, the movie opens like thus:

It opens in 1956.

Johnny Bates, aka Kid Miracleman, witnesses the arrival of the future Kommandant Garrer of the Science Gestapo and his Atomic Storm Troopers! They come from the improbable future of 1981!

Johnny Bates says his power word, "Miracleman!" and turns into Kid Miracleman, along with Dicky Dauntless who becomes Young Miracleman. Miky Moran says his keyword, "Kimota!" and becomes MIRACLEMAN!

And the trio fight and defeat the science gestapo! And then they sit around and laugh!

Then it all freezes on the trio smiling.

"Behold", a commanding voice beckons, moving closer into Miracleman's smiling, twinkling face "I teach you the superman:" closer into his eye "He is this lightning..." his eye "He is this madness!" We fall into his pupil, where the title "MIRACLEMAN" appears.

We are introduced to Mike Moran and his wife, Liz, and they are the most mediocre and average couple you've ever seen. They're not special. They're just normal. Mike complains about his bad headaches and strange visions he's been having, but Liz shrugs him off, and tells him to enjoy his day.

We then cut to a power plant where Mike Moran, a freelance reporter, is interviewing the workers. Suddenly, terrorists take over the building and keep everyone hostage at gunpoint. Mike is hit on the head, and while on the ground, notices the word "Atomic" backwards... something rings a bell. He speaks the word "Kimota!" and is instantly turned into Miracleman. He's back.

He easily defeats the terrorists, saves everyone, and flies back home. He's remember his magic word and proceeds to tell his wife about it. His wife is wary at first, but eventually understands.

Miracleman remembers his former friends, and eventually tracks one of them down. Kid Miracleman, or Johnny Bates as he is now known, is a very successful businessman. Mike tells him how he's remember his word, but Johnny cannot remember his. However, this is all turns out to be a lie, as Johnny turns into Kid Miracleman and attacks his former friend!

An epic battle begins across the city, injuring and killing many. Eventually Miracleman manages to stop his former friend and notices all of the damage he is done... and he knows it's going to get a lot worse.

The movie continues, with Miracleman encountering the assassin Mr. Cream, tracking down his "true" origin, encountering the terrible Dr. Gargunza, and even falling in love with a Miraclewoman.

Needless to say, this movie would be the movie to end all superhero movies.

(I have a headache now. Thanks for Bass for typing up the original beginning in the Miracleman thread. :))

And now, for my cast:

Mike Moran - Moran is just an average man. He's not important, he's not special. Originally, I wanted to see Simon Pegg play this, as it would be interesting to see him in more of a serious role. Otherwise, Stephen Rea (Finch in V For Vendetta) could play him well, I believe.

Miracleman - Miracleman... will not be played by anyone. I wanted to show the difference between normal people and superheroes, and therefore the superheroes will all be hyper realistic CGI. The appearance will be based on the comic appearance, and I guess he'd be voiced by Rea, but I can't remember if Miracleman had a different personality/voice etc. to Moran.

Liz Moran - For some reason, I really want to see Selma Blair play this. When I see her in movies like Hellboy and stuff, I don't see her as particularly special or attractive, yet she is in her own way.

Johnny Bates - Timothy Olyphant. I think he would play the evil side of Johnny/Kid Miracleman well, while still presenting a boyish charm to him. Kid Miracleman would be CGI, but probably based on Olyphant's facial expressions/voice.

Dr. Gargunza - Simon McBurney. This guy played a terrific creepy villain in The Manchurian Candidate and I want to see him playing more villains. So let him play this terrible villain and he'd play it well.

Evelyn Cream - I don't have anyone in particular, but I can't shake the image of Samuel L. Jackson out of my head. I think this is pretty bad, but I think it could work. I don't know. As long as Jackson can show the remorseful side of Cream, I think it could work.

Miraclewoman - I can't remember what she did in the comic, but she'd also be CGI. Voiced by a female, obviously.

I realize most of the actors are Americans, but I don't care. I don't look at nationality and stuff most of the time, but I look at their skills as an actor/actress.

Although, if I directed this movie, I'd probably use mostly unknowns to give it that "who are these people?" feeling I had when I first began to read Miracleman.
****. You.

I had Simon Pegg like two hours ago when I compiled my cast.

