Dreamcasting Adaptations #24 Metal Gear Solid

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Jan 27, 2005
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I proudly present the greatest video game ever.


Rules of Engagement...

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner has the option of declaring whether this property is to be an animated film, a TV series or a live-action feature. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After ten days, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.\

You must cast...

Solid Snake

Meryl Silverburgh

Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja)

Dr. Hal "Octacon" Emmerich

Liquid Snake

Revolver Ocelot

Sniper Wolf

Psycho Mantis

Vulcan Raven


Roy Campbell

Mei Ling

Naomi Hunter

Round Ends May 20th.
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I'm not a big fan of this game, but I know exactly who to cast already. I'll do it as soon as I finish some work here at the office.

David/Solid Snake, Espionage Agent - Christian Bale
David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, actually looks a lot like him. However, since we can't cast people who've already played the character in other media, I've chosen Christian Bale instead.


Meryl Silverburgh, Campbell's Niece - Amy Adams

Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja, Cyborg Ninja - Ray Park
Ray Park is known for his "quiet" martial arts-centric roles, like Darth Maul, Toad, and upcoming Snake-Eyes.

Dr. Hal Emmerich/Otacon, Snake's Oracle - Jim Sturgess

Col. Roy Campbell, Commanding Officer - Samuel L. Jackson
Campbell was modeled after Richard Crenna, a/k/a Colonel Sam Trautman from the Rambo franchise. Richard Crenna is dead, though. That would make Amy Adams part-black, though.

Liquid Snake, Leader of FOXHOUND - Aaron Eckhart
Two-Face is Batman's twin brother. Only in Hollywood.

Revolver Ocelot - Powers Boothe

Sniper Wolf - Cate Blanchett

Psycho Mantis - Javier Bardem
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Hm. good cast Langsta, I believe I might sit this out as I've never played the game.
I'll be sitting this round out as I'm not a fan of the game and find it impossible to cast projects I have no real interest in.
I remember posting a Metal Gear Solid synopsis with a bit of a cast but I can't find it... I remember it was in a Dreammovie thread, but I don't know which one. :(
k im gonna make up a cast...

i bought the game this week and have been playing it. since i'm accustomed to the following two games, it is DAMN hard for me... especially taking out the enemies (non-bosses).

but yeah, now that i'm familiar with these characters, I will totally do this, as long as you are willing to keep this round open a little longer.
Whoever's cast in it, it needs painfully long and heavy-handed diatribes on social issues with awkward and stilted choice of words.

alright here we go... i just finished beating psycho mantis, so i'll cast up to that point.

Solid Snake-
Roy Campbell
Mei Ling
Naomi Hunter
Natasha Romanenko
Meryl Silverburgh
Liquid Snake
Revolver Ocelot-
Vulcan Raven
Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja)
Dr. Hal "Octacon" Emmerich
Psycho Mantis
Sniper Wolf
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well la-dee-da.

afraid of a little competition, Langsta? is that it?

wuss. im working too much to monitor UC all the time.
Are we losing interest in dreamcasting now? I think we've got too many going on at once.

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