Dreamcasting #33: 52


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Jan 20, 2008
The Rules:

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After ten days, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.



You Must Cast:

Booster Gold

Renee Montoya

The Question

Ralph Dibny

Animal Man

Adam Strange



Black Adam

Optional Picks:

Will Magnus


Natasha Irons

Lex Luthor

Rip Hunter


Mister Mind
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Booster Gold – Jay Mohr – I looked at Booster and I know he’s changed a bit now I’m casting the arrogant glory-hog version as that’s the one I know. Jay Mohr will give you exactly that. He can be really cocky and arrogant BUT has a a kind of slick , slimeball quality to him like Bill Murray use to. This to me makes him so believable as someone who stages been a hero at times based on already knowing been from the future and all.

Renee Montoya – Reiko Aylesworth – I just watched AvP Requiem the other night and I’ll admit I did not enjoy it that much. However I can see that Reiko Aylesworth playing Kelly the army chick in a lot of ways was similar to the character of Renee Montoya so I’m using her as I think it fits and fits very well.

The Question – Hugo Weaving – I know Hugo Weaving gets used a lot. But my reasoning behind this is , We never see his face. His voice and how he moves his body is the only thing we’ll see. It reminded me of how Hugo played V. And I was thinking played the same way it could be very cool.

Ralph Dibny – Nicholas Brendon – Every time I’ve see Elongated Man he has a smile on his face and anytime I’ve seen him he seems more kinder and a little innocent compared to other heroes so I was trying to find a guy with those qualities and straight away Nicholas Brendon came to my head and I looked at others but couldn’t find anyone better so I figured huh this is actually a cool pick.

Animal Man – Brad Beyer – he’s supposed to be like an average joe , everyman. So I picked an actor I thought best fit that type of person.

Adam Strange – Eric Johnson – Adam Strange is like one of the classic space heroes. Eric Johnson played Flash Gordon and while the show may have been bad he was actually good in that role and given a better script it could have worked. So he’s my pick.

Starfire – Alyssa Milano – I’m not use to Starfire in comics. I know her cartoon counterpart so I based my cast of her. She’s a little naïve but in a nice child like way that loveable, Alyssa Milano has all those qualities and since I know Starfire is grown up from the cartoon version I wantted an older person with the same qualities.

Steel – Terry Crews – Steel was the tough guy from What I remember and pretty much needs to look hard as he didn’t say much in the stuff I saw him in. That’s where Terry Crews comes in. He looks bad and looks like he can hurt you but also like the type of guy you would see at a construction site which is important. He could also act the part well.

Black Adam – Adam Baldwin – An evil captain marvel? Adam Baldwin looks like the captain Marvel type but normally plays tough guys or bad guys. This In my opinion is a chance to capitalize on that fact and put him as Black Adam (I did not pick him based on his name been Adam though that is a cool coincidence)
Aw, yeeeeeeeeeah!

I like the casting of Jay Mohr as Booster Gold.

All I can think of right now is Angelina Jolie as Lady Styx, but I'll try to get something together for the whole cast.
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I like most of those Mole but I'm not sure about your Black Adam or Elongated Man.

Ok, there’s no way in hell this is a movie, which is why I say make it a miniseries on Showtime or HBO. This will enable the darker and essential moments such as Black Adam ripping Terra-Man apart and Renee Montoya waking up in bed with another woman possible. This is why I picked actors who are mostly known for their roles in television or darker roles. And since these characters are b-listers at best you need people who won’t overwhelm the other actors.



Booster Gold: Jeremy Piven
You know Booster Gold would be a likable guy, you know if he weren’t a complete *******. Booster’s not a hero at all at the beginning of the story. But when he realizes his greater role in history as the heroic Supernova, he sucks it up and becomes an actual hero. Take Jeremy Piven’s role as sleaze-ball Ari Gold and I think he can completely channel the douche bag that Booster Gold is. But I also think that he can be the noble hero that Booster is as Supernova. Plus it would be great to see him argue with himself in the whole series as Booster and Nova.