It'll be posted in the next half-hour.
Miracleman Dreamcast


Miracleman - Daniel Craig
Towards the beginning, I'm thinking that Miracleman will look more like Mike Moran, becoming more and more distinctly his own person as Miracleman takes on a personality of his own... Leaving his human life behind to become something closer to a diety


Mike Moran - Simon Pegg
The Role of Mike Moran is a pretty sad one, and given the pseudo-depressing edge his comedies have tended to exhibit, I know this is something Pegg can pull off... He has to go through finding out that his wife's child is not his own, but rather the child of this immensely powerful being that is not quite himself. He has to choose whether to embrace his imperfect life or become a part of something greater, and I think the real tragedy of it all is that he chooses to become MM permanently. Pegg would only really be in the first movie, and briefly in the second, before Craig took over the role full time.


Liz Moran - Mary Louise Parker
MLP is simply one of the greatest Actresses of all time, in this man's oppinion... She's not perfect, she's utterly human... Roles like that of Liz Moran are MLP's bread and butter, and for good reason. She is a woman who decides that she doesn't want to become a God, she accepts who she is, and the pain and sorrow that it brings when Miracleman leaves her.


Kid Miracleman - Jude Law
Jude Law has played bad guys, but he's never played a purely evil character, and thats what makes him fit so perfectly... He has an innocence to him that's calming and he's always charming... To have somebody play the human embodiment of evil, you can't cast somebody who looks evil, you have you cast somebody who looks like he could talk you into just about anything. Imagine Jude Law tearing people apart in the streets of London.


Johnny Bates - Alexander Gould
Innocent Little Boy who is trying to keep a great amount of evil inside of himself... He was the first to come to mind.


Dr. Gargunza - Ben Kingsley
I can't think of Anybody who could do a better Job. He just fits the role in every possible way. I can just imagine him being held by Craig right outside Earth's Atmosphere, being kissed by the god he has created before plummeting back to the surface of the planet.


Evelyn Cream - Michael Clarke Duncan
Yes, This is two Dreamcasts in a row that I'm using Mr. Duncan, but you know what? He fits... In ninety percent of the pictures of MCD you'll see a great big smile that would look great with a set of saphire teeth... I chose a picture with some modern Sunglasses to show how you could make the character a little less 80's... Just give him a white suit and some shiny blue teeth, and you got yourself Mr. Cream.


Miraclewoman - Keira Knightly
Miraclewoman accepts that she is a goddess, and leads Miracleman to accept himself for what he actually is. I'm not sure that Keira is exactly the best choice, but she fits the role as a beautiful goddess to rule Olympus with her fellow dieties over all of humanity.

I'll have the others up later tonight.

Kid Miracleman - Jude Law
Jude Law has played bad guys, but he's never played a purely evil character, and thats what makes him fit so perfectly... He has an innocence to him that's calming and he's always charming... To have somebody play the human embodiment of evil, you can't cast somebody who looks evil, you have you cast somebody who looks like he could talk you into just about anything. Imagine Jude Law tearing people apart in the streets of London.

Good one.
Screw it I'll wait till the next round. There's no way I could beat anyone without reading this.
I've never picked up a Marvelman/Miracleman comic book in my life, so I apologize if this cast wrong.

Mike Moran/Miracleman - Paul Bettany
Paul Bettany looks just like Miracleman IMO.

Johnny Bates/Kid Miracleman - Matthew Goode OR Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Goode's playing Ozymandias in Watchmen. I think he'd make a better MM.

Sorry, I don't know enough about the other characters to cast them....I don't know what they look like....
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Mike Moran


Liz Moran


Kid Miracleman/Johnny Bates


Dr. Gargunza


Evelyn Cream


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Optional Choices:



Aza Chorn




Young Miracleman
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I'm proud of my cast.

I literally just put this together in the last twenty minutes, except for one or two choices. I agonized over this far less than I did with previous casts.

Whether that signifies that my cast is crap or not is for you to decide.

Without further ado,...


Miracleman/Mike Moran: Edward Norton


There are plenty of actors I could think of that look like Miracleman or Mike Moran, but there are few actors I can come up with that could stand up to the challenge of playing two very complex characters. I believe Ed Norton is qualified in both areas. He's an excellent actor with a taste for duel personality characters. (The narrator of Fight Club, and his upcoming role as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk) He may not seem like typical superhero material, but Miracleman isn't the typical superhero.

