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Sep 6, 2004
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1. The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner may also declare whether this property is an animated film, or a live-action one. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2. Participants may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film/TV ones.

3. After the time period set by the moderator, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4. The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round


Oh Dae-su - The film's protagonist, who has been imprisoned for 15 years and is currently searching for the man who did this to him.


Lee Woo-jin - The man behind Oh Dae-su's imprisonment


No Joo-hwan - Dae-su's friend and the owner of a cybercafe.

(unable to find a picture at the moment, thread will update with one later)

Mi-do - The girl that finds Oh Dae-su after his release and helps him on his quest for vengence.


Park Cheol-woong - Warden of the private run prison.

(unable to find a picture at the moment, thread will update with one later. Honestly, thats insane. The guy has some of the cooler moments. I thought his post hammer scene smile was a shoe in.)

Mr. Han - Woo-jin's bodyguard


The round will end on February 20th at 8pm EST. Voting will be begin then and will run until February 21st at 8pm EST when a winner will be declared.
This'll finally be a good excuse for me to watch this. It's the only part of the Vengeance trilogy that I still haven't seen.
Not seen this or read the Manga but here it goes


Oh Dae-su – Robin Shou, Loved him as Liu Kang in mortal Kombat and think he could play the hero of this story so here he is.

Lee Woo-jin – Yuji Okumoto – This is a bad guy role right? Who better than Chozen from Karate Kid II Might not be everyone's first choice but I like this pick.

No Joo-hwan – Paolo Montalban – I really can not explain this one I just felt he was best.

Mi-do – Eriko Tamura – Yaeko from heroes she is a pretty cool actress so why not?

Park Cheol-woong – Ken Watanabe , Why? He's Ken Watanabe someone was going to cast him in something why not do it myself.

Mr. Han – Jet Li – It's Jet Li do we really need an explanation?
Just to let everyone know, don't feel obligated to cast Asian actors or actresses for this one. If you want to do an Americanized remake go for it.

Kurt Russel for Oh Dae-su!

If I do this, I'll do it without any Asians.

I really want to see a cast out of you on this one.
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Just to let everyone know, don't feel obligated to cast Asian actors or actresses for this one. If you want to do an Americanized remake go for it.

:x Now you tell me! Oh well I stand by my cast as I wanted to do it before I disappear for 2 days :lol:

An adaptation of OLDBOY
Directed by MARTIN SCORCESE in the vein of THE DEPARTED

Little Italy.

Damarcus Ouranon, an American businessman, gangster, and father of two, sits drunkenly in a local police station while his old friend John Nagy bails him out. After Damarcus calls and talks to his 3-year-old daughter Jenny, John takes the phone to reassure Damarcus' estranged wife of his imminent return. After hanging up, John discovers that Damarcus is now missing. Days later, Damarcus awakens confined in the boiler room of a restaurant, his memory erased. He is not allowed visitors nor phone calls and is fed rye bread and truffles through a narrow slot. Experiencing hysteria and hallucinations during captivity, he frequently attempts suicide but is often gassed into unconsciousness. Damarcus, resigned to his fate, keeps himself occupied with shadowboxing and recording his years of captivity with tattoos. While watching television, Damarcus discovers that his wife has been murdered, his daughters sent to foster parents and that he himself is the prime murder suspect. Damarcus continues counting the years until one day, fifteen years later, when, as abruptly as he was captured, Damarcus is set free on the rooftop of a building with a new suit of clothes and his prison diaries.

While wandering the streets of Little Italy, Damarcus meets Milan, an escuelerie and apprentice at a local Italian restaurant who takes pity on Damarcus and brings him to her home. Unknown to Damarcus, Milan works at the same restaurant in which Damarcus was held captive for so many years. The next day, a man named Waylon Tremblay reveals himself as Damarcus' kidnapper and offers him a chance to play a game, in which he must discover Waylon's motives behind Damarcus' kidnapping. Milan will be killed if Damarcus fails; if Damarcus succeeds, however, then Waylon will kill himself. Aware of his question but still in the dark, Damarcus locates the restaurant that provided his food during his imprisonment and follows the delivery boy to his former prison. Once inside, Damarcus ambushes the warden and tortures him for information, which includes tape recordings that confirm Waylon's involvement in Damarcus' imprisonment, his only motive being that "Damarcus Ouranon talks too much." Damarcus fights his way out of the prison past hordes of guards, suffering several serious wounds before escaping. Later, he discovers that Waylon was his gangster apprentice. During the investigation, Damarcus and Milan grow closer together and become physically and emotionally intimate. Chasing his memories, Damarcus remembers having spied on Waylon's incestuous relationship with his sister Sarah and, being unaware of their genetic relationship, spread the rumor, which eventually grew to include a pregnancy. This led to Sarah's suicide and the delapidation of Waylon's name.

Damarcus confronts Waylon with the information and accuses him of killing his own sister to cover up the scandal. Waylon instead gives Damarcus a final gift, a photo album containing Damarcus' family portrait. As Damarcus flips through the album, he witnesses his daughter grow older in the pictures, until discovering that Milan is actually his daughter. Waylon reveals that Damarcus' kidnapping, incarceration, the murder of his wife and the upbringing of his daughter were all orchestrated to cause Damarcus and Milan commit incest, and that Waylon was Milan's adoptive father all along. A horrified Damarcus begs Waylon to conceal the secret from Milan, groveling for forgiveness before slicing out his own tongue and offering it to Waylon as a symbol of silence. Waylon agrees to space Milan from the traumatic knowledge and leaves Damarcus in his penthouse. As Waylon rides alone in the elevator, he is struck by the vivid memory of his sister's death and shoots himself in the head.

In the epilogue, Damarcus sits in a winter landscape, where he makes a deal with a hypnotist, asking for her help to allow him to forget the secret. She reads his pleas from a handwritten letter and, touched by his words, begins the hypnosis process, lulling him into unconsciousness. Hours later, Damarcus wakes up, the hypnotist gone, and stumbles about before finally meeting with Milan. They embrace, and the soft-spoken Milan tells Damarcus that she loves him. His large smile slowly disappears into a tortured grimace.

Damarcus Ouranon - Al Pacino
I can so picture Al Pacino in this role. In fact, he's the ONLY person I can picture as Dae-su in my remake.


Waylon Tremblay - Andy Garcia
If Al Pacino is the only person who can play Dae-su in my remake, then Garcia is the only one who can play Woo-jin. He's a cold, calculating, slimy son of ***** who wants revenge.

Milan - Vanessa Ferlito
I'm still not sure about this one. Ferlito is young, young enough to be Pacino's granddaughter.

John Nagy - Mark Consuelos
This is just a small role, and I picked Consuelos because he's part Italian (he's also of Mexican ancestry), and he looks like Mole's choice for Joo-hwan.

Mr. Han Solo - Jung Ji-hoon
Waylon's often-mute chaffeur and bodyguard is played by Korean pop singer and occasional actor Jung Ji-hoon, usually known by his stage name "Rain." I wanted to include at least one Asian member in the cast, as a nod to the original film.

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