Renee Montoya: Michelle Rodriguez
A little cliché perhaps, but ever since seeing her in Lost I’ve always pegged Michelle Rodriguez as Renee Montoya. Renee doesn’t want to be in this situation at all but does so because she knows full well that it’s the right thing to do. Montoya’s also got to be able to go back and forth with the Question in the duration of the series. I think Rodriguez could do this perfectly.



The Question: Hugh Laurie
The Question is very important in the overall story because he’s the one that would be putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together. The Question’s completely sarcastic compared to the complete train wreck that Montoya is. For the neurotic conspiracy theorist I think Dr. House himself would be perfect for the role of Charlie. And imagine Laurie saying the lines, “The tips of shoelaces are called Aglets, their true purpose is sinister.”



Ralph Dibny: Kevin Bacon
This is the one big actor that I chose for this grouping because Dibny was this big celebrity before the death of his wife Sue. You would witness the progression that Ralph takes after the death of his wife Sue. I think it would be amazing to see him go through a metahuman version of the five stages of grief. I pick Bacon because of the light-hearted roles he had early in his career, and the eventual darker roles that he would have in movies such as Death Sentence. I think he would bring that obsessive drive to bring his wife to life that Ralph has in the entire series.



Steel: Taye Diggs
Steel’s facing a moral dilemma through the entirety of the series. While he’s opposed to the idea of Luthor having his own army of superheroes, he uses the stainless steel skin that Luthor forced him to live with. He’s also got to contend with his niece agreeing with Luthor over him completely. I think Taye Diggs would bring the humanity to John Henry Irons in order to make him a truly tragic yet heroic character.
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Animal Man: Michael Vartan
Buddy Baker might just be the most normal of all of the superheroes. He’s a family man who just wants to get home and see his wife and kids. He’s also got to feel awkward hanging out with the commando Strange and the sex-crazed Starfire. I would think Vartan would bring the everyman point of view to the character that would be essential to playing off the insanity that would be their journey back to Earth from the Rann-Thanagar War.



Adam Strange: Alexis Denisof
Strange is very different than his cohorts in the search to return home from outer-space. He’s got a military mind and he’s trying to find a way back home. But like Buddy he’s also got a family back home on Rann that he needs to see desperately. I’ve seen Denisof in Angel and I think that he would bring that obsessive ability to the screen in order to play the determined Strange.



Starfire: Megan Fox
Starfire was originally written as being an alien sex-crazed teen for the Titans back when the original Teen Titans appeared. She really continued this trend in 52 but was more warrior oriented and more manipulative, especially involving Lobo. She’d of course have to have a perfect body and be able to be the tough princess that’s on the mission with Strange and Baker. Really, why wouldn’t Fox be able to play Starfire?



Black Adam: Arnold Vosloo
Black Adam’s interesting in that he doesn’t prescribe to the moral codes that other superheroes believe in, but with the introduction of Isis into his life he becomes an ultimate force for good. Of course this is until he goes bat-**** crazy and destroys and entire nation. Arnold Vosloo played the ultimate force for evil in the Mummy films, but when confronted with his loved one his softer side shines through somewhat. I’d like him to tone down his performance in that to be a badass and believable Black Adam.
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I would do a cast, but at least half of it would be stolen from bluebeast's.
I have a cast done and even the reasons. I just have to search for the right pics. And since I'm in MD right now with family for the extended weekend....I haven't had a chance to get on the internet.

So yeah...I'm working on mine. Although it'll be smaller than the rest because I didn't care for the space-travel portions of 52.
Booster Gold: Glenn Howerton

Renee Montoya: Michelle Rodriguez

The Question: Christopher Meloni

Ralph Dibny: Kevin Bacon

Animal Man: Zack Braff

Adam Strange: Russell Crowe

Starfire: Britney Daniel

Steel: Wesley Snipes
Will Magnus: Tom Hanks

Batwoman: Mila Jovovich

Lex Luthor: Jeff Bridges

Rip Hunter: Sam Neill

Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson is perfect. I can't top this. but that isn't my pick since it's against the rules.

Isis: Adriana Lima

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