Liz Moran: Jennifer Connelly


I consider this a bit of a filler choice. I would've wanted to go with someone a bit more ... "exotic". (That means "not white", for those not versed in political correctness) But Hollywood happens to be lacking in that department, so I went with Jennifer Connelly. She's pretty, but she can play it down to a reasonable degree (Liz needs to be significantly less stunning than Miraclewoman, more of a "real" woman) and she's one of those actresses who's sort of cornered the market on the "concerned wife" role. This one is subject to change though, pending a better choice.

Kid Miracleman: Jaoquin Pheonix


Kid Miracleman is a bit of a difficult one ... But I think Jaoquin Pheonix is a good choice. He can play charming and normal, but he has a great sinister side as well. I'm honestly surprised that he doesn't play more villains. I would say that casting Johnny Bates is slightly irrelevant. They could pick an unknown, Bates doesn't play a huge role in the story anyways. (DSF: Jude Law is an excellent choice. Wish I'd thought of it)

Dr. Gargunza: Anthony Hopkins


I was considering Malcolm McDowell for Gargunza but I've used him before and he plays these kinds of characters all the time. Anthony Hopkins does as well, but I've never cast him in anything. :) I think he's a great physical match and if Hannibal Lecter doesn't give you the chops to play a sociopath like Dr. Gargunza, I don't know what does.

Evelyn Cream: Laurence Fishburne


Sam Jackson seems like the go-to choice, but I don't think it matches up. I really like Laurence Fishburne in this role. I think he could be the badass British agent and the vulnerable man that Cream is. And I think his voice is just perfect, as well.

Miraclewoman: Charlize Theron


This was not a hard choice. Miraclewoman is a tall, ethereal superwoman, something I think would fit Charlize Theron very well. She certainly has the looks and she has a lot of range.

I shall cast some of the optional choices in due time.

I've read some Miracleman, not much, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. Here goes nothing.

Kevin McKidd as Miracleman/Mike Moran

He's a lesser-known actor but he's got impressive chops. I remembered him most as Tommy from "Trainspotting" but he was also solid as Lucius Vorenus on HBO's "Rome". It's rumored on imdb and other sites that he's up for the role of Thor but I'll believe it when I see it. I think he's got the looks, the build and the skills to do Miracleman and his alter ego Mike Moran.

Carrie-Anne Moss as Liz Moran

Carrie-Anne has the ability to play an everywoman and display a wide range of emotions which would be neccessary for the role of Liz. She's good looking but not supermodel hot, the attainable beauty if you will.

Michael Pitt as Kid Miracleman

Pitt can go from one extreme to another. He's got a good track record playing sociopaths/psychopaths who find a chink in the system's armor and exploit it, just watch his performances in "Murder by Numbers" and his appearances on "Law & Order: SVU" for examples. I won't reccomend/cast an actor to play the younger Johnny Bates because I don't keep up with too many child actors, but as for the darker, more mature aspects of Kid Miracleman, I think Pitt is a good choice.

Harvey Keitel as Dr. Gargunza

I choose Keitel because the man can play just about any role, and I've never really seen him play a downright evil bastard.... well, besides Satan in "Little Nicky" but that movie was a dud and Satan didn't seem as evil as I'd usually imagine him. I blame bad writing. At any rate, I'd love to see Keitel pull of the often sugar-coated version of evil that comes across with Dr. Gargunza, a man who would smile for you as he thrust a knife in your heart.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Evelyn Cream

There are any number of actors who could play this role but not too many who could actually make you believe this role and I think Akinnuoye-Agbaje can. He's always been on top of his game, from his role as Adebisi on "Oz" to Mr. Eko on "Lost". He's an imposing presence and with a mouthful of ice he'd be great as Evelyn Cream.

Chloe Sevigny as Miraclewoman

I could never see Sevigny playing any more mainstream superheroine. She's just not right for your Invisible Woman, Supergirl types. Miraclewoman, however, is right up her alley. She has handsome, muscular features and outstanding range as an actress. I think the subtleties she would bring to the table would be most effective.
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