Dreamcasting # 2: The Ultimates

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Still...a most impressive roster. Although I am sad that you couldn't cast Thor.
It would take me months of research watching MORE DVDs.

It took me a whole week just to cast Wasp because I had to go through a lot of Asian American actresses, and Asians aren't really given a lot of acting breadth in film. They're generally relegated to character cliches, regardless of whether that cliche is an race-oriented stereotype or not.

I couldn't use flat out Asians either, such as Zhang Zi Yi or Japanese dorama actresses because the role of Wasp requires they speak clear English with no accents. Granted, it's not out of the realm of possibility for an American superhuman operative of Asian descent to be a non-English speaker, but her name is Janet VAN DYNE, which implies she's got some kind of American heritage and upbringing.

Victor Von Doom said:
Another canidate for Thor that others have mentioned has been Josh Holloway from Lost

I don't watch Lost myself. I purposely AVOID trying to see Lost mostly to get a rise out of Compound.

Victor Von Doom said:
I think I am most happiest at the fact that you cast Dennis Haysbert as Fury. Most people only know him for his President Palmer role.....but if you're able to download or catch some clips of Haysbert as Jonas Blaine from CBS's "The Unit"...
I've seen bits of The Unit on the local crime suspense channel. However, I've seen him in numerous smaller parts across TV and film before, most notably as Dr. Theodore Morris in the short-lived series Now and Again. Along with his ability to play a sense of ambiguity to the camera, these roles are what won me over.

However, I recognize him also as a voice actor (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas[/i], Killowog of the Green Lantern Corps from JL/JLU), and I honestly think he should play an animated Ultimate Thor. I honestly think an animated Thor should be played by a ferocious black film actor with a VO resume like Keith David or Avery Brooks.

But it's Haysbert's voice I hear when I read the line, "Idiots! You came to me because you wanted a better way! Now what are you acting like? A bunch of frat boys!" from Ultimates 2 # 2: Dead Man Walking.
Re: Dreamcasting - Round Two

Booster Gold - I AM DRAWING A TOTAL BLANK FOR BOOSTER!!! RAWWR!! It needs to be someone good with Stupid Comedy, someone who can genuinely look like he doesn't know what people are talking about. He also would need to play off Jason Bateman well... I'd almost suggest Will Arnett, but then we'd have the Bluth Children, sans Buster... Any Ideas?

Chris Pratt - Bright on Everwood... the heartfelt jock bully and later close friend of the lead... if anything he'd be a little young, but maybe that would help the dynamic between him and Beetle.

i know this is old news, but im happy to finish my cast. :D

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